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Victoria Tolstoganova is a popular and sought-after Russian actress. Familiar to the viewer in the films "Kamikaze Diary" (2002), "At anonymous name", "Give me life", "Magnetic Storms" (2003), "Moscow Saga" (2004), "Escape" (2005), "Snow Angel ”(2007),“ I'm Not Me ”(2010),“ Ballad of a Bomber Jacket ”(2011),“ Spy ”(2012),“ Hangman ”,“ Embracing the Sky ”(2014) and others.
Her brilliant work in film and theater has been awarded with a number of prestigious awards, including the Government Award in the Field of Culture (2005) and the Golden Eagle Award of the National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of the Russian Federation (2012).
According to the actress, she always and in everything likes to be the best, acting on the principle - I will die, but I will achieve. This property of nature, given by nature, encourages her to constantly work on herself, which, in combination with her talent, allows her to achieve success.

Victoria Tolstoganova's youth

Victoria was born in Moscow on March 24, 1972. It was a normal fun child. I learned to read early, at about three years of age.By the age of 4, she herself went to the library, which was located on the first floor of their house. Up to 9 years was the only child in the family, later her three sisters were born. She believes that her relatives did not spoil her with excessive care and attention. If necessary, she could easily be left alone, was independent and tolerated loneliness normally.
Victoria Tolstoganova in the film At a nameless heightVictoria Tolstoganova in the film At a nameless height
The actress noted in an interview that her parents and in other matters raised her and her sisters very correctly. In particular, they initiated their communication with nature. In their city apartment, the girls' father created a real zoo. In the bathroom they lived first goose, then rabbits. Dogs, cats, parrots and hamsters were constantly present. Now, becoming a mother herself, the actress also keeps various pets in the house, as she is sure that they develop in children a feeling of kindness and caring attitude towards people and animals.
Even in elementary school, Tolstoganov was notable for showing miracles of perseverance and perseverance. She wanted to be only the first, often going beyond common sense. For example, in physical education classes, even feeling the blood in the nose, ran faster than the others. In addition, she was terribly in love - every week was fond of the new boy.
As a teenager, she decided to become an actress and attended the Theater of Young Muscovites at the Palace of Pioneers. She worked there as an actor, stage speech, vocal and choreography, participated in performances and festivals. Then Victoria attended courses at the Moscow Art Academic Theater, later - at the State Institute of Theater Arts (where she could get only in the third year of earnings) and at the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (in the workshop of I. Heifits).

The beginning of the acting career of Victoria Tolstoganova: the first roles in the theater

During her student years, at the beginning of her 4th year, the actress was accepted into the troupe of the KS Drama Theater. Stanislavsky, where he serves today. Her debut took place in the play "Khlestakov", in which the director Vladimir Mirzoyev offered an unusual look at Gogol's play, turned into a stage version from a realistic comedy into a mystical, frightening and funny act.
Later there were the roles of Tolstoganov in the performances “Masquerade”, “Plasticine”, “Shopping and Factoring”, “Boris Godunov”, directed by British theater director and writer Declan Donnanlan.It should be noted that as part of the group involved in the production of this performance, Victoria attended the annual International Festival of Theater in Venezuela. She later recalled that this event, during which theater workers from different countries acquainted each other with their works, organized to promote the development of theatrical connections and talents, social and cultural communication, made a great impression on her, even to the desire to stay there forever . And this is despite the specific atmosphere reigning in this country - poverty, destruction, piles of garbage, parking cars, more like dumps - despite the fact that Venezuela’s land is rich in oil, diamonds and gold.

Filmography Victoria Tolstoganova

The first work in the cinema Victoria Tolstoganovoy was the role in the short-length game tape “Daytime Responsibility”, filmed in 1997 based on the play by the English playwright Harold Pinter “The Lover”. With the participation of the actress came out in the same year, the melodrama “My first teacher, or the Bachelor party in Russian” (about attempts to beautifully organize the first intimacy with a woman), the TV show “Love”, shot by V.Mirzoyev on the story of the same name by Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, in 2000 - the comedy “Lily of the Valley Silver”.
Victoria Tolstoganova in the movie SpyVictoria Tolstoganova in the movie Spy
Victoria noted that comparing theater and cinema, gives preference to the latter. She likes the possibility of widespread spontaneous improvisation in the filming process. At the same time, the endless repetitions of theatrical performances for the actress, according to her, are painful. Therefore, working in the theater, Tolstoganova constantly went to castings. In particular, she tried for a very long time in the film “The Country of the Deaf”, which was shot by director Valery Todorovsky according to Renata Litvinova’s book “Possess and belong”. True, in the end, the role that Victoria dreamed of was approved by Chulpan Khamatova.
However, the persistent attempts of a talented actress to get into the world of cinema were still crowned with success. In 2002, she began to actively act. With her participation go out several films. Among them - "Shoemaker", "Antikiller", "Moon Glades", "Red-hot Saturday." In 2003, Victoria starred in the Belarusian-Russian film - the military drama of Vyacheslav Nikiforov “At anonymous height”, where she fought as a sniper with a German specialist in shooting and disguise.
Tolstoganov is treated with caution because he believes that many of them do not deserve attention. Nevertheless, the movie saga, filmed in the trilogy by Vasily Aksenov “Moscow Saga”, where she played Tasya Pyzhikova, considers interesting.
In 2003, the actress also played one of the main roles in the serial melodrama “Give me life”, the TV series “Angel on the Roads”, in Mikhail Brashinsky’s film “Ice”, which, according to film critics, like Dmitry Meskhiev’s film The Kamikaze Diary , brought her to the rank of unconditional and absolute movie star.

Best films with Victoria Tolstoganova

It should be noted the brilliant play of the actress in the psychological drama “Magnetic Storms”, filmed by film director Vadim Abdrashitov, for which Tolstoganov was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation. This is a love story of two young people - Valera performed by Maxim Averin and Marina, the heroine of Tolstoganov. They want to live, but not able to resist fate.
Victoria noted that during the filming she felt complete agreement with the position of the authors in the world view. She was impressed by the image of Marina, the integrity of her nature, simplicity and self-sufficiency.The actress believes that Abdrashitov is a unique director, brilliantly revealing acute moral problems. According to Victoria, she admires his talent, he is her idol.
Victoria Tolstoganova and Andrey KuzichevVictoria Tolstoganova and Andrey Kuzichev
Superbly embodied on the screen of Tolstoganov and the role of Iraida Petrakovich in the film "Spy". This her acting work was awarded the Golden Eagle Award for Best Supporting Actress.
In the sequel "The Executioner" of the series "Mosgaz" Victoria played one of the main characters, Raisa, the prototype of a war criminal operating in the Oryol region, who by order of the fascists carried out executions of civilians and partisans. Tolstoganov shakes the viewer with the art of acting reincarnation, easily playing the most diverse roles.

Personal life of Victoria Tolstoganova

The actress from 1996 to 2010 was married to actor Andrei Kuzichev. The former married couple have two children - the daughter Barbara and son Feodor (8 and 5 years, respectively). In 2011, the 39-year-old actress gave birth to a third child, a son Ivan, from a common-law husband, theater director Alexei Agranovich.
The closest girlfriend of the actress is the wife of film director Boris Khlebnikov, with whom Victoria went to school.The main quality of women is the ability to protect the people around them and take responsibility for their actions, and men - to be strong and tolerant.

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