Signs that you do your own thing

16-02-2017, 09:27
"People rarely succeed if they are engaged in something that does not give them pleasure."
Since childhood, we are told that the most important thing is to find our own way, as if this is the simplest thing in the world. By the age of 25, many already understand what they would like to do all their lives, but doubts do not torment only rare of us.
We suggest checking your inner feelings with this seven-point list.
  1. You can practice your life at any time, under any circumstances, and with any well-being.
  2. You are immersed in the process of working instantly and permanently. Focusing on your favorite affair is like deep meditation. Time and everything that happens around ceases to matter.
  3. You have a constant need to strive for professional growth and gain new knowledge. You participate in discussions related to your favorite business.
  4. You share your experiences with other people for free.Your knowledge comes to you easily, so you are just as ready to share them. You are not disturbed by the idea that someone will become better than you, using your knowledge.
  5. You are open to everything new. Favorite business gives you a great boost of energy that you want and are willing to spend on exciting things. You are open to new acquaintances, travels and experiments.
  6. Money is not the determining factor for you. If you are fully immersed in the business of your life, then it is easy to spend a significant part of your money on it. And after a while, your favorite business brings you income with the same ease.
  7. You notice that the events you want begin to form themselves, and you just have to watch the successful coincidence of circumstances. New acquaintances, creative ideas as if they come into your life.
If you are still in search of your business, remember:
“You cannot take one huge step, which will immediately ensure you achieve the desired goal. For any desired goal is achieved through many small and quite ordinary steps. ” Peter Cohen.

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