Merge girlfriend!

I never thought that someday I would praise the rapper's stupid pussy of some rapper, but here there are no options.
“I clearly knew that I wanted to be with my future husband, I understood that all my“ friends ”were temporary, I realized that I am bringing discord to our future family practically out of the blue, undermining the trust of the future husband and spending our common nerve cells,” - said Oksana Samoilova, the wife of performer Djigan.
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Let her go to the restaurant, yeah. Photo: Social Networks
“Weighed and subdued everything. Since then, we have been happy for ten years. No need to stand out, ”Oksana summarized her thought, and she is absolutely right.
No, I am definitely for the freedom of the individual. But it is the individual, not walking pussy. A pussy that has appropriate girlfriends, if already married, should sit on a chain.
If the pussy goes with the girlfriends, pussies to the restaurant, it is known what they will do there - they will get drunk and will go to the peasants. And besides, a decent wife does not hang around restaurants.
“In our family, under the strictest prohibition, the wife is walking, sitting in a restaurant by herself, with her friends. The option of a separate vacation is generally beyond our reality, ”Samoilova confessed, and here I want to especially praise Djigan.
Despite the fact that the singer looks like a fool, his values ​​are absolutely correct. Let go of the pussy on vacation alone - get a clap in the family. And the man competently and intelligibly explained to his woman that she had little choice - either take pussy from infections, or go out with friends.
Does it all look like a house builder?
I agree, but if it had not been for this “house-building” Dzhigan and Samoilov would have been divorced long ago, meeting occasionally in the skin dispensary. And so - a happy family, children, understanding and love.

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