Rest in Turkey: reviews, tips, recommendations and photos

Probably, there are not many countries in which the culture of the West and the East harmoniously coexists in combination with the velvety climate of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas.

vacation in turkey reviews

What is attractive about rest in Turkey? Reviews of tourists unanimously declare that the area of ​​rest here is thought out to the smallest detail. On the coasts of the seas there are excellent conditions for summer pastime. There are a lot of different hotels here. Highlands in Turkey is famous for its beautiful ski resorts. In addition to marine entertainment, tourists should pay attention to rest in the mountains Palandoken and Uludag. These places are equipped with dozens of hotel complexes and lifts. The constant influx of travelers from all over the world is an excellent proof that tourism is Turkey’s main horse. Probably, you too can later answer the question: "What is a holiday in Turkey? Are the reviews positive?" And the answer will be, we are sure, affirmative.

Holidays in Turkey. Prices. Reviews

First of all, decide on what system you plan to rest.If on your own, then get ready to spend about 4029 rubles on an air ticket (from Moscow to Turkey). The cost of living in hotels in this country varies from 840 to 3240 rubles per person per day. The most common and convenient way to relax is the tourist package with the service "all inclusive". It includes the cost of a return ticket, three meals a day and some types of entertainment. The price of such a voucher for one person is 18-24 thousand rubles, depending on the number of stars of the hotel and additional services.

It should be noted that prices in Turkey are quite reasonable, and everyone can rest according to their financial capabilities. Please note that in this country the Turkish Lira is considered the national currency. In recalculation, its value ranges from 17 to 20 Russian rubles (at the time of this writing). Experienced tourists are advised to still use the money in euros or dollars. For example, in Turkey, the cost of a cup of coffee is from 0.3 to 2.5 dollars, tea is from 0.2 to 2 dollars, and a modest lunch is 6-11 dollars. A short taxi ride will require a payment of 6-7 dollars. However, the cost of a night trip will be 2 times more expensive than the day.

What is it, the sea?

Of course, what a holiday without swimming in the sea? It is fairly clean and transparent in Turkey.In no case do industrial and domestic wastes merge into the deep of the sea. Hotel facilities here resemble entire cities! A large number of swimming pools and water parks attracts travelers to relax in Turkey. The tourist season opens in May, closing takes place in November. In addition to the sea holiday, women can plunge into the world of shopping and buy a lot of jewelry, souvenirs and fur items. For men, horseback riding, diving, playing golf. Younger tourists can enjoy the rest on a variety of sea slides and stop from delight during children's performances.

The best for children

There are few people who would not care about the topic: "Turkey. Holidays with children." Reviews experienced travelers advise those who are traveling to rest in this mode, choose a vacation spot with a sandy beach or with small pebbles. Log into the sea should be without sharp cliffs and large sharp stones.

Holidays in Turkey. Prices. Reviews

The most suitable regions in the resort of Turkey are considered to be Side, Belek, Alanya, Antalya, Kemer. If you are looking for the best option on the principle: "Turkey, holidays with children", - reviews call for choosing the hotel, which has a children's bed. The restaurant should have a menu for the child and a child seat.It is worthwhile to carefully consider how to entertain your child within the walls of the hotel. This may be the presence of a children's club, swimming pool and animation.

Parents should understand that, when going on holiday with a child, one should exclude from the list hotels in those cities where large youth discos work all night. After all, the healthy rest of the child is most important. Is not it? Therefore, carefully study the area and ask in advance: "Is a holiday in Turkey appropriate for a child?" Reviews should help you. Another important factor in choosing a place to stay in Turkey are discounts on child accommodation. Most often, children from 4 to 6 years old are in hotels for free. Significant discounts are available for teens from 13 to 15 years. It remains only to choose the most profitable option from a long list of comfortable hotels.

