Personal life and biography of Zhanna Badoeva

Zhanna Badoeva is one of the most talented and successful TV presenters in Ukraine. She gained fame after participating in several high-ranking projects. Viewers remember her on the show "Eagle and tails," "Battle of salons," "MasterShef." How did this woman manage to win the hearts of the television public in such a short time? Of course, it conquers with its originality, sincerity and natural charm. In addition, she has impeccable taste and natural manners. TV shows with this presenter are always popular with viewers.

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The biography of Zhanna Badoeva began in 1976, on March 18, in the city of Mazeikiai (Lithuania). She grew up in a family of engineers who dreamed that her daughter would follow in their footsteps and go to a building institute. However, the girl from childhood showed remarkable creativity. Jeanne's favorite pastime was listening to musical compositions that her grandmother masterfully performed on the piano.Having matured, the future celebrity seriously carried away by dancing and music.

Choice of profession

After graduating from school, Zhanna Badoeva, a biography whose personal life is no secret to anyone, submitted documents to a construction university. By this time, her family settled in Kiev. The girl received an engineering degree, but did not work by profession. Realizing that she wants to connect her life with creativity, she entered the Film and Television Institute as a director. In fact, Jeanne dreamed of becoming an actress, but, unfortunately, did not qualify for this faculty by age.

Zhanna Badoeva personal biography

Becoming a career

The creative biography of Zhanna Badoeva began in the Comedy Club, a popular comic program. It was she who managed to become the first resident girl in this successful project. Then the future celebrity began to work on television as a creative producer. In addition, she was director of several well-known shows on the channel "1 + 1": "Bar organ", "I dance for you." Several years of serious work on television have made of Jeanne a real professional. However, a cheerful, sparkling and pretty girl could not stay long behind the scenes.Soon, she loudly declared herself in a new rating project.

"Eagle and tails"

The biography of Zhanna Badoeva is filled with bright events. One of them was her participation in the popular trevel show "Eagle and tails." This project has become a real high point for the girl. The essence of the program was that the two leaders (traditionally, a man and a woman) went to one of the countries of the world, cast lots and found out who of them would be spending the weekend in royal conditions, and who would live only $ 100. Jeanne's partner in this show was her husband, clipmaker Alan Badoev. Together they traveled to different parts of the world and delighted the audience with stories of luxurious and budget holidays. "Eagle and tails" - the author's project, which came up with Zhanna Badoeva. The biography, the nationality of this woman has since greatly interested the television public. However, having traveled almost the entire planet, the TV presenter in 2012 suddenly left the project. She said she wants to devote more time to her family and children.

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Other TV programs

But the audience did not long for a long time without their favorite TV host. Soon she appeared in the new project "MasterShef" dedicated to the subtleties of cooking. Here, the leading Zhanna Badoeva, whose biography is described in this article, has become a real gourmet.And it is not surprising, because she had to try a lot of delicious and delicious dishes. Famous restaurateur Nikolai Tishchenko and famous chef Hector Hemenes-Bravo became co-hosts of Zhanna in this project. In order to take part in the show, the famous TV presenter had to undergo serious casting.

In addition, Jeanne could be seen on the Inter channel in the “Don't Stop Me” program. She led her along with Dmitry Kolyadenko. Among other things, the TV presenter continued to work in the field of producing and constantly improve her skills. She still has a lot of interesting projects ahead. Now she leads the show “Battle of Salons” on the channel “Friday!”, Where she continues to delight the audience with her sparkling humor.


Jeanne looks amazing, but when asked about the secrets of attractiveness, she replies that she has no time to follow her calories. She often snacks on the go, but tries to avoid fatty foods, does not drink alcohol and does not smoke. The weaknesses that she cannot and does not want to get rid of are sweet and coffee. TV presenter is not engaged in sports, she has a very active lifestyle, she has enough movement.Therefore, if there is a choice between classes in the gym and sleep, she chooses the latter. Zhanna believes that the main secret of visual appeal is the opportunity to do your favorite business. That is what makes her fresh, young and beautiful.

