Rare animals of Russia and the world. The rarest animal in the world

On our planet there are rare and endangered animals. In total, there are more than eight hundred species. These are animals whose population is catastrophically small.

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Natural phenomena, as well as the human factor, affect the reduction of the number of these representatives of the fauna. Some rare animals are still found in their habitats, while others can only be seen in nature reserves or zoos. There are some species that are currently lacking accurate information. No one knows if they are extinct or still exist.

All the rare animals of the world are listed in the sections of the International Red Book. In addition, many countries have developed and implemented programs to save endangered populations living in their territory. Let's get acquainted with the list, which includes the 10 most rare animals found on our planet.

Bushmen hare

This representative of the genus Bunolagus is located on the tenth step of the rating, in which there are rare animals. To date, the Bushmen hare is on the verge of irretrievable extinction. This animal is located in the section of the Red Book in which representatives of the fauna are dying out due to the reduction of habitats. Approximately the number of its population today is one thousand four hundred thirty-five individuals.

rare animalsBushmen hare - is a small animal, whose body length is in the range from 38 to 48 cm. The tail of this fauna is 7-10 centimeters. The weight of males is within one and a half kilograms. Females are slightly heavier - 1.8 kg. This rarest species of hare is similar to the South African rabbit because of its reddish fur. His top is gray. On the back of the head there is a contrast bright red spot. The color of the sides is darker. An interesting color of the head of a Bushman's hare. So, the chin of this rare animal is white in front, and from the sides has a yellow sheen. The chin is separated from the cheeks by a dark brown stripe that widens slightly towards the head. The neck of the hare is gray, but the chest is either yellowish or pinkish-brown. The color of the tail is unusual for this rare animal. It is wine-brown, casting black at the tip.The ears of this species of hares are very long - 107-124 mm. Representatives of the genus Bunolagu are characterized by the presence of a large intertebral skull bone, a short palate, and a wide interorbital space.

As for food, the hare prefers bushmen vegetation, which it finds in river basins. These are leaves and flowers of plants Ink bushes and Boegoe. He also loves solyanka Lycium and Salsola. In addition, the hare eats its own excrement. They serve as a source of calcium and phosphorus for it, as well as bacteria, thanks to which food is digested.

You can meet a Bushman hare in South Africa (in the Cape Province). It lives in the valleys of rivers flowing through the shrub semi-desert Karro. This night animal is very agile and fast. It is claimed that the Bushman hare is capable of making a high jump in excess of one meter. Unfortunately, the distribution area of ​​these individuals is reduced in connection with the allocation of land for agricultural land. That is why the Bushmen hare is listed in the Red Book in the status of "the rarest animal."

Sumatran rhino

This is one of the rarest animals in the world, which occupies the ninth line of the rating.When describing it, the word “most” can be used more than once. This representative of the rhinoceros is the oldest, besides the smallest and, of course, the rarest. Today, there are from one hundred to one hundred and seventy individuals of these representatives of the fauna all over the world. In the disappearance of this species of animals is completely to blame the person who destroys this rhino because of its small horns, of which make an elixir to increase potency.

the rarest animalPreviously, the distribution site of this rare animal was the entire territory of south-east Asia. Today the Sumatran rhino is found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. It lives on the Malaysian peninsula, where there are up to several dozen individuals.

In height, the Sumatran rhinoceros does not exceed 1.5 m. The length of its small body can vary from two hundred to three hundred centimeters. The average weight of an individual is 1400 kilograms. On the face of this animal there are two horns. The front one is longer, it grows up to 15-45 centimeters. The horn is short. It is like a protrusion and does not exceed ten centimeters in length.

The body of the Sumatran rhino is covered with coarse hair.Moreover, young individuals have a thicker cover. With age, a rhinoceros has a bristly coating, and by the time of old age the hair remains only on the tip of the tail and on the ears. Sumatrans differ from their relatives by a more delicate and thin skin, on which folds are less noticeable.

