Pressure 100 to 70: Causes and Treatment

Arterial pressure 100/70 most often notis the norm and requires treatment. But there are exceptions. For example, adolescents and athletes may not worry if they see this mark on the tonometer. For them, this is normal pressure. However, for other people this is hypotension. This pathology significantly reduces the quality of life: patients have weakness, difficulty breathing, migraine and dizziness. If the pressure has dropped very sharply, a person can even lose consciousness. So you need to understand how dangerous this is. Pressure of 100 to 70 can cause unexpected fainting.

What if the pressure reduction is caused by the disease?

pressure 100 to 70

Low blood pressure is characteristic not only offor the elderly, but also for young people. Often it is purely physiological in nature, but some ailments are possible. If they are available, then it is necessary to take medications from low blood pressure. They should appoint a doctor. If the pressure is 100 to 70, then do not doubt that the expert will do everything possible to normalize it. Do not worry, it's better to trust the doctor and hope for the best.

Physiological hypotension

Low pressure has many causes. But most often the physiological hypotension is explained by the genetic predisposition of a person and is observed in people who do not have serious diseases. Throughout life they never experience any alarming symptoms, their performance is at an appropriate level, they can perform both physical and mental work. They do not interfere at all with low pressure. 100 to 70 is the normal figure for them. Therefore, they may not worry about their health.

Consequences of moving

Some people have blood pressuredecreases when moving to another city or country, when the acclimatization process is in progress. At this time the body gets used to the new conditions. As a rule, the pressure drops when visiting the mountainous terrain and those countries where the hot climate prevails. It should be taken into account when moving. In addition, low pressure can often be observed in those who move a lot or engage in manual labor, and this is not a cause for concern. If a person feels well, he should not go to a doctor. The pressure of 100 to 70 carries no danger for him.

if the pressure is 100 to 70

Chronic diseases in which hypotension develops

Doctors-therapists say that hypotension is not uncommonoccurs in people who are prone to serious chronic ailments. These include hypothyroidism, VSD, hypofunction of the adrenal cortex and head trauma. In some cases, the pressure is significantly reduced in exhausted people who survived surgery. In addition, often acute hypotension develops during collapse, severe blood loss, heart attack, and also after poisoning. In such cases, the pressure 100/70 is an alarming symptom. It is necessary to clearly understand this.

blood pressure 100/70If there is a disease, the doctor prescribesdrug therapy aimed at increasing blood pressure. Choose the right drug is not easy - you need to perform reliable diagnostics for this. To eliminate the existing pathology, medicines are selected exclusively by a doctor.

Some more reasons for hypotension, treatment

Pressure may drop sharply if peripheralthe vessels of a person are in a weak tonus, and also in the event that the heart is reduced unnaturally rarely. In this situation, you must take action. If the pressure is very low, medications are usually injected through the vein. To restore the normal tone to peripheral vessels, adrenomimetics are used. What means are included in their number? The most common are preparations "Noradrenaline" and "Metazon". They are good for those who have a pressure of 100 to 70.

low pressure 100 to 70Sometimes it is required to increase cardiac output, inIn this case it is necessary to resort to special medicinal preparations, which are called glycosides. They are represented by such means as "Strofantin", "Celanid", and also "Digoxin". These medications are usually prescribed for hypotension caused by heart failure.

Also, to normalize the pressure, it is often prescribedmedicines that have a combined effect. They perform two functions at once: they increase the tone of the vessels and accelerate the contractions of the heart. The most common drugs in this category are the drugs "Adrenaline" and "Ephedrine."

The pressure of 100 to 70 is not a sentence, it's easynormalize. The main thing is not to despair and follow the doctor's recommendations. And, of course, it is forbidden to engage in self-medication, because you can only do so. Many people buy themselves medicine, focusing on the recommendations of relatives, friends, friends, which then bitterly regret. After all, the desired improvements, as a rule, do not occur, and in some cases the state only worsens. And now a very sick person comes to see a doctor who is forced to save him not only from hypotension, but also from complications and side effects caused by improper treatment. In this situation, you should not rely on yourself, but only on a specialist.

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