Biography of Anton Feoktistov

Anton Feoktistov is a talented young actor who perfectly showed himself in the theater, in movies and on television. There are many interesting roles in his filmography. Therefore, each of our readers, for sure, can easily outline for himself the range of the best screen works of this actor. Anton Feoktistov knows how to be infinitely different, and therefore remains close to many millions of viewers in all parts of the CIS. He is called the rising star of Russian cinema. But how close are these words to the truth? This article will help you understand this.

Childhood and Family by Anton Feoktistov

Anton Feoktistov was born on December 9, 1982 in the city of Novoaltaisk. In this provincial city passed his childhood and adolescence. In the same place, Anton began to form as an actor.
The love of dramatic art grew in the soul of a guy gradually. It all started with watching Hollywood action movies and the first performances in school theater performances.After that, Anton Feoktistov also began to attend classes in the extracurricular section of acting. However, at the very beginning such activities were for him only a pleasant hobby. Anton decided to seriously think about the acting profession only in high school.
Biography of the actor Anton Feoktistov in a deep provinceBiography of the actor Anton Feoktistov in a deep province
At first, he pondered on various options for a long time, but later decided to still rely on acting. Such an alignment seemed tempting to him, but despite this, Anton Feoktistov nevertheless went on exams to Moscow with some inner emotion.
However, in the end, everything ended well. The strict examiners of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio immediately considered a considerable potential in an exceptional provincial guy. Therefore, Anton Feoktistov soon became one of the students of the famous theatrical university. At the Moscow Art Theater Anton Feoktistov began to study at the rate of D. V. Brusnikin and R. E. Kozak. Subsequently, the young actor has repeatedly admitted in his interviews that it was these two people who had the greatest influence on his formation as a professional actor.

Career Anton Feoktistov in the theater

In 2008, Anton Feoktistov graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and began looking for a place to work. As a result, the “searches” were short-lived and, having made a circle, Anton Feoktistov returned to his native alma mater. A talented young actor began to speak with the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater and quite soon managed to publicly declare itself.
The trailer for the film "Wang / Wangelia" with Anton Feoktistov
Our today's hero played his first role in the theater in the play “Ondine”. As part of this production, Anton Feoktistov played the role of a brave and brave knight Hans. As a result, this image brought him the first popularity with the audience.
After that, Anton Feoktistov also played Ventelli in the play “Amadeus”, Simon Bliss in “Spring Fever”, Gavrila in “The Humpbacked Horse”, as well as many other characters in various productions.
Concluding the theme of the theater, we note that after several years of performances on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, the young actor moved to the Pushkin Theater. At the new place, he played several new roles, but subsequently gradually moved into the world of Russian cinema.Today Anton Feoktistov works more often in the cinema than in the theater, but the guy still could not completely leave the theater. As the actor himself admits, it is practically impossible to replace the living energy with which the theater is famous for with something else. And because now we can confidently say that in the coming years, Anton, for sure, will not leave his native walls.

Anton Feoktistov in the cinema

As for the career in the world of cinema, in this regard, for Feoktistov, everything began quite standardly. In the fourth year of high school, a talented young actor was noted by well-known stage director Karine Foliyants, who was working on a new romantic series “Two colors of passion” at that time. After a brief conversation with the guy, the director invited him to audition for the main role. As a result, it was Anton Feoktistov who appeared on the screen in the image of the ambitious provincial Maxim Pavlov - one of the central characters of the whole story.
Anton Feoktistov is married to actress Natalia Dolgushina.Anton Feoktistov is married to actress Natalia Dolgushina.
The series "Two Colors of Passion" brought the first success to the young actor. He was often invited to various television projects, and therefore very soon several new interesting roles appeared in the Feoktistov filmography.Among those worth remembering is the historical project “Institute of Noble Maidens”, the fantastic melodrama “Divination by candlelight”, as well as the Russian-Ukrainian project “Two Sides of One Anna”.
Anton Feoktistov once again played the main characters in two tapes named last in this list.
Thanks to the work on television, our today's hero very soon became a popular and recognizable actor. Directors and producers threw him with new scenarios, but Anton Feoktistov himself rather scrupulously approached the choice of his roles. That is why new works in his filmography appeared infrequently. But each new role remained a very special story.

Anton Feoktistov now

In the past few years, Anton Feoktistov presented four new works to the audience. He played along with Anastasia Makeeva in the popular comedy "News", and also appeared before the audience as one of the minor characters in the mystical project "Vangeliya". In addition, the Russian actor also played central roles in the drama “Sharper” and the romantic film “Happy Ticket”.
As for the new roles, in this respect, everything is also taking shape for Anton Feoktistov rather rosyly. He plays central roles in the theater, and regularly receives new proposals for filming a movie. It is known that in 2014, the actor must play a role in the Russian science fiction film “Dolly the Sheep was evil and died early.” In this film, Anton Feoktistov plays together with Viktor Sukhorukov and Yulya Savicheva.
At the beginning of April 2014, the TV series “Thirteen” started on TV-3, where Anton plays Igor Rakitin, special correspondent for the newspaper “13”, which specializes in investigating mystical cases.

Personal life of Anton Feoktistov

In the personal life of the actor, everything has also been laid out for a long time. For several years now Anton Feoktistov has been married to actress Natalia Dolgushina. Currently, the couple lives in Moscow and dreams of children.

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