These smallest rhinos live alone. From people they go higher to the mountains, where they choose for themselves hilly terrain, near which is located the source of water. Sumatrans swim excellently and can calmly overcome the large distance between the islands. But their favorite occupation - to lie in the mud.

Cuban crackle

This animal occupies the eighth line in the Rare Animals rating. The mammal lives on the island of Cuba. For some time he was considered completely disappeared species.

The Cuban crack snub looks like a shrew. The length of his body is from twenty-eight to thirty-nine centimeters. Slot-tooth has a long, bare tail, like a rat. In length, it grows from 17 to 25 cm. The weight of the animal is within one kilogram.

the rarest animal in the worldThe elongated snout of the snipe ends with a small proboscis nose.On the body there is a rare, but long and tough coat. Moreover, its color on the abdomen and neck is yellowish, and on the sides it is almost black.

These very rare animals feed on plants and insects. Getting food, they tear up the earth with their long legs, on which there are five fingers. Chellea lovers prefer to nocturnal and love to swim.

Despite the fact that the animal belongs to mammals, it is poisonous. Toxic fluid during a bite enters the body of the victim through the opening of the salivary gland duct.

In the old days, fangs had no natural enemies. Only after Europeans appeared in Cuba, the island was inhabited by mongooses, cats and rats. It was they who began to hunt the crackub, which often did not even try to resist. At the end of the twentieth century. these animals are listed in the register of the disappeared. But in 2003, 1 instance of this species was caught. This gives zoologists the hope that the population exists and will be restored by breeding in captivity. The Cuban Schelezub is entitled to claim the title of “The Rindest Animal in the World”.

Haitian Scratch

These rare animals are similar to their Cuban relatives.Differences consist only in size and color. These animals are much smaller than Cuban alkalis and have a lighter coat. The body of adult individuals in length is 28-35 cm. The dwelling of this animal is a peculiar system of tunnels. Swarming their moves, fangs, cause irreparable damage to the root system of trees.

Like the Cuban, the Haitian fang is on the verge of extinction. As for the exact figure, scientists cannot name it, but in the Red Book animals are presented as an endangered species.

Mountain couscous

This unique species occupies the sixth line in the rating “The Rareest Animal”. People who first discovered couscous, took him for a relative monkey. The animal moved beautifully and clung to its tail for practically bare branches of trees.

Couscous is a large marsupial representative of the fauna. It lives in a forested area in the north of Australia. Such animals are known: spotted couscous, as well as spotted phalanges and common spotted couscous.

The individuals of this rare species have thick fluffy fur. Moreover, in females it is cream-colored, while in males it varies from cream-gray to red, with irregularly scattered spots.Around couscous eyes, there is a bezel, which is necessary for the beast for nightlife. The animal has strong legs. They help him to climb trees unhindered. The length of the limbs can reach sixty centimeters. The length of the animal is about 45 centimeters.

Couscous is nocturnal. He spends time on the branches of trees, feeding on leaves and fruits. Couscous has one enemy - man. People hunt for this obedient animal because of meat and thick fur. The reduction of the population of this species causes the destruction of habitual habitat - deforestation. Today, zoologists account for 2.5 thousand of these animals. In the Red Book, they have the status of “threatened species”.

Chinese river dolphin

It is an almost extinct mammal living in the water element. Previously, the river Chinese dolphin was common in the central-eastern part of China. The animal has a light bluish-gray body color and a white belly. On the back of the dolphin is fin, which looks like a flag. Today, its habitat is the Yangtze River, as well as the lower course of the Qiantang River. It is also found in two lakes in China.This is Poyang and Dongting. The animal is living by day, feeding mainly on clams, eels and small fish.

Chinese dolphins have no natural enemies. The population is on the verge of complete extinction due to poaching catches, as well as due to death from collisions with ships and water pollution. Today, the number of species decreased to thirty individuals.

