Parks of Moscow

Almost every inhabitant of a metropolis often experiencesdesire to break away from all the dust and noise of your city, relax and relax in nature, as far as possible from the city bustle. But not all people have free time, in order to go out of town, because traffic jams in Moscow every year are longer and longer, and the price of travel is more expensive.

But the solution to this problem is in the verycity. Do not necessarily go out of town, spend time and money, you can just go to the nearest park. The parks of Moscow are a great place to walk. It can be a romantic meeting in love or an excursion with the children. The silence of the forest reveals its picturesque and slightly mysterious paths.

Moscow is rich in such sights,everyone can find a suitable park for themselves. Silence, tranquility, endless paths among old trees, monuments, ponds and much more - all this is represented by the most famous parks in Moscow.

Izmailovsky Park

The former name - park them. Stalin. This park is one of the largest and most famous parks in Moscow. Its area is equivalent to 1534 hectares. This place consists of two parts - Izmailovsky and Terletsky parks in Moscow. Izmailovsky Park includes a lot of available leisure activities. In winter, you can ride on sleigh and horse sleds, and also please yourself by visiting the ski base and skating rink. In summer, the Izmail Park consists of two large amusement parks, as well as a boat station. There is a small and large Ferris wheel. On Seventh Park Street 1 you can rent a bike VOLEKS. For equestrian sportsmen and just amateurs there is a unique opportunity to ride horses.

The reservoirs of Izmaylovsky Park are pleasing to Muscovites andtourists. In the western part of the park there is the Round Pond. He has a boat station and a small island. During the Red Creek there is a Red Pond. But in the southeast there are five reservoirs, which are referred to as Terletskie ponds. In Izmaylovsky Park there is a large area of ​​swamps. In the course of the Black Creek there are the Bathing and Olkhov ponds.

Central Park of Rest and Culture named after Gorky

A large park in the center of Moscow was formedin 1928. To date, the entrance is absolutely free. Recently, bike rental has been opened, as well as fifteen bike shelters. The director of the park installed fifty table tennis tables. Very topical advantage in our time is the presence of Wi-Fi, which is present throughout the park. In honor of this park have created a food network, which produces ice cream "Gorky Park." Free sun loungers are installed throughout the park. Great dignity in the Central Park of Recreation and Culture named after Gorky are the racks for charging laptops, as well as telephones.

Sokolniki Park

On the territory of Sokolniki municipality is Sokolniki Park. This is in the east of Moscow. This park connects with moose island. Its area is 600 hectares.

This year the city program began to operate"Development of the tourism and recreation industry in Moscow". In connection with its implementation on the territory of the park Sokolniki, reconstruction works are underway to improve the improvement. And by 2016 this park will become a place of rest one of the most significant throughout Europe.

It's only three fleets of a huge amountgreen combinations of flora and fauna of the megalopolis. Moscow includes nine administrative districts, which contain a large number of gardens and parks.

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