Not before ...

Yes, yesterday the Swiss showed a character ...
By the way, yesterday was such a day - the beginning of the war. Day of sorrow.
The Ministry of Defense posted another tranche of the most interesting documents of the first days of the war.
I tried to force myself to study them, because I understand, having run through my eyes, which is interesting. And in general, and specifically for me. But could not. The head is completely occupied by others - both football (mainly) and some of their personal concerns and, as a background, an increase in pensions, etc.
And after all, this does not only concern me - note how modestly and without strain the date has passed. Nowhere these ribbons flashed, nowhere scanty NOD members did not rally, no one wrote that Stalin was a villain, and he himself was to blame for the fact that another villain had attacked him. Accordingly, no one's feelings were offended, etc.

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