Soft book

Sew a soft tissue development book under the force of any mother. To create it requires minimal sewing skills, patience and time. The pleasure of the process is guaranteed - the mother, while she creates, and the baby, when he plays.
squares of cloth

We will determine the plots for the book and proceed to the blanks. The pages of the future book are 10 squares of fabric measuring 23 × 23 cm (with seam allowances).
Patterns made of cardboard

made from cardboard

Cover.We make patterns of letters from a cardboard (for this purpose boxes from a dairy mix will fit), we transfer to fabric. We remember about mirror reflection, we place letters not how on the letter. The height of the finished letter is 11 cm. We glue the letters on the cover with the help of non-woven fabric and process it in a zigzag.
Finished elements are placed on the fabric, but do not sew. We will do this when we collect them on 3-5 pages. This will facilitate the work, for example, if you need to attach appliqués on different pages with yellow threads.
Butterfly heat seal

Summer.The butterfly is a heat seal, to which the adhesive tape is sewn. Dragonfly - bulk sticker.

Fabric petals

Little flowerPetals of the same color, but different textures. The berry under the leaflet is a button.Mishutka on the helicopter - heat-seal adhesive tape.


Sun.Rays of ribbons are sewn to the sun in advance, on their tips are beads, knots. Two sticks with velcro, they are sewn separately, one rustles (cellophane inside), the second, thundercloud, rings due to the fishing bell sewn together with cotton. The white cloud is soft, beads are sewn to the upper cloud - raindrops.


Rain.Clouds and umbrella on non-woven fabric. For umbrella do patterns. Umbrella handle - drawstring. Mushroom soft - inside wool.
Felt bag

Sack with a surprise

A bag of felt.The word "surprise" embroider in advance. Inside - a toy or candy.

Herringbone with a surprise

in the shape of a circle


ready-made applique

Herringbone.Toys on a Christmas tree made of felt in the shape of a circle, a square and a triangle on the buttons, inside the tree is a monkey, a finished applique. Around - gifts. Unzip the buttons and see what's inside: an apple, balls, an orange, a smiley button.

Monthstuffed with cotton as it grows. 3 asterisk-buttons on the line, the ends of which are tightly tied behind the page, others are sewn.

Fish pond

PondThe bottom is organza tape sewn on the bottom edge. Seashells - buttons, small fish - thermo glue. Algae sewn over the top and bottom of the so that you can move them and see the starfish made of felt.Ribbons-waves are attached only to the left and to the right, the thermo-adhesive fish is sewn, the other small fish can be moved along the ribbon.
The window on the sewing hook

the window is open

Windowon a sewing hook, an appliqué cut out of finished fabric.
Sew the pages

Sew the pages. We take two pages, retreat 1 cm from the edge, marking the future line with chalk.
the book will be on the eyelets

Our book will be on the eyelets, the length of the eyelets will be 6 cm, the distance from the top edge will be 4 cm, from the bottom one - 8 cm.
fasten a book buckle

clasp carabiner

In addition to the eyelets, we do not forget to attach a book fastener - a carbine to the cover and the last page.
turn out

we put a piece of padding polyester

We do not spend the lower part of the page, we turn it out, we put in a piece of synthetic winterizer of size 20 × 20, we sew it up with a zigzag. All! The page is ready.
we sew up a zigzag


soft book

We connect the finished pages with the help of a fancy ribbon. All! A wonderful gift for the baby is ready!

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