Russian traumatic pistol "Jorge"

Pistol JorgeKlimovsky Specialized Cartridge Factoryalready more than 8 years produces a traumatic pistol caliber 9 mm. Pistol "Jorge", reviews about which you can hear from fans of shooting, exists in 2 versions: all-metal with a steel frame and a gun with a polymer frame. The weight of the gun in the steel frame is 820 g, the second option is 20 g lighter. Weapons are issued shops of various capacities - for 13, 17 and 31 cartridges (the latter has the name "assault").

General information

Pistol "Jorge" uses as a strikingan element of a bullet made of rubber or plastic that does not allow him to cause fatal wounds. It can not be used on aircraft, hazardous facilities, chemical plants, nuclear power plants. But we must also mention that the pistol also has great endurance, continuing to work properly after immersion in water or mud. The gun due to a traumatic munition can produce quite serious bruises with a deepening into soft tissues, although it does not make penetrating wounds. Initially, the pistol "Jorge" was prepared as a civilian self-defense weapon. Nevertheless, in the future, the use of these weapons by special services, including other countries, is considered.

Pistol "Jorge": photo and description

Shutter rectangular shape of the U-shaped sectionhas a modern appearance and is easy to use. The design of the closure excludes the possibility of its engagement with clothing or holster during extraction. The pistol "Jorge" has features in the structure of sighting devices: for example, the fly is fixed with a pin on the bolt frame, which ensures that it can not be lost. The aim of the gun is smooth, an important point is that it can be adjusted in two directions - horizontally and vertically. The trigger has an edge that improves its grip with the finger of the shooter. The barrel is fixed by pressing the earring, placed in a frame.Pistol Jorge photo

Jorge 3M"- one of the modifications

The main changes of this pistol can be seenin its design, in the change of ergonomics of weapons, and the kinematics of its separate nodes are reworked. Also the manufacturer has seriously revised the materials for its manufacture. Now, as a basis for the production of the gun, stainless steel with a special surface finish is used. For the manufacture of plastic parts, imported plastics with 30% of long carbon fiber are used (these are impact-resistant plastics).Pistols Jorge reviewsThe Extended Length Fuse Flagchanged geometry. The button for removing the magazine has an increased size, which makes it more visible and convenient. Pistol "Jorge ZM" has an improved ejector. In this modification, it is made rotary on its own axis, which makes it impossible to lose it by firing powerful cartridges, improves the quality and smoothness of the operation of the weapons mechanisms. The chamber is made massive with the trunk.

Disassembly Procedure

  1. Press the button to remove the store.
  2. We remove the delay from the frame using the checkbox.
  3. Pull the bolt to its extreme position and lift its rear part, remove it from the frame.
  4. Separate the return spring with the guide axis (in the case of the Horhe 3M modification, they represent a single unit).

The principle of dismantling in the model "Jorge 3M" in comparison with other pistols of the Horhe line did not change.

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