Nail gel polish: step-by-step instructions with photos

A modern woman cannot imagine herself without using which not only supports the well-groomed appearance of her hands, but also shows individuality. Unfortunately, the coating on the nails does not hold more than a week, in addition, it can be smeared, not having time to dry. Therefore, updating a manicure is necessary very often, which is quite tiresome. Gel polish coating helps to solve the problem. The photo below shows what the nails look like after such a procedure.

Gel polish coating

It is easy to apply gel polish, and since a UV lamp is used for drying, you can not worry that the coating will be smeared. In addition, gel polish forms a solid foundation for nails, which protects them from damage and allows you to grow back faster. Decorative coating gel varnish for a long time retains its appearance, does not tarnish over time, it does not form scratches. The technology of applying gel polish is simple, the main thing to take into account some important points.

What is gel polish?

Gel varnish has a peculiar structure, due to drying under an ultraviolet lamp turns into a durable coating that is not subject to damage and abrasion. Currently, many companies produce gel polishes, the difference of which is the time of polymerization, viscosity, the amount of color pigment, etc.

Durability, strength, simple application technology are the reason that such type of manicure as gel polish is becoming more and more popular among women. The photo shows that the color range of such varnishes is quite diverse, from traditional to extraordinary tones.

Nail gel polish

The coating applied to the nails dries under the influence of ultraviolet rays in the lamp for two to four minutes. The duration of drying depends on the consistency of the medium and the power of the lamp.


The advantages of such a coating can be noted for its durability compared to conventional lacquers, ease of application (with special tools, a manicure can be done at home), a durable texture that helps to strengthen the nail plate.Gel polish coating remains shiny, if applied correctly, cracks and chips are not formed on it, so there is no need for additional correction. Nails after applying gel polish look natural. In addition, the use of gel polish is not harmful to health, it is safe for pregnant women and nursing, it does not penetrate the pores of the nail and does not affect the state of the nail plate.

Of the minuses can be noted a complex procedure for removing the cover, as well as the relative high cost of such a manicure. Still, the benefits are much greater, so many women choose to gel polish.

What you need to buy?

In order to be able to do such a manicure at home, you need to purchase a special set that consists of gel polishes (transparent and colored), ultraviolet lamp, degreaser, bond, primer, top coat, nail file and polishing buff, orange stick, lint-free napkins. The gel polish kit can be found in a specialty store.

When choosing a gel polish, consider that an inexpensive tool can be of poor quality and with constant use can damage your nails.Therefore, it is desirable to give preference to branded devices.

It is impossible to gel polish nails without an ultraviolet lamp. The photo shows what this lamp looks like.

Coating gel varnish photo

Its power should be at least 36 W, so that the nail cover is securely fastened. Otherwise, your manicure may turn out to be faded and inaccurate. The special lamp for gel manicure has a timer with which it is convenient to detect time.

Degreaser wipe the nail plate. To save money, you can use for this purpose, the usual medical alcohol. Bond is necessary for drying nails. Primer provides better adhesion of the coating to the nail.

Manicure technique

The procedure consists of several stages. Consider each of them in detail.

1. Preparation of nails

Covering nail gel polish begins with their preparation. First of all, using a nail file, you need to give your nails the desired shape. For thin nails the shortest length will be the most optimal, which will keep the manicure longer. Before the session, you can make a relaxing bath for the hands with the addition of essential oils. Fingernails should be allowed to dry well, as a soaked manicure will not last long.

Nail gel polish, photo

Then you need to push the cuticle, using an orange stick.All nails file to the required length. With a polishing fine-grained buff we remove the natural gloss from the nails so that the surface becomes matte. Very carefully you need to remove the detachment, otherwise the coating will begin to split off with them. Special attention should be paid to the edge of the nail plate, removing all cracks and delaminated parts. Then use a brush to brush away the dust that has formed in the process.

After that, the nails are degreased, trying not to touch them until the end of the procedure in order to avoid breaking off the coating in the future. A thin layer of transparent bond is applied on the nail plate, and then - a primer. This procedure allows you to save a manicure longer.

2. Application of gel polish

Gel polish is a simple procedure, but you must follow some rules. First, the nails are covered with a base transparent varnish and placed in a UV lamp for 30-60 seconds. You can not touch the nail, so as not to pollute the surface, it can affect the quality of the manicure.

Then put a thin layer of colored varnish. It is important that it does not get on the skin around the nail, otherwise it will not last long. Any excess can be easily removed before polymerization.The nails are placed in the lamp for two minutes, if desired, you can repeat the procedure two or three times, then the color will be brighter. You should not apply the varnish too thick, may appear bumps and detachment.

Manicure. Gel polish coating

3. Top Coating

If desired, under the top layer can be applied to any patterns or decorations. Polymerization lasts 2-3 minutes. When applying the coating, do not forget to seal the butt of the nail, which will give durability to the manicure and keep it for longer. At the end of the polymerization, it is necessary to moisten a lint-free napkin in a degreaser and wipe the nails to remove the upper sticky layer. To keep the gloss, change the cloth through 3 nails.

Then nourishing oil is applied to the cuticle to moisten. This completes the gel nail polish coating. The photo shows how the nails look after such a procedure.

Coating gel varnish that you need?

Now you can do the usual things, without fear of spoiling the manicure.

How to remove gel polish?

After two or three weeks, the coating must be removed, since during this time the nail has grown considerably, and this spoils the entire manicure. Gel polish is removed not so easy and incorrectly performed procedure can significantly worsen the condition of the nails.The best option would be to contact the salon, where it will be done professionally. In no case can not tear off or remove the coating as a film, because together with varnish you can tear off the top layer of the nail.

To carry out such a procedure at home, it is necessary to prepare foil, cotton pads, a special coating remover or the usual acetone-based product, an orange stick.

Gel polish coating kit

First you need to wash your hands. Then a cotton pad is applied to the nail, which is pre-moistened in a nail polish remover, wrapped with foil on top to avoid evaporation of the solvent. After 10-15 minutes the varnish softens. Massaging the nail plate, remove the cotton and foil together with the coating.

The remaining gel polish can be cleaned with an orange stick. If not all coverage was removed, you must repeat the procedure. Do not peel off the remnants of varnish, it hurts the nail plate.

Possible problems

Often you can hear complaints that the gel-varnish coating turned out to be unstable, having lasted no more than a week, or began to break off after a few days.If all points were taken into account and the procedure is performed correctly, the reason may be in the individual features of the nails. You can try to use the gel varnish of another company or switch to more expensive means.

For women who do not have enough free time to do a manicure often, but at the same time want to have well-groomed hands, gel nail polish will become a real find and will delight for a long time, while maintaining an attractive appearance. In addition, for those who have brittle and weak nails, this method will help grow them to the required length.

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