Sergei Zhorin substitute Yevgeny Petrosyan

You have probably already heard that a young and audacious lawyer Sergey Zhorin will represent Evgeny Petrosyan in court. I will try to briefly explain why Yevgeny Petrosyan may be making one of the most serious mistakes in his life, trusting lawyer Sergey Zhorin.
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I have insider information that explains why Zorin Sergey’s lawyer career is close to sunset.
The second day, all the media are discussing the divorce of Evgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko - that the spouses will divide the property for a total of 1.5 billion rubles, acquired during 32 years of marriage. This means that all the media and talk shows for a very long time will disassemble the dirtiest lingerie in a family of humorists.
Elena Stepanenko’s lawyer, Elena Zabralova, will defend Elena Stepanenko’s interests, while Yevgeny Petrosyan chose Sergey Zorin as his defender. I will try to formulate why this could be a fatal mistake for him.
You probably wonderedwhence the "Sergey Zhorin phenomenon" suddenly appeared and why the young glamorous boy suddenly enjoys such popularity among very serious and influential clients, why are queues of show business stars, politicians and other non-media people with big money lined up for him. But Zhorin Sergey is not like a nerd who spent many years in the library of a law school, studying legal disciplines.
Sergey Zhorin will substitute Yevgeny Petrosyan Sergey, Zhorin, Zhorin, Sergey, maybe, why, life, Yevgeny, Petrosyan, very, Petrosyan, who, Eugene, suddenly, will be, such, Helen, career, time, for sure

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As a frequenter of secular parties, and in general, "life-killers" suddenly became the beacon of modern jurisprudence with a very good fee?
Someone will think that Sergey Zhorin is a good manager and has assembled a brilliant team that does all the work for him, but this is not so. Does anyone know at least one worthy lawyer in the team of Sergei Zhorin? I think very few people will be able to give at least one last name.
The secret is simple - Sergey Zhorin solved the most ordinary. The London dandy costume is a folding screen to throw dust into the eyes of the public. Sergei Zhorin is hired solely because of his connections, which are real decisions. And many of his clients know this, and therefore the price tag of Jorin Sergey sometimes goes off scale for 10,000 euros a day, and in his rider there can be, among other things, a private plane, an expensive hotel and other delights of luxurious life.This is if Sergey Zhorin is personally involved in the business.
But if the client is not so rich, then the fee may be at a discount, but at the same time, the team of Sergey Jorin is capable of leading up to 20 civil cases without much effort. There are cases when Sergey Zhorin works exclusively for the sake of "HYIP". In this connection, ill-wishers awarded him the nickname "HaypoZhorin", but more often Sergey Zhorin tries to combine the fee with a many-hour light in a box.
So, we come to the main point, there are persistent rumors that Sergey Zhorin’s luck is somehow connected with his inherent qualities: friendship, devotion and generosity. And who among you would have refused friendship with the chairman of the Moscow City Court, Egorova Olga Alexandrovna?
If anyone does not know, Egorova Olga Alexandrovna is a world woman and corefey of our judicial system.
All the same rumors say that in the very near future Olga Alexandrovna Egorova may go on a well-deserved rest, perhaps it will be some kind of honorable position, but without such a wide influence as now.
And after the departure of Egorova Olga Alexandrovna, the career of the young and audacious Sergey Zhorin, most likely, will decline.At first, someone will, by inertia, continue his relationship with Sergey Jorin, but sooner or later he will have to retrain as a media expert or just a blogger, for which he himself is already very actively preparing, trying to grab the most scandalous projects.
And then Zhorin Sergey turned up the story with Yevgeny Petrosyan, where Zhorin Sergey will certainly draw back in full, trying to delay the process hoping to jump into the last money-filled car of the honorary elder of Russian pop music Yevgeny Petrosyan and as long as possible stay in the media field trying to prolong his own career which inevitably moves to its finale.
Or did any of you seriously consider Sergei Zhorin a genius of modern jurisprudence?
I don't care who will win in the fight Yevgeny Petrosyan: Elena Stapanenko, but on the spot of Yevgeny Vaganovich Petrosyan, I would seriously think about changing the defender.
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