Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - one of the most famous in the world of Siamese twins. They are a classic example of ishiopagi. These are cases where the pelvis, abdominal cavity and limbs of Siamese twins are simultaneously joined.

Biography of sisters

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy were born on January 4, 1950. They were born in Moscow. The Siamese twins initially had two heads, four arms and three legs. The spines of the sisters were connected at right angles. While still in the hospital, their mothers said that the children died from pneumonia, and they were taken from her.

sisters Krivoshlyapovy

For the first 7 years, the well-known Soviet physiologist Peter Anokhin studied the phenomenon of girls. He became famous for having created the theory of functional systems - a special model that describes the structure of human behavior. Studies were conducted on the basis of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.

After the girls were transferred to another research center that specialized in orthopedics and traumatology. The sisters were called Dasha and Masha.At the new place, we were seriously engaged in not only studying their phenomenon, but also helping them. They were taught to move with the help of crutches, they received an initial education.

Life under the microscope

For years, the sisters Krivoshlyapovy were objects to study a rare disease. A real achievement was when they finally learned to walk after many years of training. This was achieved only due to the fact that each of the sisters controlled their foot. It was decided to amputate the third leg. The physiologists came to this conclusion when the girls were in their teens.Dasha and Masha

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy could only move around with crutches. But even under these conditions, everything happened very slowly. Each step required incredible effort from them. Because of this, and also because of the heightened universal attention and curiosity of those around, the Siamese twins, Krivoshlyapov’s sisters, could not get a job. Yes, and education they received only primary. They had to live in retirement invalids.

It is worth noting that not all Siamese twins who find themselves in such a situation, had serious problems with movement.For example, the American sisters Hensel, who are still alive, move without any difficulty.

Own house

Dasha and Masha lived in various Soviet social institutions for people with disabilities for most of their lives. In total, they spent a total of almost four decades. Since 1964, lived in a boarding school for minors with motor problems, which was located in Novocherkassk.

Maria and Daria Krivoshlyapovy found their own home only in 1989, when they turned 39 years old. They remained to live together, despite the fact that domestic and foreign surgeons repeatedly offered them to perform a separation operation. However, they invariably refused. In the early 90s, at the suggestion of a French company, the sisters visited France. A trip to Paris was one of the most vivid impressions of their lives.

Personal life

It is worth noting that sisters are addicted to alcohol at the age of 14. They regularly began to drink alcohol after a trip to Germany in the early 90s. There they became heroes of the documentary. The sisters themselves admitted that they were struck by the attitude of others to them - respectful and interested.There were created conditions for them to feel like people. They did not point fingers and did not look intently at every step. Unlike Moscow, where a huge crowd instantly gathered behind their wheelchair.

siamese twins sisters krivoshlyapovy

Despite the health problems, they managed to have an intimate relationship with the men of Krivoshlyapov’s sister. Their personal life did not take shape. Find a person who would understand and accept them, it was almost impossible. Each story of their love is sad, Masha and Dasha themselves admitted, therefore they were reluctant to tell about them. Back in school, one of the teachers advised them not to even begin to think about boys when one of the sisters liked a classmate.

Different tempers

Being physically connected, the sisters were very different from each other in their spiritual development and character. Dasha was always more frivolous and loving. Masha, on the contrary, remained as calm as possible and, in a sense, even a passive person. At the same time, the doctors categorically forbade them to have sex, but nature took its toll. Ignoring the fact that each such experience can end in tragedy, they took risks.Careless movement or unexpected reaction of the organism could result in severe bleeding for the sisters.

Suicidal thoughts

Awareness of their desperate situation, life under a microscope, the constant attention of scientists and journalists adversely affected the psychological state of the heroines of our article. They were repeatedly visited thoughts of suicide.

Sisters Krivoshlapov funeral

Once such an idea came to Dasha in Germany, in which they ended up as if in a fairy tale. Polite treatment, delicate attention and at the same time feeling sad about the situation in which they found themselves. By chance, they lived at that time in a hotel on the 11th floor, and Dasha seriously offered Masha to jump off the roof to fix these beautiful days so that only they would remain in their memory.

Goodbye alcohol!

