“The crocodile is not caught, the coconut does not grow” ... Agree, the topic of bad luck is familiar to each of us from personal experience. Some failures are pursued in something concrete, while others willingly flock literally from all sides.

Red panties on the chandelier hang to attract moneyRed panties on the chandelier hang to attract money
And then, having tried all the rational ways to prevail over circumstances, many people are ready to turn to unusual methods - the rituals of “everyday magic”. What if it works?

Nadezhda Pavlovna Kokhanova, which helps to find the lost

A story about a certain Nadezhda Kokhanova, which supposedly can help to find a hopelessly lost thing, roams the Net. If the necessary thing was lost somewhere at home or in the office, or simply fell somewhere in the bag, and you can’t find it, you need to say the words “I give (such and such thing) to Nadezhda Pavlovna Kokhanova three times” - and they say that the lost object is immediately visible after that.
If you have lost something, “donate” this to Nadezhda Pavlovna KokhanovaIf you have lost something, “donate” this to Nadezhda Pavlovna Kokhanova
There is a belief that more than a hundred years ago, this name was called a real woman who had a natural gift to find and return other people's things. It is not known what the ritual mechanism is based on - perhaps it just helps to get distracted and look at the room with a fresh look, but the editors have repeatedly checked on themselves: it works.

Simoron rituals to solve problems

If the rituals of luck failed and the problem nevertheless arose, then to solve it as soon as possible there is a famous Simoron ritual called “Call to Vovan”. Vova is a personal “roof” and an assistant for each person, usually represented in the image of a “cool” man with a thick gold chain around his neck, who drives an expensive car and solves questions “like men”
Call Vovan can be done even on the ladleCall Vovan can be done even on the ladle
Where he lives and how old he is is unknown, but his birthday is September 27, and his phone number is 27-108. By the way, to call Vovan you do not necessarily need a real phone, you can call by comb, banana, pen, glasses - any item that gets caught.
Vova will accept any “reward” - dance, song or crowingVova will accept any “reward” - dance, song or crowing
When calling, you should clearly and clearly describe Vovan's problem and ask for help, but it is strictly necessary to do something for him in response: to sing or dance, jump on one leg or yell out - it does not matter, the main thing for him is “respect and respect”. Well, if suddenly Vova for some reason does not fix the problem right away, then the real players will call his secretary Marinochka and politely ask him to remind him.

Rituals to raise money

The desire to improve the financial situation is one of the most common, and for its execution people turn to magic especially often. It is not surprising that there are many different rituals on this subject. Someone cuts nails strictly on Fridays (however, there is another “happy” day for manicure - Tuesday).
How to attract luck? Some even nails are cut strictly on scheduleHow to attract luck? Some even nails are cut strictly on schedule
Others never take out the garbage from home after 7.30 pm, and someone rubs air bubbles into his head, which form in the cup when pouring tea, and by all means with his left hand. An effective way, according to many, is to hang bright red panties on the chandelier, preferably a thong.And throw them on the chandelier must be over his shoulder.
Red thong on the chandelier - a sign to attract money to the houseRed thong on the chandelier - a sign to attract money to the house
One of the most thoughtful rituals for money is done with semolina. You need to buy a bag of semolina, put it in a regular plastic bag and go to the bank, located near the house. It is necessary to take some coins or banknotes in the bank: get it at the cash desk or ATM, pay the receipt and pick up the change, exchange the currency, etc.
How to attract money? There are many fancy rituals.How to attract money? There are many fancy rituals.
This money should be put in the bag to the bag with the decoy and mentally ask them to attract their fellows. It remains only to make a small hole in the bag and bag, so that on the way home from the bank, the groats wake up a thin path, indicating the path to wealth. At home, you should put the "charged" money and the remainder of the semolina where the savings are stored, and plus pour a little of the same semolina in all wallets, pockets, piggy banks, etc.

Good luck rituals

There are rituals designed not to improve a particular situation, but to good luck and luck in life in general.For example, you can wrap a thick red thread around your wrist, tie into three knots and say three times: “I am luring myself to luck, tying them to a tight knot”. The downside is that this thread should then always be worn, without removing. It is believed that if you made a specific desire, then it will be fulfilled when the thread is iztretsya.
Red thread on the wrist: why tie it and how?Red thread on the wrist: why tie it and how?
Another way is to eat an egg, not to throw it away, but to hit it with a spoon, saying: “How many small parts are so many successful days for me”. And some people are convinced that to attract good luck you need to replace all the electric bulbs with new ones in the house.
To attract luck, it is advised to catch a ray of sunshine in the mirrorTo attract luck, it is advised to catch a ray of sunshine in the mirror
There is a more complicated way: take a small mirror, catch a ray of sunshine into it and say: “Good luck show the road, get lucky to the threshold”. After that, you need to put a mirror in a blue bag, stitched with your own hands, and carry with you for a week constantly, and then - in cases where luck is especially needed.

Rituals for love and marriage

One of the spheres of life where magical help is never superfluous is heart matters.It is believed that in order to attract love to the house, it is necessary to fill it with circular objects: mirrors, pictures in oval frames, round lamps, etc. And most importantly, in no case is it recommended to keep a cactus in the house: its aggressive spines are the main enemy of a happy personal life.
Women who want to marry are not advised to keep cacti at homeWomen who want to marry are not advised to keep cacti at home
A girl who wants to find a soul mate should wear something red every day, you can wear jewelry or underwear. Some draw iodine hearts on the buttocks. And it is also recommended to always carry with you some men's accessory: laces from men's shoes, men's comb, etc.
To attract a man to the house is advised with huge slippersTo attract a man to the house is advised with huge slippers
To perform the most effective, as it is believed, magical ritual you need to purchase men's slippers, preferably on a new moon. You should choose a pair that really like it. They are recommended to hide somewhere at home for three days, so that no one puts on. After three days, at midnight, you need to wear sneakers on your hands and stand on all fours near the entrance to the apartment, leaving the entrance door slightly ajar.
Sneaker still better to use for its intended purposeSneaker still better to use for its intended purpose
After this, it is necessary to utter the spell “condemned — disguised (smart, beautiful, rich, etc.)“ appear ”three times and to go around the whole apartment with slippers on all fours. It is said that it gives effect in just a few days. The editors of uznayvse.ru did not dare to put this advice into practice - how many people can be “drawn” into the house from the knee-elbow position.

Pregnancy Rituals

In some families, spouses so keenly dream of conceiving a child that they want to hasten the process. Many rituals are based on the magical notion that a pregnancy can be "slightly infectious." A girl who wants to have a baby is advised to sit on a chair that a pregnant woman was sitting on before, or wear and wear her shoes, or drink something from a cup from which she drank for a pregnant woman.
"Infected" by pregnancy can only be through sex"Infected" by pregnancy can only be through sex
Another magical way to ensure conception is to eat a tangerine and swallow the bone that gets in it. And some say that the primary means is to put a living ficus in a pot in the bedroom, or you can put a photo of such a ficus on the screen saver of a mobile phone.
If you are not inclined to believe in magical ways to influence your life and prefer the good old "a lot of work and little rest", we advise you to read about the most in the world - you should probably think about vacation.

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