"Maybach Exelero": photos, specifications

Supercar "Maybach Ekselero" - is a luxury executive class car, created by the designers of the company Daimler Chrysler. With its appearance, the car is able to surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. The presentation of the car took place in Berlin (2005). The assembly was carried out in Turin on the special order of the company “Fulda” (Fulda) for the demonstration of new high-speed tires. The car has been certified for use on urban roads, however, in mass production has not been released. Consider its characteristics and features.

Maybach Exceroro

How was the masterpiece created?

Presentable car "Maybach Exelero" was developed by the designers of the company together with the students of the college in Pforzheim. The exterior design of an elite vehicle has gotten much brighter than its utilitarian gray predecessor. The front part of the car is framed with a chrome grille and light elements that have an aggressive squint and updated front part.

Visibly distinguished are stylish compact mirrors with legs, as well as side exhaust pipes, which smoothly pass into volumetric nipples. The exhaust system itself is derived from the side, by the type of "hot rods". The back of the car is not raised up, like many analogs, and narrows downwards, like a ship stern. Nevertheless, the developers have taken care of the installation of the diffuser (a mandatory element of high-speed cars).


"Maybach Excelero" is equipped with a long hood, under which there is a real monster in terms of engines. The V-engine with 12 cylinders has a volume of 5.9 liters, (power - 700 horse power). The power unit is equipped with a turbine supercharger, develops torque up to 1020 Nm with a speed of 2.5 thousand revolutions per minute. This is an order of magnitude more than the legendary Lamborghini Murcielago. On test races, the car managed to accelerate to 350 km / h. The supercar's fuel tank holds 110 liters, and its appetites are obviously not small, which is quite natural.

Maybach Exceroro photo

Another distinctive feature of a representative car is the presence of racing seats in the form of buckets, which are equipped with seat belts with four points of fixation.The seats provide some contrast to the overall interior design. The salon looks in a luxurious sporty style, which further emphasizes the class of the car and its exclusivity.


The exterior of the Maybach Ekselero car is a merit of students from the Pforzheim College group who have previously participated in the development of concepts for the Fulda company. In the development of external design used the most modern technologies, including the effect of 3D-adjustment.

After 8 months of presenting various designs and projects, the winner was Frederick Burchardt (24 years). The proposed design turned out to be acceptable in many respects, including structural changes and preservation of elements of the predecessor.

Presentable car weighs more than 2.5 tons, built on the basis of the 57th model. The body is made of aluminum and steel panels, which are placed on the frame of the spatial type. The grille built into the bumper is enlarged in size, as are the air intakes. This solution allowed for greater air flow, which had a positive effect on aerodynamics and speed parameters.

Maybach Exceroro Salon

"Maybach Exelero": salon

Inside the supercar has a very large similarity with the predecessor of the 57th series. Still left leather interior equipment in red, gray and black colors. Finishing is made of high quality, plastic elements are made of the best polymers. The dashboard is displayed on the torpedo in the form of LED informants.

Maybach Excelero is distinguished by the presence of bucket racing seats with four-point seat belts. In addition, now it is not a four-seat sedan, but a two-seater coupe. Aluminum, neoprene and carbon fiber are also used in the interior.

Technical plan parameters

Let us consider in more technical terms the Maybach Exelero car. Machine specifications are listed below:

  • Length / width / height - 5900/2100/1400 mm.
  • Drive type - rear.
  • Transmission - eight-speed automatic transmission.
  • The power unit is a turbine engine with 12 cylinders (power - 700 "horses", volume - 5.9 liters).
  • Acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers - 4.4 seconds.
  • Weight - 2.6 tons
  • Speed ​​threshold - 350 km / h.
  • Brake assembly is a system with vented carbon discs (ABS is present).

Maybach Exceroro salon photo

Interesting information

The expensive and presentable Maybach Exelero car, the photo of which is available below, was created to demonstrate tires produced by Fulda that are resistant to wear at speeds up to 370 km / h.

Exhaust gases are discharged through specially set thresholds, the use of which was practiced in the Cobra and Dodge-Viper models.

The maximum speed of the car is 351 km / h, and acceleration to one hundred kilometers in less than five seconds. Despite the fact that the car in question has received certification for the possibility of driving on general roads, it never went into serial production.

Special features

Considering that the customer put forward not so many conditions for the design of the exterior, the car in question received a fairly good external design. More stringent requirements were imposed on the salon: finishing with genuine leather, neoprene, aluminum inserts, and carbon fiber. Moreover, the entire decoration should be made out in glossy black, red and gray colors.

Maybach Exceroro Specs

The proportionality of the body gave the car aggressiveness and intentionally conceived awesome appearance.Supercar "Maybach Ekselero" equipped with luminous dials and futuristic style, including the design of the grille and light elements. The rest of the vehicle remained restrained, as far as possible in the luxury category. The driver and another passenger can be located in the cabin.

Price policy

Since the car in question was produced in a very limited series, its cost is very high. In addition, it is not so easy to get even for a substantial amount. The cost of the copy exceeds 250 million rubles. According to reviews of car owners, for such a price you can buy several similar models, which is much more profitable in practical terms. However, "Maybach Excelero", the photo of the salon which is presented above, remains the dream of many collectors and connoisseurs of this brand.

supercar maybach exelero

In conclusion

The car in question, although it did not go into mass production, caused a considerable sensation in the global automotive market. Comments about him after the presentation were mixed. Many noted its chic exterior, power and representativeness.Others complain that the purchase of such cars will cost almost like a flight into space. In any case, the original idea caused a resonance in the automotive world.

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