"Polysorb" or "Enterosgel": what is better, instructions for use and composition

Poisoning, a strong allergic reaction, intoxication in case of a viral disease - in all these conditions, a qualitative sorbent will help to ease your well-being. There are many drugs from this category in pharmacies. But the most popular means "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel". What's better? It will be possible to answer this question after studying the instructions for both drugs.

Polysorb: release form and composition

The drug belongs to the group of enterosorbents. The medicine is produced in the form of a powder, which is diluted with boiled water before use to form a suspension. The role of the active component is colloidal silicon dioxide. This substance perfectly absorbs toxins and other harmful substances. It is no coincidence that silicon dioxide is included in the composition of other drugs from the group of sorbents.

polysorb or enterosgel which is better"Polysorb" or "Enterosgel" - what is better to take in case of poisoning? Reviews show that the first medication helps to alleviate the condition much faster. In addition, the powder is easy to use. It is easy to obtain the desired dosage when diluting the powder with water. The drug has pronounced detoxification properties. The process of removing harmful substances after taking the medicine is greatly accelerated.

Features of the use of the drug

Like other sorbents, "Polysorb" is appointed primarily for poisoning. With the help of the drug can quickly improve the health of the patient, to remove nausea, stop vomiting. Patients with a weak stomach are advised to always keep the drug in the home first-aid kit. "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel" - what is better with poisoning? Reviews show that both of these drugs are quite effective. The choice should be made based on your own preferences. Many argue that the suspension is easier to swallow. However, you should not forget that before starting treatment you should consult with your doctor.

polysorb or enterosgel which is better for allergiesAcute intestinal infections are not the only reason to take a sorbent. When purulent pathological processes can also be prescribed medication "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel". What's better? It all depends on the tasks that face the doctor. If it is necessary to remove toxins from the body more quickly, a suspension is prescribed. The gel form also gives a good effect, but the result may appear a little later.

Sorbents are also widely used for allergies. Thanks to this treatment, antibodies that cause an unpleasant reaction can be removed from the body as soon as possible. However, medication components can also cause hypersensitivity. Therefore, the treatment method must be discussed with the doctor.


“Polysorb” or “Enterosgel” - which is better? Both of these drugs show high efficacy. However, they have their own contraindications. In no case should therapy be started before studying the instructions for the medicinal product. In the first place, individual intolerance to the drug may develop (hypersensitivity mentioned above). Do not use the drug and with significant damage to the gastric mucosa - gastritis, ulcers.The problem is that the patient may not know that he has diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, unpleasant side effects develop.

enterosgel or polysorb which is better for childrenIntestinal atony is another serious contraindication to the use of Polysorb. If after taking the medication the patient's condition has significantly worsened, the stomach hurts, you should immediately call an ambulance.


In case of poisoning, a specialist may prescribe "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel". What's better? Both drugs will show good results if taken in the right dosage. "Polysorb" is intended only for internal use in the form of an aqueous suspension. The drug should be thoroughly stirred until the lumps disappear. It is recommended to use boiled water. New suspension should be prepared before each intake. In case of poisoning the drug is recommended to take up to three times a day.

Single dosage depends on the patient's body weight. For babies up to a year, it’s enough to mix half a teaspoon of powder with 50 ml of water. Gradually, the amount of suspension prepared at a time should increase, children of 6-7 years old are already taking a whole teaspoon.An adult, to completely cleanse the body of toxins, will have to take one and a half to two tablespoons of medicine.

The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the patient and the diagnosis. In case of acute intestinal infection, it is enough to clean the body for 2-3 days. If you have had to deal with severe allergies, the course of therapy may be 7-14 days. "Polysorb" can be used in the treatment of viral hepatitis. In this case, the duration of treatment may be 14 days.