Over time, the sisters decided to encode, but for a long time they were not enough. A life without alcohol turned out to be a long and painful torture for them, as a result, they literally insisted that the doctors return everything back. A light dope from alcohol vapors allowed them to forget about life’s difficulties, their problems, which in the end turned out to be unresolved, at least temporarily.All attempts to give up alcohol did not lead to anything.

Parents of Krivoshlyapovs sisters

The father of the sisters was Mikhail Krivoshlyapov. He worked as a personal driver of one of the leaders of the Soviet state, Lavrenti Beria. When the girls were born, they were immediately decided not to give to their parents, but to study and investigate.

Mothers simply lied, saying that Dasha and Masha died from pneumonia. Then, however, they showed her twins, but they were not allowed to pick it up. Father was literally forced to sign documents about the death of his daughters. The party leadership insisted on this, which scientists convinced of the need to study this medical and social phenomenon. Mikhail Krivoshlyapov signed the death certificates and never again tried to find out anything about the fate of his children. He left the girls his surname, but in the column "Patronymic" put someone else's name. So the girls became Ivanovna. In the column "Father" in their questionnaires was a dash.

sisters Krivoshlyapovy biography

Mother Catherine, shortly after being shown girls, went to a psycho-neurological clinic. After spending two years there, she returned to normal life and began to look for her daughters, but to no avail.According to some journalists and biographers, she was again told that they had died. Domestic newspaper "Life" reported that the mother managed to find daughters when they were 35 years old. She visited them for several years, but then they themselves refused to see her. At the same time, the sisters Krivoshlyapovy told a different story.

Meeting with mother

Dasha and Masha were told that when they decided to visit their mother, they came to her house. However, the meeting was completely different from what they imagined. On the threshold they were met by a harsh and cold woman. For them, she was completely alien, did not show any feelings. The meeting took place already in the 90s. It turned out that Krivoshlyapovs father had died back in 1980. Right from the doorstep, the sisters were reproached for not trying to come to her earlier. At the same time, Siamese twins have long tried to learn about the fate of their parents. But for a long time they were told that they could not be contacted, or they were no longer alive. So, back in Soviet times, Dasha and Masha were told that their mother died during difficult childbirth.

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy personal life

Despite all this, they believed that they would meet someday. They managed to find the address when they were already over 30. On their 35th birthday, they gathered their courage and came to visit their family. The reception was as unfriendly as possible.It turned out that Catherine lives with two sons - Anatoly and Sergey. But to communicate with them also failed. Both abused alcohol heavily. Then the sisters had a version that their addiction to strong drinks could be hereditary in many ways. It was not possible to improve relations with relatives.

The mother of the Krivoshlyapovs' sisters died in the 90s and was buried next to her husband at the Khimki cemetery. Dasha and Masha were repeatedly going to visit the grave of their parents, but they never visited her.

Tragic end

At the end of the path of life, sisters increasingly began to have health problems. The sisters Krivoshlyapovy, whose biography was constantly in sight, eventually became addicted to alcohol. Doctors gave them an unequivocal diagnosis of pulmonary edema and cirrhosis of the liver.

Especially abused by strong drinks Maria. She struggled for several years with her addiction until in the spring of 2003, around midnight, she had a cardiac arrest. In the morning, Daria, a survivor, began to complain about poor health, she was promptly taken to the hospital. Soon the doctors stated her death.

maria and daria krivoshlyapovy

The doctors managed to establish why the Krivoshlyapovy sisters died. The cause of Mary's death is an acute heart attack.It is noteworthy that for Daria all this time she was not dead, but sound asleep. The girls had a common circulatory system, so Daria’s death was inevitable. She passed away after 17 hours. The cause of her death was the intoxication of the whole organism. It was terrible to realize that the end was inevitable, and literally in a few hours.

The sisters Krivoshlyapovy, whose funeral took place at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery, lived only 53 painful years. Although if this is not a long time for an ordinary person, then for a disabled person affected by this ailment, the age is very significant.

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Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 16

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 16

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 99

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 69

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 56

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 90

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 25

Sisters Krivoshlyapovy - Dasha and Masha: biography, personal life, cause of death 8