Not only about the sky!

I always try to post the most interesting photos and videos promptly so that my subscribers can be the first to learn about everything that is happening in our aviation or other world. And if what is left uncovered by me, then I prefer to wait for the right moment when a worthy reason to share it happens.
So here. I have a wonderful video, but not about the sky, but about water. I filmed it last year for several days while traveling by boat from Moscow to Myshkin through Tver and Uglich and back.

Why just now posting?
Because there is a reason!
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The occasion is an event that is organized by my old friend and colleague Sergey Martirosyan, heaviator_ru. For those who already know, I will tell you again. The event is called "Cruise for the Cruise" and will be held September 9-10 of this year. Sergey organized everything in such a way that the friendly team of the cruise company Infoflot gives to the torn apart our aviation tus one of his best motor ships, the N. Nekrasov.
There is also a chance to win a ticket by taking part in a photo contest.
We (I will really try to join) have a unique chance not only to make a small cruise departing from Moscow, but also to take planes off the ship, to take part in entertaining aviation activities and to hang out all together in a calm atmosphere, when there is no need to run and nothing you can not take. Details, of course, Sergei in LJ and in the FB in the group "Cruise for a Cruise."
In the meantime, enjoy the video and remember that all this and not only you can see with your own eyes.
Martirosyan reminds that you are all seals and he will be glad to see you all aboard!
For installation, a special thank you to Stas Navoev, I do not know how. In my opinion, from my cuts, he gathered a pretty fun walk. If you like, I will continue to make videos with it.

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