The most famous resort cities

Perhaps the most common holiday in the city of Kemer. Do you really want to know the answer to your question “What could be a holiday in Kemer (Turkey)”? Guest reviews are not long in coming. This is a wonderful recreation area for people of different ages. Their category includes children. They will be especially pleased with children's mini-clubs, interesting water parks. Here are the best pebble beaches, therapeutic climate. After all, the city is surrounded by mountains and pine forests.The air temperature here is softer than in other places of rest. It usually ranges from 32 to 35 degrees.

turkey holiday with children reviews

Resort hotels in this city are mainly focused on holidays with children from 5 to 13 years. In this place various excursions are perfectly organized. The beaches of the Mediterranean coast sprinkled with delicate golden sand. True, at the entrance to the sea there are large stones in some places. Therefore, parents should be cautious. In general, the weather is excellent. The air sometimes heats up to 38 degrees, but the refreshing sea does not allow tourists to feel the sultry heat.

Other cities

In the list of prestigious cities in Turkey - Belek. It is located in Antalya and is in great demand among couples. The highlight of this place of rest is that you can come to Belek even with a baby. All hotels in this city have blenders and microwaves. All restaurants, rooms are equipped with highchairs. On the territory of hotels there are a variety of playgrounds, swimming pools, animations and mini clubs. What is remarkable Belek? In general, Antalya is recognized as the most environmentally friendly region. Part of the coast is a conservation area.Here, sea turtles lay eggs, and sea urchins and poisonous jellyfish are rare in the sea bathing area. The best time to rest in this zone is at the end of August and the beginning of September.

Hotels in Turkey

Most of the time when choosing a place to stay and rest, we gave to those who go on holidays with children. And what to pay attention to young people and more mature vacationers? Young people, except for beach recreation and sightseeing, are interested in places where there is a good disco. These requests can satisfy hotels of Kemer and Antalya. On the territory of residence in these recreation areas are the brightest and most extensive discos, a huge water park. What else can avid vacationers answer to the question: “What is so special about vacation in Turkey?” Hotels! Reviews suggest that the hotel has a bicycle rental, tennis courts. Here you can do various water sports. For people of more mature age, to rest in peace, there are excellent services, ready to provide various types of massage.

Turkey in August

This month is the peak of "high season".Tours to Turkey during this period are the most popular and are marked by high prices. First of all, in August, lovers of beach holidays strive to get here. Hundreds of tourists fill the hotels in numerous resorts in Turkey. Many kilometers of beaches just crowded with newly arrived tourists.

holiday kemer turkey reviews

If you ask an experienced traveler what will make him happy in the summer, he will most likely exclaim: “Rest in Turkey! August! ”Reviews allow us to understand why it is this month that there are so many tourists here. This is explained by the fact that in August special climatic conditions are created, under which the air temperature reaches more than 40 degrees, but at the same time, the sea coolness softens the heat and prevents the person from feeling strong heat. At the same time, during this period, tourists can get the desired bronze tan. It is highly recommended for all vacationers to use anti-burn creams and oils, to wear hats. And also be selective in eating, avoid fatty foods.

Turkey in September

The most favorable time for rest in this country is autumn. Prices at this time of the year are falling, and the favorable climate allows tourists to have a wonderful rest in the cooler season.What can Turkey please travelers? Rest in September! Reviews about vacation time during this period are favorable. In the cities, the turmoil is finally ending, and the atmosphere itself is quieter. Climatic conditions are much milder and more relaxing.

Autumn excursions in Turkey are even better than summer ones. Indeed, at this time of year there is no such sultry heat. That is why in the period of September Turkey is especially in demand in the world of tourists. Everyone is trying to get into this fabulous country and enjoy the velvet season. In September, the temperature of the sea water reaches 35 degrees during the day, and in the evening it is 24. Therefore, those who wish can safely swim in the sea, even at night, without fear of a shudder. It is especially nice before coming to your autumn country to walk barefoot on the sea sand and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Turkey in October

If you want to get a delightful tan at this time of the year, you don’t have to pay a lot of money and go to Africa. Enough to visit Turkey to restore health and comfortable vacation. Perhaps there will be that person who will be surprised: “How, Turkey? Holiday in October? ”Reviews of desperate travelers should calm the doubters. A trip in October is most often chosen by married couples.The air temperature at this time usually reaches +25 degrees, the sun is very gentle.

vacation in turkey reviews of tourists

You can swim in the sea, but not in the evening. Do not be afraid that there will be nothing to do. Vacationers can gladly go on historical excursions. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with ancient monuments, to listen with mysterious legends with bated breath. Every traveler can visit the bath, then enjoy a relaxing massage.

