Original DIY wedding gifts

Modern newlyweds can hardly be pleased with the service or shaggy blanket. After all, the times of total deficit are long gone, and if necessary, they themselves can purchase items for the house of such a design that will more suit their tastes. Of course, you can find out what the bride and groom would like to receive as a gift. However, this option can put you in a difficult situation, especially if you can not afford to buy an expensive gift for them, for example, a washing machine or a refrigerator. In addition, sometimes you want to buy a present more original to attract the attention of guests. In all these cases, a good solution will be gifts for the wedding with their own hands. They can be complex or simple. In any case, it is not necessary to present something done in a hurry, and if you doubt your abilities, it is better to abandon such an idea so as not to become a general ridicule.

DIY wedding gift: ideas

A gift for the newlyweds must be creative and memorable. Therefore, ideas for him to choose very carefully. For example, you can make a wedding gift with your own hands out of money in different ways. Among the original ideas is a beautifully designed family tree for the newlyweds, or a collage representing the story of their love and acquaintance.

Friends with knowledge of digital graphics can also make a cartoon for the bride and groom about their love story. Such a gift for a wedding with your own hands (ideas for the plot can be chosen from the works of the classics of cinema) will certainly become the highlight of the solemn banquet and will be reviewed again and again!

How to effectively present money

Opinion polls show that most newlyweds prefer to get bills for the wedding, and the more the better. After all, they can be spent at their own discretion, for example, during a honeymoon trip. However, donating just an envelope is too boring. Therefore, it is better to make a wedding gift with your own hands (photo presented in the article).

a wedding gift with money

Frozen money

Such gifts for the wedding with their own hands, for sure, will be remembered by both guests and newlyweds.

It will take a few shiny coins and a large bill. In other words, if you are going to donate 5,000 rubles, you don’t need to take 5 thousand bills, etc. It needs to be soldered in a plastic wrap. If there are no other ideas, you can simply put the straightened banknote in the corner of a regular transparent file for paper, carefully hold the shell at the unsealed edges of the bill with a hot soldering iron and cut off the excess. You can also order lamination with a special method that allows the extraction of "money" from the shell.

When the bill is securely sealed, you should take a suitable container, preferably a plastic or iron box 10-15 cm in size larger than the length and width of the banknote. Then the water for freezing should be passed through a filter and boiled in order to get clear ice.

After the preparatory work at the bottom of the box you need to pour a two-centimeter layer of water and put the container in the freezer. When you get a layer of ice, you should put a bill on it, and a few coins, and pour a little water on top.After 5-6 minutes, the box must be removed again from the freezer and topped up with a layer of 2-3 cm of water.

All! Before giving the ice to the newlyweds, you need to put the box for 2-3 minutes in a warm place, after which it can be easily removed from the box. Similarly, you can freeze other gifts for the wedding. It’s easy, for example, to make an ice block with two frozen roses and a few bills surrounding them.


To prepare such a gift with a great deal of humor, you need to take a jar with a screw cap and exchange the amount you are going to donate into the smallest bills. Then you should put on the cover and create in one of the computer graphic editors a layout of the label with the appropriate inscription, for example, “Cabbage, fermented for Masha and Petit”. You can also put on it an image of a real head of cabbage or plates with this snack. Then you should cover the cover with a square piece of wrapping paper or bright fabric and tie it with a ribbon.

By the way, you can do a little differently, take one large real one and 15-20 fake ones. For their manufacture, you can take 1 dollar as a basis, but instead of the face of Washington, it is better to depict the bride or the groom on it.

DIY wedding gifts

Umbrella with bills

An original gift for a wedding with your own hands can be made out of money without any special effort. For example, you can make a "cash" souvenir from an umbrella. You just need to secure the bills on the clips and tie them on the ribbons to the spokes. Moreover, the tape should be of such length that it does not look out from under the umbrella when it is closed. In this case, when the bride and groom will open it, you get a surprise.

A gift for the wedding of an original do-it-yourself photo

Money Tree

Wedding gifts (original) do-it-yourself in the form of a so-called money tree are very popular. There are many options for such crafts, which will surely please the newlyweds. To make it you need:

  • take a suitable pot and paint with acrylic paints in the desired color;
  • install inside a large block of floristic foam and lay the voids in place with pieces of the same smaller material;
  • cut a piece of diameter equal to the diameter of the moss pot;
  • make a hole in the center of the cup;
  • paint a wooden dowel brown or varnish;
  • in the center of the pot, in a piece of foam make a hole and drip glue;
  • put a circle with moss on the dowel;
  • insert the “barrel” into the hole;
  • make a hole in a polystyrene ball, put glue in there and put it on the dowel from above;
  • fasten a lot of small bills on the ball, having folded in accordion or folded in any suitable way;
  • tie a silk ribbon of bright color in the form of a volumetric bow on the dowel;
  • so that such original wedding gifts look addressable with their own hands, attach a note with the names of the newlyweds and their wishes on the “krone”.

