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19-year-old girl-actress Ariel Winter, lit up in the popular TV series "The American Family", performed an operation to reduce the breast.

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I was 13-14 years old, and I looked at 19.
Suddenly, I realized that people want to talk with me only about my body, not about my work. I attended various ceremonies, and the next day I read articles on the Internet, where it was discussed that I did not look like I should, and I didn’t dress like they should at my age. Everyone was talking only about my appearance, not about my talent.
It is really hard to be such a little girl with such a big breast. It is physically painful. I could not find clothes that would sit well, but with swimsuits there was still a big problem - they all looked as if I wanted to look sexy, which did not correspond to reality. I didn’t look exactly like girls of my age.
In general, the motives are clear. Another thing is unclear - why an ordinary operation for physical and professional problems became an event in which you have to justify yourself?
One acquaintance, having learned that I was going to enlarge my chest, had long convinced me that this could not be admitted. Even under torture, if it comes to them.
They'll eat, she said, wash all the bones, eat the brain. You are a public person, and everyone considers himself entitled to give advice to you and express his opinion.
Strange, I thought, but no one wants to look into the bed, in analyzes, in relations with people close to me? Tell me which side to sleep on, how to take a shower or what time to go to bed and get up? Who cares, who in general has the right to climb to a stranger with his advice and opinion?
And if you climb, why should I explain something or make excuses?
Ariel Winter's logic is weaker than mine. Fans and haters of the actress gave her an interrogation. What is the reason for her decision, why she did it, what right did she have to breastfeed?
They brought the girl so much that she began to make excuses. Critics said that it adapts to the opinions of others, and therefore lay down under the scalpel.
I reduced my chest not because of the opinions of others, but because this is how I feel better. And although many have criticized me, I feel happy.
Isn't that the most important thing in life - to feel good, like yourself, be happy? So why does anyone even dare decide what is better for you?
Strange people, ill-mannered and inappropriate.

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