Narrow washing machines: description, specifications, reviews

Many are faced with the fact that the room does not have enough space to install all the necessary equipment. Earlier in this case it was necessary to sacrifice something. However, now everything has changed dramatically. Manufacturers began to produce compact models that are in high demand. For example, narrow top-loading washing machines fit perfectly into even the smallest bathroom space. The advantage of this design is that it is possible to attach other objects to any side face of the device or to install it at all in an inaccessible corner. Front-loading machines also come in compact sizes. Such models are most often built into kitchen sets, due to which a lot of free space is freed up. The advantages of these devices are not only limited in size.The developers were able even in compact devices to implement all the necessary functions. The best narrow washing machines will be described in this article. Be sure to consider their main characteristics and reviews of the owners.narrow washing machines

Basic moments

Currently, the range of washing machines in stores is very large. You can purchase devices of different brands. Also, there will be no problems with the choice of the optimal price category. The most expensive is imported products, devices of domestic manufacturers are sold cheaper. In each product range of any brand there is always a narrow washing machine. The sizes of such models, as a rule, are limited to the following indicators:

  • with front loading type - depth no more than 40 cm;
  • for verticals, the width does not exceed 40 cm.

The height of the body of these devices - 85-90 cm. It is considered standard. As for the width of devices with front loading, it is 60 cm. But at the “vertical” the depth can vary from 60 to 65 cm.

It is important to note that the narrow washing machines-machines do not differ large capacity.For example, if the depth is limited to 33 cm, then in one wash cycle it will be possible to wash no more than 5.5 washing machines narrow

Some manufacturers offer compact models with drying, but they are not popular. The reason for the low demand is the unprofitability of this function. If we consider the small size of the drum, then from the available 4 kg it will be possible to dry no more than 1.5 kg. Moreover, one cannot ignore the fact that too much electricity will be spent on this process.

In other characteristics, narrow washing machines are not at all inferior to full-sized models.


Slovenian manufacturer has an excellent reputation. All washing machines of compact size are equipped with technological innovations, distinguished by high quality and reliability. As for prices, there are no particularly cheap models in the range of this brand. However, given that the manufacturer gives a great guarantee, this already indicates a long operational period.

What do the owners of these washing machines say? Most users have noticed rubber feet that prevent the unit from vibrating during operation.Modern technologies used in the models allow you to automatically control the washing process, which minimizes human participation. The owners have no comments to rinse, even woolen things are qualitatively, and most importantly, delicately cleaned of powder.

All Gorenje narrow washing machines are equipped with a convenient drawer for detergents. A large number of programs designed for different types of fabrics. The washing process can be stopped at any time. There are modes of night washing and delayed start. Let's take a closer look at several devices of this brand.

Gorenje WT 62113: features and reviews

This model has received many accolades. Compact dimensions (85x60x40 cm) and excellent equipment made it quite popular. Shoppers liked the classic look. The control panel is quite user-friendly, intuitive. The machine copes with the washing of even delicate fabrics. For them, a special program. There is also an economy mode. Control of foaming and drum imbalance is provided. In one wash cycle, the device economically consumes water (48 liters) and electricity (0.15 kWh / kg).You can independently choose the speed of rotation of the drum. The maximum allowable value is 1100 rpm. Efficiency classes: A ++ (electricity consumption), A (wash) and C (spin). The engine is equipped with a direct drive. Laundry load - up to 6 kg, depending on the selected program. As for the latter, there are only 18 of them.narrow type washing machine

Gorenje WT 62123

This is another model with a vertical load of the Slovenian manufacturer. It is equipped with electronic control, which, according to users, is quite convenient. The owner can independently change the spin speed, select the water heating temperature, activate one mode of the 18 presented. In contrast to the previous model, this machine has a higher spin class - B. This means that the drum makes 1200 turns in one minute. The height and depth of the hull are standard, 85 and 60 cm, respectively. Width - 40 cm, however, many washing machines with a vertical load (narrow) have such parameters. The maximum allowable weight of linen - 6 kg. During washing the noise level reaches 59 dB. But this machine squeezes much louder (75 dB). But the owners claim that even when washing at night, this sound does not interfere at all.