New Zealand bat

This mammal is on the fourth step of the rating. The New Zealand bat belongs to the squad of bats. The uniqueness of this animal lies in the fact that it, unlike its counterparts, leads a terrestrial lifestyle.

The body length of the animal is in the range of six to eight centimeters, and the weight of the individual often does not reach thirty-five grams. This species can be found only in New Zealand and on Stewart Island.

very rare animalsThese bats dig their homes in the ground with sharp teeth. Sometimes for the equipment of burrows are used trees. The mouse shows its activity in the evening twilight and at night, feeding on insects, pollen and nectar.

In former times, this population was rather numerous.However, after Europeans moved to New Zealand, the beast had its worst enemies - martens, cats, rats, etc. This led to a reduction in the number of the species by ninety-eight percent.

Western design

This animal is in third place in the ranking, which includes the rarest representatives of the fauna. The habitat of this species is New Guinea. The animal reaches a length of eighty centimeters, and the weight of individual individuals ranges from five to ten kilograms. The echidna is covered with wool (except for the sides and back, where the spines are located). The animal breeds by laying eggs. Western project is included in the Red Book. In her, she is listed as a threatened species.

Eastern pro-design

This rare egg-laying mammal lives in New Guinea. It is also called prochidne Burton. This species has an excellent sense of smell, and prefers beetles and worms as food. The eastern project has a larger skull size. This species can also be found in the Red Book.

Prodahna Attenborough

This is the rarest animal in the world. In addition, Attenborough prohapen is the smallest type of egg-laying echidn. Habitat - New Guinea.The animal is nocturnal, while in the daytime in its hole. Weed was named after TV host and director D. Attenborough.

This is the rarest animal of our planet by the only individual that was discovered in 1961. In this regard, some scientists believe that this species is completely extinct.

Endangered species that inhabit the territory of the Russian Federation

Consider what rare plants and animals are listed in the Red Book of Russia. All species listed below are on the verge of extinction. Who are they - rare animals of Russia?

1. Mountain, or red wolf.The body of this animal reaches a length of one meter. The weight of an individual ranges from twelve to twenty one kilograms. Externally, the red wolf looks like a fox. Some hunters confuse this beast with a red cheat and shoot it en masse. This is the main reason for the disappearance of the population, the few representatives of which can still be found in the Far Eastern regions.rare animals of Russia2. Horse Przhevalsky.There are about 2000 representatives of this species on the entire planet. It is interesting that in the early nineties of the last century several individuals of the Przhevalsky horse were released near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant into the exclusion zone.Currently, about a hundred specimens live in this area.

3. Amur Goral.Ruminant cloven-hoofed animal. Its habitat is Primorsky Krai. Amur gorals prefer to live and move in small groups of six to eight individuals. On the territory of Russia, there are currently about 700 copies of this rare animal.

rare and endangered animals4. Amur tiger.This is not only incredibly rare, but also a beautiful view. On the belly of this tiger is a layer of fat 5 cm thick. It protects the animal from frost.


Many people prefer a pet, for example, a cat or a dog, to live next to them. However, some want to have something exotic in their homes. For example, it can be rare species of animals or a manual rat.

There are animals that are difficult to call domestic. This, for example, is an albino python. However, there are people who prefer to see him as a pet. This exotic python grows to two meters. He is very picky about living conditions.

rare plants and animalsThe list of "Rare Pets" is a black palm cockatoo.In captivity, he mostly lives only in zoos. At home it is difficult to keep it. The bird easily bites the five-millimeter bars of the metal mesh.

One of the few representatives of the animal world listed in the Red Book, which can be acquired legally, is the Japanese snow macaque.

Rare animals found as pets are the following: the Bengal cat and the hyacinth parrot, the chimpanzee and the Bengal albino tiger, as well as the representative of the strongest dogs on the planet - the Tibetan mastiff.

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