Six tips on how to put candles in church

The light of faith is symbolized by every candle lit in the temple. Its flame becomes not just the physical process of oxidation of the materials that make up the wick and wax — it contains Grace. On the day of Holy Passover, it acquires special properties and does not burn, but at other times its value is also great.

Why do you need to know

A person unchurched often seeks soul for consolation. But in those moments of life, when he experiences grief, he often gets embarrassed. He sometimes does not know how to put candles in church, and he is very shy about it. Unfortunately, in almost any church there is an overly zealous champion of the correctness of the to put candles in churchWith his comments, he can exacerbate the feeling of embarrassment experienced by those who come here infrequently. Talk about the sinfulness of such behavior is special, because this is how pride is manifested. Alas, it is usually difficult to re-educate such "guardians", but it is possible and necessary to advise new members on how to put candles in the church.

First tip - about clothes

In order not to provoke comments, you should dress appropriately.Women - to cover the head, close hands, the skirt should be below the knees. It is highly undesirable to use cosmetics. Requirements for men are less strict, but still extravagance should be avoided.

Tip two - how to enter the temple

To come to the temple, once such a decision has been made, it is better not when it is convenient, but before the service begins. Going into it, you should cross over three times, then buy candles. Now is the time to put them.

Third advice - for health or for peace?

put a candle in church

A. P. Chekhov has a funny story about an old woman who kept confusing for whom how to pray. To avoid this, it is better to think in advance how many candles will be needed. You can get by with two: one for the living, the other for the departed. Determining where to put candles in the church on each of these occasions is not difficult. The main forms of candlesticks are two - round and rectangular. In the first put candles for health, in the second - for the rest.

Fourth Council - How to Put Candles in a Church

There are no special rules strictly describing how to put a candle in the church does not exist. This can be done either the right or the left river. The main thing - do not rush.It is necessary to invest in this action faith, hope and love. If the candlestick is filled with sand, then everything is very simple. If it is metallic, then the bottom of the candle should be warmed down, pre-igniting it from a lamp or other, already burning, wicks. You can do this not only before the service, but also during it. It is necessary only not to interfere with the prayer to other parishioners.

where to put candles in church

Tip Five - in case the candle has nowhere to put

It happens, especially on the patronal festivals, that all the candlesticks are occupied. How to put candles in church in this case? In no case do not need to worry about this, and even more angry. The candle should just be put on the edge of the candlestick or near it. Other believers or servants will surely put it as soon as the place becomes free. It will only be glad that there are so many parishioners in the temple, and their faith is so strong.

Sixth Council - Do Like Everybody

This recommendation applies not only to how to put candles in the church, but in general, all behavior in the temple. Most of the parishioners, including the above-mentioned guardians for the purity of faith, do not have a theological education, and at best know only the basic provisions of the service.Therefore, in the event that a comment did follow, you should not be offended by it. It is best to thank such an enlightened person and express joy about the knowledge gained. It is such a reaction that characterizes those who have penetrated into the very essence of Orthodoxy.

God bless you!

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