People in suits: who are the running bodyguards of Kim Jong-un

The world has again witnessed how Kim Jong-un and his entourage understand the security issue of the North Korean leader. In Singapore, Kim Jong-un's cortege was accompanied by a group of running guards in suits. And this is not just a spectacle and dusting of eyes. When it comes to the security of a leader, North Korea leaves nothing to chance. Analyst Michael Madden (Michael Madden) explains who they are - a mysterious group of men in suits.

When Kim Jong-un travels around the country, his guards make up the three lines that surround him. In Singapore, we saw a slightly more modified version of such a construction. The guards who run alongside the limousine chapters, and those who walk alongside, are members of the so-called Central Party number 6 or the General Directorate of Adjutants.

They form the line of guard closest to Kim Jong-un. They are selected from among the recruits of the Korean People’s Army, who thus fulfill their duty to perform military service.Among the main criteria for getting into the guards - young people should be about the same height with the leader of the country and have a 100 percent vision. They must have certain achievements or a high ability to learn in disciplines such as shooting and martial arts.

Source: BBC

Finally, the candidate himself and his family are thoroughly examined two generations ago. Many guards are relatives of the Kim family or belong to other noble families of North Korea.

As soon as candidates are accepted for service as bodyguards (it is impossible to refuse the offer), they undergo an intensive training course, which can be compared with the special forces of the Korean army. This includes training in the possession of weapons, dodge techniques and martial arts. Young people go through hard physical and psychological tests.

The guards form a protective ring around Kim Jong Un with a 360 degree view on both sides. Three to five guards are walking or running in front of and behind the country's leader, including the director of the Adjutant General Directorate.

On the left and right side - from four to six bodyguards.It is they, almost the only people in the country, who are allowed to be near Kim Jong-un with a loaded weapon.

However, the main means of protecting the DPRK leader is their ability to observe the people near him and eliminate any danger with their bare hands or with their bodies.

Bodyguards are usually dressed in suits and ties, and drivers wear linen or leather gloves. All guards go with headphones with radio transmitters. Nevertheless, the main methods of their communication relate to the old school - they wear special badges on their clothes to get to know each other at events, and communicate using passwords and passphrases.

Alcohol, food and cigarettes

The officers of the Troops Command constitute the second and third line of Kim Jong-un guard. While the first line protects the leader himself, the guards from the Command are responsible for ensuring the security of any room where the leader is located. They perform logistic and technical functions to facilitate the work of the head of state.

Candidates for the second and third lines go through a similar verification procedure, as do guards from the Adjutant General Directorate.

According to media reports, the delegation of Kim Jong-un arrived in Singapore on three aircraft, two of which were taken by his guards. Someone maintains a secure telephone connection, and someone's responsibility is to provide the leader with food, alcohol and cigarettes.

There is also a medical department in the guard, at least two of whom escorted Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

As regards personal security, guards from the Troops Command form two or three external lines around the leader and ensure the safety of the places where he arrives. One line is built up with an additional contour around the personal guards of the head of the country, the other along roads, fences and any structures that are within a half mile (a little less than a kilometer).

Virtually no other world leader has such a large three-stage bodyguard as Kim Jong-un.

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People in suits: who are the running bodyguards of Kim Jong-un image, picture
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