Such a gift for a wedding with your own hands, the photo of which is presented below, will undoubtedly look brighter and more interesting than the money in the envelope.

original wedding gifts with their own hands

Money picture

If you want to make a gift for the wedding (original) with your own hands, the photo will help you imagine what one very interesting option might look like. To make it, you will need a sheet of plywood, a beautiful frame of an appropriate size, lots of coins, paints, varnish and clay.

To make a picture you need:

  • Draw a tree silhouette on plywood.
  • Roll plasticine into long macaroni.
  • Stick them on the plywood, forming a tree trunk.
  • The space that will represent the background of the picture, cover with clay.To do this, roll it into balls and stick it on plywood, very close to each other.
  • Stick the coins so that you get the crown of the tree.
  • Paint the picture with brown acrylic paint (not for textiles!).
  • Paste the picture into the frame.

Money from the air

A gift for a wedding (original) with your own hands (see photo below) can be made from ordinary balls. To do this, you just need to roll some bills, put them in a ball or in a few balls, pour in some multicolored confetti and inflate, preferably with gel.

do-it-yourself wedding anniversary gift

Very expensive bouquet

Today you will not surprise anyone with a bouquet of sweets. So, it can be somewhat modified and wrapped each candy in the bill. The result will be a gift to the newlyweds at the wedding with their own hands in the form of a beautiful floral arrangement with valuable and sweet "content." It can be saved as a souvenir and “consumed” when you want sweet or need cash.


The family is first of all the house, therefore to newlyweds as a wedding comic gift it is possible to present a brick with openings. In them, you can put bills, which will be the first installment in the purchase of an apartment, and seal the holes with transparent tape.Then you need to tie a brick with a ribbon and add a little note with wishes to the bride and groom.

Golden testicles

For such crafts, you first need:

- 5-6 birch twigs folded crosswise;

- twist their branches dipped in water in a circle so as to make a nest;

- lay out sisal from inside;

- take a few plastic containers for toys from chocolate eggs and enclose them in bills;

- paint in golden color and lay in the bay.

a gift to the newlyweds on the wedding with their own hands

A gift to her husband for a wedding with their own hands

A bride can make a present to a loved one with her own hands. After all, she can get him a razor or a chic perfume for any other reason. A wedding is an extraordinary event, so for such a case it would be more appropriate to look like something original and keeping the warmth of your loved one's hands.

For example, a bride can make for the future husband an original watch from an old CD, which he can set on his desk. For this you need:

  • stick on the disc two semicircles of white and black cardboard;
  • take an inexpensive watch and remove their mechanism by disconnecting the hands;
  • make a small hole in the center of the dial and insert a watch stem into it;
  • put on the arrows;
  • draw numbers (all or only 12, 6, 9 and 3);
  • write on the white side with a dark felt-tip pen the words “With you”, and on the dark side with a white marker “Without you”.

To make the crafts more accurate, the inscriptions can be applied by applying letters from self-adhesive paper. As for their content, it may be different. For example, a clock with a photo of the bride and the inscription: “Waiting for you, darling!” Will suit the desktop or the office of the future spouse

Wedding anniversary: ​​what to give

As you know, weddings are calico, silver, gold, etc. After receiving an invitation to such a holiday, relatives and friends begin to decide what to present to the heroes of the day. A good option in this case can be a gift on your wedding anniversary with your own hands. For example, you can present a horseshoe for good luck.

gift for a wedding do it yourself photo

For its production, you can take a real horseshoe as a base or cut a blank of the desired shape from plywood. Followed by:

  • cover the surface of the horseshoe with a layer of plaster;
  • put on top a protective matte varnish;
  • paint in the desired light, for example, in ayvori;
  • if you want to get a vintage horseshoe, you can cover it with a special tool with a craquelure effect to get the illusion of a cracked surface;
  • for decorating the horseshoe, a ribbon is laid along its inner edge, and an elegant key in ancient style is fastened along the center;
  • on artificial flowers pearl nail polish is applied on the edges of the petals;
  • Small florets, tulle, stones and beads are added to the flowers.

Such a gift on the anniversary of the wedding with their own hands just do not dust in any other corner. Be sure that he will be hanged in a prominent place so that he brings good luck to the house.

As you can see, wedding gifts with their own hands can be very diverse. The main thing is that they are not banal and made hastily.

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