Cheap narrow washing machines-machines are widely represented in the model range of this manufacturer. Their cost starts with a mark of 11,000 rubles. Buyers are satisfied with the purchase. Washing is carried out qualitatively. There are options that help cope with stains. There are also negative reviews. In them, the owners complain that in some models the laundry is poorly rinsed. In these cases it is necessary to include a repeated cycle. But if we consider all these devices as a single whole, then definitely positive reviews in their address sounds much more, which allows us to conclude that these washing machines are worthy of attention. Let's consider a successful narrow model, according to buyers.narrow washing machines automatic

Indesit IWUC 40851

This narrow washing machine has compact dimensions. Its depth is only 32.3 cm. The width and height, as in most devices with front loading type, are 60 and 85 cm. Ideal for small families, as it is designed for 4 kg of linen. The control panel consists of mechanical buttons. There is no display, however there are light indicators. On the detergent box there is a decoding of automatic programs. Total washing modes - 16. Special attention is given option Eco Time.The hatch through which loading of linen is carried out, is located frontally. Spin efficiency - class D (800 rpm), washing - A, electricity consumption - A +. In one wash cycle consumes 0.77 kWh. This machine is able to control the temperature of the drain water, the level of foam formation, calculate the amount of liquid depending on the weight of the linen. Protected against leakage housing acts.


Describing inexpensive narrow washing machines, it is necessary to consider the products of the company ATLANT. About her customers respond only positively. The main advantages that distinguish the owners - ease of use, compact size, reliability. The main tasks of washing machines of this brand are excellent. There are many reviews in the network, which state that all devices work for a long time without breakdowns. The Belarusian manufacturer supplies narrow models for sale at a reasonable price - from 11 thousand rubles. Their design is popular with many buyers. Devices with a depth of not more than 33 cm have a front loading type. A detailed description of one of these models read below.inexpensive narrow washing machines

ATLANT 35M102-011

Model 35M102-011 of the ATLANT trademark is a compact washing machine with a narrow (33 cm - depth). It can wash up to 3.5 kg of linen at a time.The device is energy efficient - class A. The spinning of things occurs at a speed of 1000 revolutions per minute. For washing 15 automatic programs are provided. The automatic machine perfectly copes with all types of fabrics. There are additional options that improve the quality of washing, for example, removing stains, pre-soaking, interrupting the process without draining the water. The manufacturer has taken care of protection from children, leaks. The system independently monitors the uniform distribution of laundry before spinning, if the balance is disturbed, then a warning signal sounds. The control panel is equipped with a small display. Immediately below it is a regulator with which you can select modes. On the one hand there is a powder box, on the other - a large power button.


Korean manufacturer has released a large number of functional models. Narrow washing machines (33 cm) occupy a separate niche. They are popular with buyers who live in small apartments. The developers used a removable cover. This design allows the device to be built into special furniture cabinets.According to users, LG washing machines have more advantages than disadvantages, although they are sold at a fairly low price. The washing quality is excellent, the powder is rinsed without residue in one cycle. But there were some shortcomings. In the devices, although a direct drive is used, however, during the spin cycle, there is a slight vibration and noise. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the engine 10 years. Also, many have noticed that the water intake is quite loud. As for technology, the developers did not save on this issue. Washing machines are equipped with all necessary automatic programs. Management is intellectual. In case of malfunctions, the error code is displayed on the screen. The manual contains their decoding, so in most cases the problem can be handled by yourself.narrow washing machine 33

LG F1296SD3

All the narrow washing machines of the Korean manufacturer deserve attention, however, the detailed characteristics consider the example of the model F1296SD3. This is a device with a frontal position of the loading door. Vividly stands out for the original design. The control panel contains buttons, a knob for selecting programs and a display.Convenient box for washing is on the left side.

Due to the fact that the manufacturer chose a compact size, it was necessary to limit only 4 kg of capacity. But the other characteristics are worthy of praise. After washing, the laundry is almost dry, as the rotational speed of the drum is 1200 revolutions (class B). Electricity consumption corresponds to class A +. Protection against leakage and children is provided in this model. You can activate the drum cleaning function.washing machines cheap machine narrow


In this review, of course, not all the narrow washing machines are presented, which are marked by positive feedback from the owners. As a rule, they are all equipped in accordance with modern requirements. For large families, they are unlikely to be suitable, as they have some restrictions on loading the laundry. But if it is not possible to install a large device, then a compromise must be found.

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