New woman in his bed

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Even if your figure is perfect, your butt is as elastic as a ball, and your chest makes all men look back at a distance of 300 meters, know that you have a rival.
She may look worse than you, wear cheap underwear and smell like cheap perfume.
She, unlike you, did not perfect her oral skills at special courses, did not eat a pound of salt with him, does not know his strengths and weaknesses. But…
It's new.
I do not say that every aunt Klava walking down the street causes a stone riser in any man, not at all. I am talking about the fact that, other things being equal, the attraction to a new partner is stronger than to exactly the same, but already fully tested. The men will confirm.
Of course, some women have this feature in part. But with women it’s still harder. Many of them need time to cross the cherished line, and find themselves on crumpled sheets with this particular man. In men, however, especially young, everything happens quickly. An attractive woman sat on your knees - and that started the mechanism of attraction. And nothing more is needed, no additional conditions.
You can say that all men are different, but in general, for a person as a biological species, the above rule applies. And how to be?
Suppose, with the fattening of his wife can be dealt with diet.
With wrinkles for some time you can fight with botox.

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