"Enterosgel": a description of the drug

The drug is available in the form of a paste for internal use. The active ingredient is polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. As an auxiliary element, simple purified water is used. In its structure, the medicine resembles a sponge. He manages to perfectly absorb and excrete harmful substances and toxins from the body.

what is better polysorb or enterosgel reviewsWhat is better, "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel"? Specialist reviews show that both of these tools work equally well. However, due to the special consistency of the latter medicine is less in demand.In addition, Enterosgel has a higher cost. Although it is a domestic drug.

Indications for the use of drugs

Detoxification agent is used most often in acute intestinal infections. Allows you to quickly improve the patient's well-being means "Enterosgel". Analogs do not always show such high efficiency. However, simple poisoning is not the only reason to use a quality sorbent. Many experts recommend the treatment of gastritis with Enterosgel, while Polysorb cannot be used for this disease. It is proved that the drug contributes to the destruction of bacteria that cause a violation of the integrity of the gastric mucosa.

polysorb or enterosgel which is better for poisoningNontraditional methods of using the drug are also popular. So, on the basis of it, people who suffer from acne make the medical masks. The medicine allows you to destroy bacteria and eliminate toxins from the surface of the skin.

For different types of urticaria, enterosorbent can also be used. "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel" - what is better with allergies? This question can be answered only by a qualified specialist in each particular case.

Contraindications and side effects

Enterosgel has far fewer contraindications than Polysorb. This is a huge plus. That is why many people choose this drug, despite the high cost. The instructions indicate that the drug can not be used for individual intolerance, as well as in the event that intestinal atony develops. The drug is not prohibited to use for children from the first days of life and pregnant women.

enterosgel analoguesSide effects may develop if the dosing regimen is not properly selected. Some patients after long-term therapy have problems with the stool, in particular, many complain of constipation. With the help of a quality laxative it is possible to solve the problem.

If you need to use "Enterosgel" in conjunction with other medications, you should consult with your doctor. The sorbent may reduce the effect of some medicines.

Dosing regimen

"Enterosgel" should be taken an hour before or after a meal, drinking plenty of fluids. Reviews show that from the first time, it is not possible for everyone to drink the medicine normally because of the unpleasant pasty consistency.It is because of this that many refuse to take the medicine in this form. To make it easier to cope with the task, some experts recommend diluting the required dose of medication in a glass of warm boiled water.

polysorb or enterosgel that it is better to take in case of poisoningThe dosage depends on the age of the patient. Breast babies give half a teaspoon of pasta. Children from 5 to 14 years old take a tablespoon. A single dose for an adult patient is 1-1.5 tablespoons. For the prevention of chronic intoxication, the doctor may prescribe a tablespoon of medication once a day for 10 days.

Non-standard use of sorbents

As "Enterosgel" and "Polysorb" is widely used for weight loss. Nutritionists do not prescribe such treatment, but the technique is fully justified. The fact is that sorbents help cleanse the body of toxins, the gastrointestinal tract begins to function properly. As a result, it is possible to get rid of many troubles: clear the skin from acne, remove excess weight, and normalize the metabolism.

In order to cleanse the body, it is recommended to take a tablespoon of pasta or suspension for two weeks.Reviews say that the results of such therapy really shows good. "Polysorb" or "Enterosgel" - which is better to choose? Reviews show that both drugs do an excellent job.

What drug to stay on?

By and large, both drugs in action do not differ. In both cases, it is possible to quickly restore the health of the patient. However, drugs have different costs. If “Polisorb” can be purchased for 100 rubles, then the price of “Enterosgel” is 350 rubles. At the same time, pasta has much less contraindications.

"Enterosgel" or "Polysorb" - which is better for children? Kids better perceive the suspension. Pasta is quite difficult to swallow. At the same time, many argue that when diluted with water, the drug is very easily taken even by infants. Which drug to choose? The decision should be made after consultation with the doctor.

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Polysorb or Enterosgel: which is better, instructions for use and composition 9

Polysorb or Enterosgel: which is better, instructions for use and composition 68

Polysorb or Enterosgel: which is better, instructions for use and composition 25

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