Sadness of Mongolia

In general, it is amazing how a country that many centuries ago created the largest empire in the whole history of mankind, which inclined many powerful civilizations and forced to pay itself tribute, today looks so poor and poor.
Everything connected with the lives of people here is sad. Moreover, it repents not only a deaf province, but also the capital ...
Ulan Bator is also sad, as is the whole country as a whole, at least some here and here on Helika.
Maybe this is the lot of all the once powerful civilizations - first to be at the peak and rule the world, and then slide to the very bottom, soaking in the dirt, poverty and hopeless w ....?
Who knows ... But this is exactly what happened to Mongolia. See for yourself.
2. Mongolia - the 11th largest country in the world. But only 3.5 million people live here. 3 times less than living around the rest of the world !!! The Mongols are leaving their country for everyone who can.
There are only a few asphalt roads in the country. The rest is the most common primer.
Those roads that look the same as roads in any Russian village ...
3Near the border with Russia, even houses in villages look Russian ...
Traditionally, the Mongols live in yurts, roaming the steppe. But many in our time long ago settled in small towns and villages, located, as a rule, along asphalt roads. It is understandable, there is life at the road, not so much in the deep, endless steppe.
4. Most of the buildings that are found along the road look very neglected. Build built many years ago, and no one cares to look after.
Why are there to care, do not even repair. That collapse of the structure over time.
5. All these photos were taken in Sukhbaatar, a fairly large settlement near the Russian-Mongolian border.
And here everything is sheer sadness
6. The house of a wealthy person by local standards.
7. Shed .. Although it may be a residential house. There can be anything.
8. And this is just a residential house ... Well, what? After all - a roof over your head.
9. Convenience, as usual, in the yard.
10. Mongolian deli
11. Apartment building.
12. A typical Mongolian village. Half of the fences here are not around houses, but around yurts.
13. Most of the villages along the route are quite small - from several houses and one electric pole.
14. The Mongols are so accustomed to their yurts, that even houses are often built in the same style.
15.Mongol thinks ...
16. I noticed that in Mongolia there are practically no stray dogs and cats ...
17. But in Mongolia, amazingly photogenic children !!! I even wrote a separate post about them.
16. Such inscriptions can be found on every second house along the road. For sale. Everyone wants to sell their house or fence and go to a more prosperous country. They go mainly either to neighboring China or to Russia ...

17. But .... With all the poverty and misery, there are quite a lot of expensive cars in the country. And Hummers and brand new Land Cruiser 200, and Gelenvageny. Moreover, people often drive in them, half falling out of a fully open window. For everyone to see that he owns a cool car and what have you achieved?
18. But Mongolia is not rich in despondency alone. Endless steppes and stunning landscapes!
This is what attracts and will continue to attract thousands of travelers.
And I want to come back here again, but with completely different goals and a program.

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