Snack in Sochi

As I promised, I spread a detailed overview of how I had a snack at Sochi Park, this is the park in the Imereti lowland, where the Olympic Games took place 3.5 years ago.
Despite the fact that all the hotels are very crowded, almost no one in the park itself, all the guests at the festival of youth and students. And I, waiting for settlement, walked around and looked into the Dolce Cafe.
The building itself does not give the impression of a serious institution.
Whereas inside the atmosphere is pleasant and has. Placed at the window and began to study the menu.
Lemonade cucumber passion fruit for 180 rubles.
For me, it is quite adequate, besides delicious.
Salad - Caesar with chicken, more precisely with chicken, for 420 rubles.
He also liked, not ideal, of course, but not bad at all.
I wanted to take a mushroom cream soup, but it ended and I was recommended to try a tomato for 260 rubles.
I did not eat bread, and a little later you will understand why, and the soup was terrible — tomato paste and boiling water with olive oil — that’s the whole recipe for this soup.
Pasta - tagliatelle + carbonara for 370 rubles
Also a disastrous dish, probably just warmed up something that had long been digested (overexposed).
Also on the recommendation I took a pizza with a pear and Gorgonzola for 390 rubles.
Pizza was nothing, pear sliced ​​to the state of foil. In fact, this is just a dough, I did not feel the promised gorgonzola either.
And the biggest failure of the institution - almost all the dishes were brought at the same time, that’s really possible at intervals of "walk to the bar and come back."
Total for the price for the entire dinner - 1 620 rubles, which is quite budget, especially considering the location of the institution.
And following the diet of Theme Lebedev, I now also do not eat up.
And where do you eat when you come to resort places, what will life hacking be?
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