Size 36: what is the size of the Russian parameters?

A variety of clothes and shoes from various manufacturers from around the world is one of the benefits of modern life. Only one minus is associated with this fact - the complete absence of a unified classification of measurements and sizes.

Manufacturers of clothing and footwear from different countries produce their products with tags, which indicate the size of their own systems. For example, 36 size clothes and jeans are things for completely different people. This variety of numbers and symbols must be well understood. Especially if you take into account the growing volume of purchases of clothes and shoes online, where there is no possibility of pre-fitting.

Show 36 size please

You will be pleased to show everything that you want, only you first need to clarify what you want to see, touch, try on? Size 36 is what size and for whom?36 size clothesAre these clothes? Children or women? Are these shoes? Do you need a french blouse? It is for miniature slender girls, it is the equivalent of 42 Russian size.If jeans, size 36 corresponds to the Russian size 52, it is for men or women "in the body."

In Mexico, too, has its 36 size, it applies only to men's jackets, they correspond to the Russian men's 52 size. In Brazil, too, has its own dimensional grid. In China, it is special because of the low growth of the average Chinese, so the letters and numbers indicating growth should be closely monitored.

Size 36 parameters: main measurements

Circles in three places are measured with a measuring tape. To find your size, the measurement results are compared with dimensional tables. Knowing the height in centimeters, you must measure the circumference (grapples) at three levels:

  1. Chest circumference. The tape must pass through the shoulder blades, armpits and the most prominent points in front.
  2. Girth of the abdomen in the waist. Measure the circumference at a level two fingers above the navel.
  3. Hip girth. Attach the tape to the hips at the height where they are the widest, to capture the area of ​​the buttocks.

These measures will help you correctly navigate in all sizes of women's and men's adult clothing. No one will tell you exactly what size is 36 in the Russian grid by foreign standards.Because the number 36 wanders in different dimensional tables with virtually no system. You can catch it only in the grid of European manufacturers: German, French and Italian companies.

First you need to find out how foreign dimensional grids correlate with the usual Russian volumes. European size 36, which is Russian? The easiest way to catch and understand this is the table:

Chest circumference (cm) less than 84 84 88 92 96 100
Waist circumference (cm) less than 66 66 70 74 78 82
Hip circumference (cm) less than 92 92 96 100 104 108
Russian sizes 40 42 44 46 48 50
International sizes XXS XS S M L XL
German net 32 34


38 40 42
French sizes 34 36 38 40 42 44
Italian sizes 36 38 40 42 44 46

The grids and principles of sizing vary in different countries and types of clothing. Several constants that you have full control do not change. These are your sizes. Even if they change (you lose weight or get better), you have a measuring tape in your hands, with the help of which you always make the necessary corrections. Your measurements will help you not to get lost in the sea of ​​centimeters and inches.

36 size clothes for men

The number 36 travels through men's tables, there are many similarities with female options.36 size is what Russian

Foreign size 36, what is the size of the Russian men's measurement system? Same answer: see Europeandimensions in accordance with the main measurements in the table. In German clothes, the size of the 36 Russian corresponds to the 50th. The French have it smaller, this is the Russian 48th. Italians sew men's clothing with a size of 36 for very slim men, in the Russian grid they have the 46th size.

And now 36 size clothes for children

And there are options. The required size is present in the children's and teen size grids. Child size 36, what size is it for girls or boys?36 size clothesThe most important parameter in children is growth (in adults, chest girth plays such a role). The sizes for boys and girls also differ: they grow and develop differently. So, 36 sizes of children's clothes correspond to:

  • Height - 140 cm.
  • Chest circumference - 72 cm.
  • The boys
    • Waist circumference - 63 cm.
    • Hip circumference - 76 cm.
  • Girls
    • Waist circumference - 62 cm.
    • Hip circumference - 82 cm.

Here are the standard parameters for children with proportional averaged figures. For full children, measurements should be taken individually.

Attention, action: jeans size 36, all brands

So seasonal discounts in departments and shops of jeans production can begin. Jeans with the figure W36 - the most common size, they sew and sell the most. Jeans - the only type of clothing where there is a single system of sizes.That's because jeans are purely cowboy clothes, she was invented and made on the spot. And where are the American measurements, everything is measured in inches. Denim sizes look like this: W36L30. W is the waist circumference, L is the length of the product, if measured from the inside along the seam.

jeans 36 sizeThe easiest way to find out the size of jeans is to deduct it from your Russian size 16. If you have 52 Russian, then you need to buy jeans of the 36th size (52 - 16 = 36). You can do the opposite: you like jeans size W36L28. We add 16, and it turns out that they fit 52 size, great. But you have missed the length of the leg L28, which corresponds to a very small height of 150 - 157 cm. In this case, you risk that your new jeans will be short for you.

Important! Almost all modern women's jeans are sewn from fabrics with the addition of lycra, as a result, they stretch perfectly. Therefore, when removing the measurements for jeans, the figures should be rounded down.

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