Reset the settings to "Android". Smartphone based on "Android": factory settings

Mobile phones rapidly entered the life of man as an indispensable means of communication. But it took a small amount of time, and these gadgets were transformed, incorporating the functions of not only a mobile phone, but also a personal organizer. Smartphones, tablet computers, e-books, digital players, TVs, game consoles, netbooks, smartbooks - all devices created on the basis of the "Android" system, in the number of sales lead in the niche of similar devices.


The new smartphone has factory settings that allow the device to function correctly, as well as the main programs (without them, the work may be incorrect).resetting to AndroidThe system "Android" is owned by Google. The main application in such smartphones is the Google Play Market.With its help, the owner personalizes his device by downloading applications to him according to his own taste according to the version of the operating system purchased. However, the more various games, capacious in size applications, downloaded documents and other information is stored on the device, the more RAM is consumed. This leads to a deterioration in the performance of the phone. Each application leaves a trace in the system registry even after deletion. There are a number of programs whose functions can eliminate such problems, but the most effective way is to reset the phone.

Failure of the smartphone. What to do?

If after some time using the phone began to "hang", applications stopped running or errors appear, and programs for scanning and cleaning the system do not help, you should resort to returning the system to factory settings. Do not be afraid of this process, because everything is done easily and to restore settings on android after resettingResetting the settings on the "Android" system is provided by manufacturers. The process is to restart the device to the pre-installed state of the application settings.The only negative is the following: all user personal information, such as the contact directory, messages, installed programs, will be permanently deleted. Therefore, you need to figure out how to restore the settings on the "Android" after resetting the settings, and all the most important things should be moved to the SIM-card or external memory. A full reset is also called a hard reset.

We make a hard reset programmatically.

The procedure is performed using the settings of the gadget.reset phoneRegardless of the brand of the phone, to reset the settings on "Android", there are similar principles. In the built-in menu, you must find the item "Settings", and then - "Restore or reset the system." The names of the items may differ depending on the version of "Android", but the essence of them is the same. After clicking is required to agree with all pop-up warnings. This will help the phone system to start working from scratch. But some phone models may request administrator rights (root-rights). Without them, there will be a reset to "Android" is blocked. This security measure protects the device from making unwanted changes to the system.The procedure for obtaining root-rights is simple, but for different models have their own characteristics.

Hard reset procedure performed by hardware

In the case when you can not even turn on the phone or it is blocked by a password, you can resort to the hardware method of setting. For example, consider resetting the settings on "Android" "Samsung Galaxy". To do this, you will need to simultaneously press the button below the screen, which is called Home, the buttons to increase the volume and the Power button, with which the phone is turned on. You need to hold this combination until the inscriptions. From the menu that appears, select Factory reset. To confirm, press the Home button. Exit this mode through the Reboot item or by long pressing the Power button. This method will not affect the internal memory.

Service code for hard reset

On Samsung phones, the service code to reset the settings on Android is * 2767 * 3855 #. Please note that each manufacturer has its own set of service codes for different cases. This method is relevant if the phone is turned on, but for some system reasons, the Power or Home buttons do not work. If they do not function after mechanical stress or damage, then the factory settings are unlikely to help “revive” the disabled buttons.Only in the case of system problems, this method will help. The reset will occur immediately after entering this combination, and the internal flash drive is formatted. With system codes it is better to be more careful. Their list is recommended to search only on the websites of official manufacturers, and not on the forums of amateurs.

Simple option

How to restore settings on "Android" after resetting the settings? This is a standard question for many users. resetting to android via computerData integrity should be considered before the reset. To this end, it is better to make a backup of the data using the Google account utilities or a USB cable and a computer. All devices with Android OS are tied to an account on the Google Market, so it is recommended to backup all necessary information to it. After entering personal information and connecting to the Internet, you can request data recovery to the device. This procedure is lengthy.

Those who do not use Google services, contacts and messages can be copied to a SIM card or to a PC in .vcf format. After resetting the settings to "Android", you can return the previously saved apk-applications through the computer. A very convenient program for such cases is Mobogenie.It helps to synchronize the phone with a PC, determines the OS version on its own, and offers many possibilities from downloading the appropriate versions of applications to getting root-rights and creating copies of information stored on the phone.

resetting to android samsung

The principle of its operation is similar to the Play Market, but it is more intuitive and easy to use.

Flashing phones

A large amount of information on the Internet is devoted to the topic of flashing operating systems of different devices. Ordinary users who do not understand such issues are better off skipping such articles, since resetting the settings to “Android” in such a fundamental way can lead to uncorrectable errors, and the warranty on devices in which the firmware has been changed does not apply.resetting settings on android blockedIf it is unsuccessful to reflash the phone and make the wrong system settings, then repairs can be costly, and in the most unpleasant situations, the phone becomes unusable. This question should be approached only with knowledge and in case of emergency, but it is best to take the device to a service center, where you can find the cause and eliminate the source of the malfunction.

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