Natural park "Bazhov places" (Sverdlovsk region): how to get there, description, sights, reviews

The Ural land is unique and inimitable in its diversity. All its beauty and all its diversity can be assessed in the natural park “Bazhovskie Places”.

General information about the park

"Bazhov places" are located in the south of the Sverdlovsk region, just fifty kilometers from the city of Yekaterinburg. The park was established relatively recently - in 2007. It covers an area of ​​38 thousand hectares. The name of the natural park “Bazhovskie Places” is due to the famous Ural writer Pavel Bazhov, who described this land in his fairy tales and stories.

nature park bazhov places

The territory of the park includes three forest districts: Schelkunskoe, Sysert and Verkhnessert. The only relatively large settlement in its borders is the Upper Sysert village.

Most of the territory of the natural park is located within the boundaries of a very ancient middle massif. It is composed of rocks that are hundreds of millions of years old! These are granites, gneisses, crystalline schists. In some places they come to the surface, and in others they are covered by later rocks (mainly sands and pebbles). The relief of the park is dissected deep enough, especially in its western part. Here you can see the picturesque rocky ridges, cliffs, hills and low mountains.

On the territory of the natural park “Bazhovskie Places”, any activity that may harm its natural complexes and objects is prohibited. In particular:

  • deforestation;
  • construction of roads, pipelines, power lines;
  • vehicle traffic off existing roads;
  • mining;
  • industrial harvesting of plants and berries, etc.

Natural Park "Bazhovskie Places": how to get there

From Yekaterinburg you can be reached by car in less than an hour. The geographical address of the park: Sysert urban district, Sverdlovsk region.

Sverdlovsk region

From the regional center (from the South Railway Station) you can take a bus to Sysert, the nearest city to the nature park.

Already from Sysert to the park can be reached by bus number 108 (flight Sysert - Asbest village). Stop, where you will need to get out: "Pioneer camp." You can take a taxi, this trip will cost you about 150-200 rubles. The distance from Sysert to the borders of the natural park is 7 kilometers, so if you wish, you can walk there and walk.

The main activity of the park

Park workers are making all their efforts in order to preserve and increase the total number and species diversity of the local fauna. Particular attention is paid here to wild ungulates. The scientists of the Bazhovsky Places equipped 11 forest feeders for roe deer and wild boar, and also equipped eight nests for owls. Every year about 12 hectares of land are sown with feed crops.

In addition to biotechnical activities, an active scientific, educational, recreational and tourist activity is carried out in the park. In particular, its employees:

  • are engaged in creating the necessary tourist infrastructure;
  • develop and lay ecological routes;
  • provide excursion services to park visitors;
  • regularly organize environmental meetings, lectures and seminars;
  • take part in the recording of television programs and radio broadcasts;
  • replenish and develop the museum exposition of the park.

sights of Bazhov places

Flora and fauna of the “Bazhov places”

The boundary between the forest (taiga) and forest-steppe natural zones passes through the park. This fact largely explains the unique diversity of the local flora. Here grow pine, birch and aspen forests, sometimes mixed with linden and alder. Occasionally spruce and larch. A characteristic feature of local forests is their relatively high closeness.

On open areas of the park grow feather grass, fescue, cloves, cornflower, mordovnik and other steppe species. In the forests and meadows there are medicinal plants: hawthorn, Althea, St. John's wort, tansy, chamomile, oregano and thyme. These herbs saturate the local air with magical aromas.

The fauna of the natural park “Bazhovskie Places” is no less diverse and interesting. In the forests you can meet hoofed animals (wild boar, roe deer or elk), as well as predators - marten, fox, wolf, lynx and even a brown bear. True, a meeting with the last representative of the animal world is highly undesirable. The bird world of the park is very rich: the voices of nightingales, bullfinches and orioles fill it with its charming singing. In the forests you can see an owl, an eagle owl or a cuckoo, gray pits, mallards and teals inhabit ponds and swamps. Beavers feel at ease in this park.

Bazhov places natural park how to get

Sights of the natural park

The park has a number of unique monuments of nature, geology, history and culture. This is not a complete list of attractions "Bazhovsky places":

  • Lake Talc Stone;
  • peak Markov Stone;
  • Birch ridge (ridge);
  • Crystal mines;
  • Azov mountain;
  • Ivanushkina mountain;
  • Crystal Pond;
  • Mochalovsky cuts;
  • Garnet pit;
  • Great Pike Lake;
  • rocky massif "Snores";
  • ruins of an old ironworks.

Among the tourists, judging by the reviews, the most popular hiking routes to Markov and Talc Stone. In the summer, you can go kayaking and kayaking within the park, and in winter you can take a ride with the breeze in a sleigh or in a dog sled.

Talc Stone

“Bazhovsky places” attract tourists and local historians, first of all, for their numerous geological monuments. Talc Stone is one such object. This is a small lake (60 meters in diameter), in the south-western part of which stands a spectacular 40-meter cliff.

talc stone Bazhov places

Talc was mined here before. When production stopped, the mine was very quickly filled with groundwater.According to the plate on the pit wall, the depth of the lake formed is 32 meters. On this reservoir divers regularly conduct their training.

Markov Stone

Markov Kamen is a mountain (414 meters), which is part of the Kaslin-Sysert ridge. It is extremely popular with tourists. Writer Pavel Bazhov dedicated one of his stories to this place. He is called “Markov Stone”.

The mountain is almost completely covered with coniferous forest. Its top has the form of a massive granite protrusion, on which an old triangulation tower of wood has been preserved. Previously, it was possible to climb and admire the surrounding landscapes. But now it’s not worth doing - the wooden structure has decayed and is no longer reliable.

Mount Azov

Mount Azov is another geological monument of the park, a famous tourist pilgrimage site. This massif is composed of basaltic lava rocks with numerous streaks of diabases. The absolute height of the mountain is 589 meters. Its top is decorated with impressive 25-meter cliffs.

crystal mines

At the beginning of the 40s, a tremendous archaeological find was discovered on one of the mountain slopes - 44 ancient copper and bronze items. A little later, ten more idols were found in a cave located under the mountain.

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Natural park Bazhovskie places (Sverdlovsk region): how to get there, description, sights, reviews 28

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Natural park Bazhovskie places (Sverdlovsk region): how to get there, description, sights, reviews 86

Natural park Bazhovskie places (Sverdlovsk region): how to get there, description, sights, reviews 19

Natural park Bazhovskie places (Sverdlovsk region): how to get there, description, sights, reviews 14