New US sanctions against Russia come into force

On Monday, August 27, new US sanctions against Russia came into force, imposed because of accusations of using chemical weapons in British Salisbury in case of poisoning Skripale. The corresponding document is published on the website of the Federal Register of the United States.
US sanctions against Russia, dedicated to the incident in Salisbury, entered into force at 00:00 Washington time (7:00 Moscow time).
The new restrictions imply the cessation of any assistance to Russia from the United States, "except for urgent humanitarian aid, food and other agricultural products."
Also, the State Department will cease to issue licenses for the export of weapons and dual-use products to Russian state-owned companies. This does not apply to goods necessary for cooperation in space and ensuring the safety of civil aviation. Other exceptions are allowed.
In addition, Russia will be denied “any credit, loan guarantees and other financial support” from any American institution.
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Previously it was planned that the sanctions will come into force around August 22. In anticipation of this event, the ruble fell. Before the announcement of the sanctions, bidding was in the corridor of 62–64 rubles. for the dollar, after it the Russian currency fell to a record level since April 2016: at the peak for one dollar on the exchange they gave more than 69 rubles. <...>
The reason for the imposition of sanctions was the poisoning in the British city of Salisbury of the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, which occurred on March 4, 2018. London officially accused Russia of using the Novice family of toxic chemicals on British soil. Moscow categorically denies all accusations.
The White House acknowledged the validity of the charges against Russia. In accordance with the 1991 Chemical and Biological Weapons Control Act, the US government is obliged to apply a set of five types of sanctions: cessation of foreign aid, cessation of arms supplies and cessation of funding for weapons purchases,denial of US state loans and a ban on the export to Russia of goods and technologies that are sensitive from the point of view of US national security.
Earlier this month, the US State Department announced its intention to introduce two packages of sanctions against Russia: the first at the end of August, the second in November. The second block is expected to be “more painful”: it may include a decrease in diplomatic relations, the suspension of flights in the US to the Russian state-owned company Aeroflot, as well as the almost complete restriction of exports and imports.
Sanctions can be implemented if Russia does not provide assurances that it will not use chemical weapons in the future and will not agree to "local checks" by the UN.

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