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During the creation of the image, special attention is paid to the lips. After all, I want them to look expressive. For this purpose, if you take into account reviews, tattoo lips. procedures allow you to ensure excellent effect. Details about it are presented in the article.

What it is?

The word "tattoo" can cause associations with tattoos. In fact, 2 procedures have few common properties - in both cases, a dye is injected under the skin, which retains color and saturation for a long time. But if the standard tattoo is presented in the form of a picture, the tattoo allows you to emphasize the natural elements of the face.

tattoo lips photo before and after reviews

There are many types of tattoo. It is performed for eyebrows, when the beautician creates beautiful and clear eyebrows contours on the face with a dye pigment. The procedure is performed for the eyes: the pigment is applied under the skin of the eyelids, which creates the effect of permanent makeup. But the most popular is, according to reviews, tattooing lips.Photos before and after the procedure show a noticeable difference. At this event, the paint is injected under the skin of the lips, with the help of which their outlines are emphasized.

After tattooing lips, you can not use lipstick - it should be applied in rare cases. With the help of the procedure, it is not necessary to pay much attention to the makeup of this part of the face. Lips become juicy outlines and natural color. The result lasts up to several years, although it will have to be updated regularly.

A bit of history

For the first time about the similarity of the modern tattoo was mentioned 2 thousand years ago. In China, the masters hid their eyebrows or eyelashes when drawing lines on their skin. For this purpose, a microscopic needle placed in a bamboo stick and vegetable dyes were used. Since that period, knowledge of people and technology has evolved, and at the meeting of cosmetologists in the 1980s in New York modern tattooed lips were introduced. It was then that the procedure became popular all over the world.

Who needs a procedure?

Lip contour tattoo needed:

tattooing lips healing

  1. Women who have the first signs of wilting. After the procedure, the lips become clear, visible, even color. This anti-aging effect will affect the appearance of the face.
  2. Ladies, dissatisfied with their lip shape. Strongly thin or full mouth is better to correct makeup. But it takes a lot of time and effort, and tattooing allows you to get a lasting result.
  3. Women going on a long trip or busy hard work. If there is no physical ability to follow the makeup, then the tattoo will be the appropriate procedure. Anytime the lips will be attractive, whatever the conditions.

Of course, the procedure is suitable for those who do not want to constantly use lipstick. After all, makeup will always be in order, so do not require constant adjustment.

Is it worth doing?

In recent years, the natural beauty is fashionable, but permanent makeup from this has not become less popular. Do tattoo lips? To girls who want to correct appearance, to become more attractive, but do not wish to be old-fashioned, this procedure is just suitable. To achieve an excellent result will help the master, who knows the rules of tattoo:

  1. The event should be performed with a complete lack of contraindications.
  2. The size and shape of the modified type of lips should match the appearance.
  3. The tone of the dye should be in harmony with the skin color.
  4. The effect should improve the shape of the lips, as well as keep their appearance natural.
  5. If at least once there was herpes, then 3-4 days before the event it is necessary to go through the herpes program.

In the tattoo can not break the rules of procedure, so that the result is really pleased. It is easier to do the work than to eliminate its result, so you should approach this event responsibly.


You can evaluate the results of the procedure according to the photo of the tattoo of the lips before and after. Feedback from women is mostly positive. Many of them have a positive effect on the appearance of the face. The advantages of the procedure include the following:

lip contour tattoo

  1. Frequent tinting is not required. It saves money and time.
  2. Remains confident in its attractiveness. The lips will always be beautiful, whatever the conditions.
  3. With tattooed face looks younger. Age is determined not only by the appearance of wrinkles, but also by wilting of the skin of the lips. And with the procedure youth can be extended.
  4. This cosmetological event keeps the skin healthy. Putting pigment under it will be less harmful than the constant use of lipstick.
  5. With the help of the procedure, it will be possible to correct the outlines of the mouth without plastics.


But the contour of the tattoo of the lips, there are downsides:

  1. During and after the procedure, discomfort appears. Although the pigment is applied with local anesthesia, the tattoo brings inconvenience, the lips heal for a long time.
  2. The color will be noticeable for several months and years. Therefore, experts advise to use natural, light tones - it will be difficult to lighten bright red lips.
  3. Removal of the tattoo from the lips will be a difficult process if the procedure was initially performed poorly. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose a salon before visiting it.
  4. There are contraindications. The event should not be performed for people with diabetes and oncology, as well as for poor blood clotting during pregnancy and lactation. The procedure is not performed if the patient has an unstable psyche.

Many consider a minus and the fact that the pigment must be constantly updated. But we must remember that the result of the tattoo persists for many years, which can not be compared with any makeup. Correction, which is required to be performed once every few months, is one significant disadvantage.

Types of procedures

Some women love bright and rich makeup, while others prefer natural shades. And some almost do not change the color of the lips, but only emphasize their contours. Therefore, there are several types of this procedure:

  1. Tattoo contour. In this case, the pigment is not applied to all lips, it is introduced only along the contour to make it clear. Thanks to this event, you can not use a pencil every day, you should only use lipstick.
  2. Lip tattoo with shading. The pigment is applied along the contour, making it expressive. Simultaneously, skin feathering is performed, giving a natural color. If you have tattooed lips with shading, then you do not need to regularly adjust makeup.
  3. Filling tattoo. The coloring component is injected under the skin of the lips, which will resemble lipstick. Many colors can be used for this procedure - from red and burgundy to pink and apricot. When choosing a tone, one should remember that bright shades can be made brighter with a lipstick, and a rich juicy pigment cannot be “brightened”.
  4. Tattoo natural color. In this case, select the pigment, the most similar to the natural shade.Visually, the effect looks natural: the lips seem to be unpainted, but they have even color and expressiveness.

