My dream come true !!!

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Friends! My old dream came true - I was able to find and photograph my favorite bird - the Atlantic dead end - in Russia!
Before that, I had been photographing dead ends in Iceland and Norway for several years, but for me it was a special task for me to do this in Russia. In contrast to Norway and Iceland, where the dead ends can be reached by car, in Russia, as you already know, we had to organize an entire expedition. To get to the Ainu Islands, where the only large colony of dead ends in Russia, you need to get two permits. The first from the Directorate of the Kandalaksha Reserve. It is done quickly, for which thanks to the Directorate of the reserve. The second from the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia, since the island is located almost on the border with Norway. In addition, in these parts there are many military bases. Permission is issued a few weeks. But who interferes with complexity, that is not me!
The Ainu (or Ain) islands are located in the Barents Sea. You can only get there by boat. And the boat must have another special permit for this.Fortunately, the ship owner himself received it.
A colony of dead ends is on one of the two islands of the archipelago - Bolshoi Aynom. By itself, the island is small, only 6 km around the perimeter. The island is uninhabited. Although it has a small house where scientists from the Kandalaksha Reserve once lived.

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