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First marriage

The biography of Zhanna Badoeva was not easy. She married early (at the age of 19) with a man who was much older than her. The successful tycoon of the oil business - Igor Kurachenko - at first carried his young wife in his arms and allowed her everything in the world. It was at his suggestion that Zhanna tried to open a video and audio store. However, she quickly became disillusioned with the business, gave birth to her son Boris, and completely immersed in family concerns. The businesswoman from Joan never came out. Soon, differences arose between the spouses. The fact is that a young inexperienced girl, having matured, quickly turned into a woman with her own opinion on any matter. Igor did not tolerate the wayward spouse and once he put her out of the house with an eight-month baby in his arms. Jeanne had to go back to her parents. She was depressed, but she withstood this blow and did not even begin to file for alimony.At the same time, she never interfered with the communication of her son with her own father.

Second marriage

What is famous for the second husband of Zhanna Badoeva? The biography of this person is widely known. Alan Badoev is a famous director and music video director, he was the one who shot the first seasons of “Eagle and Tails” and even led one of them. The TV presenter met him when he was still a thin boy and dreamed of earning her first million dollars. Perhaps the bright and spontaneous Zhanna managed to inspire him for great accomplishments, since soon Badoev became really rich. Inexhaustible creativity and mad ambitions made Alan a very famous person. But at the very beginning of his career, he met and fell in love with Jeanne, took care of her and her son, and lived with her in a happy marriage for ten years. What caused the gap? TV presenter claims that Badoev has bright leadership qualities and does not tolerate any competition next to her. In his wife, he preferred to see a housewife, rather than an independent and successful person. In the end, the couple began to live apart. It happened when the project "Eagle and tails" was at the peak of popularity.So it can be said that the spouses of Badadoes could not stand the test of glory.

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She calmly divorced her second husband Zhanna Badoeva. Biography, photos of this woman are often published in the media, but never are the reason for gossip and gossip. The TV presenter is not mercantile, so she did not share the property with her former spouse. In the second marriage, she had a daughter, Lolita, about which Alan still cares affectionately. Zhanna claims that he is a wonderful father. Divorce former spouses celebrated together in a restaurant. They are still great friends. Jeanne's son - Boris - communicates with Alan more than with his own father, and often calls up to him to consult on a particular issue.

New relationship

Shortly after the divorce, Badoeva started a relationship with businessman Babenko Sergey. In 2013, there were even rumors that lovers were engaged. However, this union never happened. The TV presenter was free, successful, adored by millions of fans and is ready to remarry if she finds a man who does not put pressure on her and learns to respect her opinion. And it happened.Zhanna Badoeva, a biography whose children interest many, met her third spouse in Venice. His name is Vasily, he works in the fashion industry and lives in Italy. Relationships of lovers developed quickly, and less than a year later they got married. Now Jeanne lives in an old house twenty minutes from Venice. She is very happy in marriage. In addition, she likes that she settled in the vicinity of the ancient city, which she always seemed magical.

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How old is Zhanna Badoeva? The biography of the presenter is very rich, and in fact she was only 39 years old. Of course, she looks much younger. Zhanna is cheerful, cheerful, easy-going and quickly settled into a new place. Like in Italy and her children. Son Boris used to study in Canada and in London, he knows English well and quickly made new friends. Daughter Lolita is more difficult, she is only ten years old, and she misses her girlfriends in Kiev. Now mom and daughter are learning English and Italian together. And Lolita is making progress and is far ahead of them in mom. Zhanna jokingly calls herself "Loser".

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Our days

Now Zhanna is in complete harmony with herself and the world around her.For happiness, she has everything: a beloved man, an interesting job, charming children. But she is well aware that anything can happen in life, so she does not wear rose-colored glasses and tries to really look at things. She is friends with her former husband (Alan Badoev), who often visits children and managed to find a common language with her new chosen one. Vasily is a strong person who does not like emotional outbursts, but always finds a way to extinguish them in a peaceful way. Thanks to him, peace and harmony reign in the family of Zhanna Badoeva. I would like to wish this wonderful woman new interesting projects and even greater success in the television arena. And, of course, happiness in your personal life, which is not always easy for a successful and sought-after TV presenter. Let's hope that charming Jeanne will be able to save and increase it.

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