Each technique of tattooing lips allows you to get excellent results only if the work was performed by a true professional. After that, you only need to follow the advice of the master.


During the procedure, it is important to determine the shade of pigment. The color of the tattoo of the lips must match the appearance, because it is chosen for many years. The master must tell what tone will suit the face and skin tone. You can choose colors that match your hair.

lip makeup Price

Pink and skin tones are excellent for light girls, and brown and reddish for dark ones. The choice of the color of the tattoo of the lips is almost no different from buying lipstick. A suitable tone will look harmonious.

Master selection

In each city there are at least a few beauty salons where they do this kind of work. Most of them attract customers with discounts, promotions and great deals. But it is important to choose a professional master who has experience. Such a specialist will not only perform the procedure qualitatively, he will be able to choose this type of tattoo that will emphasize the beauty of the lips and hide the flaws.

In the salons of the employees have their own portfolio.A good master will not be in a hurry to carry out the procedure, at first he will explain all the nuances of the event, describe the process of work and the rules of care. After all, all this is important for getting a great result.

It is important to pay attention to the materials that use the wizard. Not every beauty salon they are quality. This is due to the savings and complexity of buying quality materials. Only when the procedure will be performed by the master with the appropriate devices, can we expect positive results.

How is the procedure performed?

Although the result shows a photo of a tattoo of lips before and after, reviews of the procedure say that it is important to consult with a specialist about the need for this event. Perform work only in the beauty salon. At the same time it is important to make sure that the make-up is done by qualified masters with experience. The event is executed according to the following instructions:

tattoo lips color

  1. Make-up should be washed off the lips, the skin should be cleaned with the help of special means.
  2. Then the master performs anesthesia - the lips are covered with an anesthetic ointment or liquid. As a result, there is a loss of sensitivity of the skin, so the impact of the needle is manifested in a slight tingling.
  3. Since the lips are very sensitive, during the application of tattoo, the anesthesia is refreshed - the master applies a spray on the skin.
  4. The event lasts about 3 hours - the exact time depends on the type of procedure. Usually, one area of ​​skin is processed within 30-40 minutes.

It is important that all devices are disposable and sterile. Before you perform the procedure, you should make sure that this rule is carried out in the cabin. After all, with a needle you can enter any infection, and this can lead to adverse effects.


What are the consequences of lip tattoo? In this procedure, the skin is injured. Therefore, it takes time to heal the tattoo of the lips - usually about 10 days. At this time it is necessary to perform some procedures:

  1. Almost immediately after applying the tattoo, the lips become swollen and itchy. To reduce puffiness and eliminate unpleasant sensations, special means are used: Panthenol, hydrocortisone ointment, Savior cream, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. On day 2, a crust appears on the lips, from which the ichor and some blood come out. This is considered normal.Lips can be treated with medicinal ointments, and you can not peel the crust.
  3. On days 3 and 4, the crust disappears almost completely, but it may remain itchy.
  4. On the 5th day the outlines of the lips become uniform - it is then that the results of the event must be evaluated.

On the 5-6th day, the lips become normal and healthy looking. But for some time the color will change. The final healing of lip tattoo occurs after 10 days. If you like the result, then no procedures are required. If there are defects, you need to visit the salon again.

The main rule during healing is to keep the lips clean. During the first days should not use cosmetics, smoke and play sports. The rays of the sun should not fall on the healing area. It is necessary to wash it and wet as little as possible. At this time, you should not eat salty and spicy foods, soda, citrus juices and alcohol.

Cost of

What is the price of lip tattoo? In the salon, the procedure is in the range of 2500-3500 rubles. Very cheap work should be alerted: after all, the quality services of a true professional cannot cost a little.

tattooing lips with feather

When choosing a salon, it is necessary to take into account the average price of a tattoo of lips.Then, probably, everything is done according to the rules, and it will not be dangerous to health.


Do not perform the procedure when:

  1. The presence of injuries, cracks, chapped lips.
  2. Allergies.
  3. Inflammations.
  4. New growths.
  5. The menstrual cycle, as well as for 3 days before and after.
  6. Blood diseases.
  7. Poor blood clotting.
  8. Drinking alcohol the day before.

Duration of the result

The duration of the effect is individual. It depends on various factors. It is influenced by age, the quality of the dye used. For example, young girls usually have to perform correction often, because their metabolism is fast and their skin regenerates faster.

Lip Tattoo Techniques

If high-quality pigment was used, the result lasts up to 3 years, and low-quality paints disappear after a year. A poor-quality product will not only quickly "get erased", but may also leave a blue or green tone. To remove the flaw even with a laser will be difficult. This is an important reason why you should not save on the master.

The duration of the effect of the effect of care. Permanent peeling, tanning, saunas, baths reduce the duration of the stay of the tattoo on the lips.Therefore, in order to maintain the result longer, you should not perform these procedures.

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