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Vitaly Klimau writes: “Sometimes it comes to mind when traveling that you are doing something wrong. Money and time fly into the pipe, and no recoil is felt. After the last trip, I collected a bunch of thoughts and determined how to act to make the trip cheaper and at the same time more interesting. The top is not specific lifehacks, and tips on the direction of the right thought. "

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1)Adjust to the circumstances. If you have a limited budget, it makes no sense to put a rigid framework. Learn to act flexibly. It should be understood that there are many good options for a low price, you just need to find them. Is Spain more interesting than France? Maybe. But if a ticket to France costs 3 times less than the required dates, then there is no point in overpaying. Of course, if you want to go to Barcelona, ​​then you have to go there and not think about money.

1. I am taken to the trip, for this I take photos and write a couple of posts (which I would have done after the trip). How much did I save?

2)Travel radially. Those. First of all, visit the closest and accessible places. Believe me, there is definitely something interesting near your home! While you are visiting places that are cheap and close to your home, your income will grow and you will be able to go further and further.

The radial system operates not only near the house, but also on travel. Travel time is very expensive, and it makes no sense to sit in a half-day bus to see something a few hundred kilometers from the planned travel destination. First, you should carefully examine the surrounding area, and if there is already nothing interesting left, it makes sense to look for interesting things away.

Why do you think I travel so often?

2. Removing the love story on the coast 50 km from the house, I saw the glider pilots. Why go far, because so many new and interesting things are close by!

3)Calculate how much time is worth while traveling. Instead of explaining, I will immediately take as an example the last trip. We flew to Salou for 2 full days and two more half (days of arrival and departure). The planned budget for the trip, including all expenses, is 20 tr.

For ease of calculation, combine the two halves in one day, and it turns out 72 hours of time for everything. I boldly strike out 24 hours of them - 8 hours of sleep every day are mandatory for me and under no circumstances do I want to sleep less.

And now we consider how much an hour is worth while traveling. 20 000 tr. / 48 hours = 417 p. / Hour. Now it is clearly understood that 1 hour of time costs 417 rubles. So what? Now, before doing something, we substitute a figure and consider the real value. For example:

a) Sit in the morning on VKontakte for half an hour - 200 rubles. If you do it 3 times, then it is already 600. So, we are no longer sitting on the VKontakte trip. Expensive.
b) There is a hotel near the coast for 1000 p., but there is a similar 15 minutes walk from the coast, but for 900 p. Those. walk from the hotel to the sea and back will cost 200 p. It turns out that it is cheaper to take near the coast and not waste time.
c) You can cook your own food, and you can order in a restaurant. Do you think that is more profitable?

3. I'm afraid to calculate how much this free game has come to me.

4)Do not pay attention to the level of comfort. Do not be afraid to take cheap housing (you only need a bed, a shower and a toilet), travel low-cost (because you can not save 3 hours, save 5 thousand?), Make simple meals yourself (a home-made sandwich is 3 times cheaper than a similar one any fast food).

four.We buy products in Poland before a trip to Western Europe.

5)Try more unique things.. This is a controversial point for this stamp, but I will try to explain my point of view. When traveling, try as many unique things as possible. There is no point in traveling to do something ordinary. It is necessary to look, touch, try, test yourself for strength and in every possible way remove yourself from the comfort zone. The more unique things you can try, the cheaper each of them is. Those. the point is not to save money, but to squeeze all of the money you have already spent.

5. And it does not matter that it cost under 1000 r. Without him, the trip would be incomplete.

And the main thing. Do not listen to any advice and do what you want. To fulfill your dreams is the main thing when traveling.

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