Night Rybinsk ... Russia (3 part)

1) At night, Rybinsk, and many cities, look different, you can concentrate and get beautiful photos without being distracted by car traffic. The city gets a little different shades. The not very good condition of many historic buildings is leveled by darkness.

2) In the city a lot has been missed, so it will be worth returning there.

3) Lonely girl.

4) In the daytime, traffic interfered; now you can safely take panoramic pictures in addition to close-ups.


6) It seems that 20% of the population who left Rybinsk left housing in the very center of the city. Yes, this is not the case, as in England, where for 1 pound unattended housing was distributed in the historic center of Liverpool (sort of) under the obligation to maintain in good condition any object of cultural heritage.




10) Transfiguration Cathedral. Above, in the upper tier of the bell tower, there is a clock mechanism operating today, installed in 1896. The clock was made a year earlier in the St. Petersburg firm of Friedrich Winter.Today, the mechanisms of this master in Russia are very few - about thirty pieces, so each is of particular value. New chimes at the end of the XIX century replaced the old ones, which are morally and technically outdated by that time. The mechanism is still not electrified, so the clock must be wound every three days. Three bells are participating in the chime, the great hour announces the half hour


12) The central part of the cathedral is crowned with a spherical dome, based on the arches, spanned between four powerful, heptagonal in plan, pillars; the corners of the main volume complete four small light drums, with domes. The remaining rooms of the cathedral, including the refectory, are covered with cylindrical arches. The plan of the cathedral has the appearance of an equal-end cross inscribed in a square, and is a system of central volume and rectangular volumes of the altar and side aisles harmonically connected with it. The side wings of the cathedral end with six-column gable porticoes with wide flights of stairs. From the west a narrow refectory gallery connecting the church with the bell tower adjoins the central nave.The cathedral accommodates up to 4 thousand people.
The decorative decoration of the cathedral, typical of late classicism, is limited to a few expressive details. The walls are cut by two rows of windows: at the bottom arched, and at the top - round, the final profiled cornice passes along the entire perimeter of the building. Porticos are decorated with pilasters and columns of the Corinthian order, light drums are decorated with Corinthian semi-columns. The ribbed gilded dome in the upper part is decorated with 16 lucarnas and ends with a cupola with a roundabout gallery. The side facades are completed with deaf decorative gables. Murals and iconostasis are not preserved.

13) The architectural feature of the bell tower is a circular chamber arranged inside the corner abutments; In the western chambers there are two staircases leading to the ringing tier. The decorative decoration of the bell tower is made in the tradition of early classicism with baroque elements. Complexly unfastened columns of the bell tower are decorated with rusty and pilasters in the lower tier, and Ionic columns in the upper tiers. In a deaf, decorated with volutes, the upper tier is embedded clock. The bell tower is crowned with an octahedral hip roof and a high faceted gilded spire and an eight-pointed cross.The design of the bell tower used 52 columns, which visually not only facilitate the high structure, but also create a feeling of rapid movement upwards.

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