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How does it make me happy when there is a reaction to the posts, I am even more pleased that the largest illegal dump in Moscow has come to an end. Let me remind you, in April, I wrote a post about a huge dump that poisons the life of Muscovites, and here’s the story got continued ...

Household and industrial waste at this spontaneous landfill, located on the banks of the Moscow River, were collected for almost 20 years. To stop this outrage, an area of ​​more than ten hectares was fenced, a barrier and security was installed. But it did not help. Trucks continued to fill up deposits of garbage now at night.

The poor residents of the Pechatniki district didn’t complain much; as a result, only an appeal to State Duma deputy Elena Panina helped. Yes, we still have deputies who are sensitive to the appeals of the residents of Moscow.

I also wrote her an appeal directly on the social network Facebook and got an answer!

Petr Tolstoy, a journalist and TV presenter, joined the solution of the most complex issue for the whole South-East of Moscow.Together with Elena Panina, Tolstoy sent an appeal addressed to the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, in which he urged the city authorities to come to grips with this large-scale problem.

Elena Panina said that the Moscow government and the mayor of Moscow personally responded to the request sent to him, and on July 6 a retreat on the recultivation of the dump in Pechatniki was held, in which the deputy mayor of Moscow on housing and utilities and landscaping Petr Biryukov took part.

At the meeting it was decided to reclaim a giant illegal landfill on the banks of the Moscow River in Pechatniki. All the garbage will be removed, and the territory itself landscaped.

Work on the removal of garbage from the landfill will continue after the tender procedures to determine the contractor.

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