All this in a complex has a beneficial effect not only on the body, but also on the human soul. And what a nice October day in Turkey to ride a car with the breeze or swim in the endless sea on a yacht! This can only be appreciated by real tourists.

They are willing to describe the rest in Turkey in October. Reviews tend to the fact that prices in this period are even more reduced than in September. Therefore, for those who are worried about their finances, October is the right time to rest in this country.

Turkey, rest in November. Reviews

This period is more suitable for those who prefer a measured rest. In November, the traveler, of course, is deprived of the opportunity to swim in the sea.There are brave souls who can plunge into the cool water, but there are few such tourists. The sun's rays are no longer warm, the rains are increasing, and the nights are rather cool. But do not be upset! If the vacation fell precisely in November, then Turkey will also take you with open arms during this period. This season, vacationers can see the measured life of local residents, to plunge into their culture and traditions. In November, the Turks celebrate Ataturk Day and the Feast of the Sacrifice. Magnificent feasts, mass celebrations will not leave indifferent any tourist. All vacationers can contemplate costumed performances, and even become participants in an interesting masquerade.

Winter resort

Is it possible to rest in Turkey in the winter? Guest reviews are unanimous that if your goal is skiing, golf and horse riding, then this trip will be a joy. And if you have the opportunity to visit the mineral springs, then the vacation will be completely healthy!

vacation in turkey hotels reviews

The most popular among the ski resort are Paladoken and Uludag. The ski season in these places usually opens from December 10 and closes on May 10. In Palandoken there are ski slopes for beginners and for professional skiers. They all comply strictly with international standards.For thrill-seekers, there is a steep descent on the back of the mountain. But because of the fog, for security reasons, it is not always open. In addition, in Palandoken there is a mass of other entertainment - fitness centers, discos, the famous Turkish baths, and a wonderful relaxing massage with a healing element.

General recommendations

So, this is your first time in Turkey. Pay special attention to national dishes. Food cooked using unfamiliar technology can damage your digestive tract for several days. Unusual food buy a small portion or even refrain from it.

Walking through the streets of Turkey, should maintain friendliness in relation to the locals. If, nevertheless, a conflict situation has arisen and you are offended, then call the number 179. You can be explained in your native Russian. Turkish authorities will understand your speech and come to the rescue. True, such situations are extremely rare.

turkey holiday november reviews

Know that if you came to rest in Turkey during Lent, this tradition will not affect your diet. In restaurants and cafes the menu will remain unchanged. However, it is not worth walking around in public places with shawarma and drinking it with seductive drinks.

Before leaving for Turkey, it is recommended to learn a few traditional words in Turkish: “hello”, “goodbye”, “yes”, “no”, “good”. By saying these words when buying something, you can get a substantial discount. Turks are sympathetic to those who are interested in their culture. The tourist, in turn, may be willing to share information on the topic: "Holidays in Turkey, prices." Feedback can be quite positive.

If you see locals in brightly pronounced Islamic clothing, then do not rush to photograph them. This situation can provoke a conflict. If your desire to capture is so great, then ask for permission. Most likely, a local resident will give way, and you will be able to share impressions with friends, touching on the topic: “Holidays in Turkey. Reviews, photos.

You may be surprised by a large number of portraits of Ataturk Mustafa. But one should not overly insist on questions about him. Enough to know that he is honored in the Islamic world. This Ataturk Mustafa helped the Turkish language to acquire the Latin script, and women have broad rights. Just treat it with understanding.

Unfortunately, Russian tourists often abuse alcohol, which is free in hotels. Therefore, you should always be moderate in respect of alcoholic beverages and maintain dignity in the eyes of the people of Turkey and their own.

When sending your child to the pool, be sure to monitor his actions. Rescuers and hotel staff in Turkey bear legal responsibility for the safety of children, but no one has canceled parental responsibility.

Do not be surprised that in each shop the seller can offer to wipe his hands with lemon cologne. Turks are quite clean people. In this country, even intercity buses wash twice a day. In Turkey, with great sympathy for small children. If a stranger approached your child with a desire to give a toy or sweets, refrain from angrily refusing his gifts. Even if you did not like the behavior of the Turk, answer him with a friendly smile and with gentle persistence continue on your way.

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