"Sophie de Marco" - give yourself affordable luxury!

The time of sleep is the most valuable and loved by many. Everyone wants to equip their bedroom so that it is comfortable and convenient. A soft bed needs a chic and high-quality vestment. "Sophie de Marco" will help to translate any dream into reality. This company produces luxury bedding class premium and middle class. Plaids, bedspreads, bedding - all products pleases the eye and wallet. The highest quality combined with exquisite design gives bliss!

Quality control

The "Sophie de Marco" brand has proven itselfmarket as the best combination of quality, price and design ideas. Immediately feel the Italian style. Everyone can find something to their liking. There are bright, conspicuous colors, but the restrained classics are also inherent in these sets. Calm colors and a moderate ornament, huge flowers and juicy tones - all for a great mood and peace of mind.

Sophie De Marco

The "Sophie de Marco" linen is produced on the newestEuropean equipment. Fabrics are only natural, cotton. Finished products undergo strict quality control. Experts carefully check each batch in the laboratory. Are the dyes stable? Does the fabric sit down when washing? In order to give accurate answers to these questions, the products and undergoes a laboratory test. Only after that, beautiful bed linens and bedspreads fall on the shelves of branded shops.

Minor details

Products "Sophie de Marco" has no competitors andanalogues. After all, each product is thought through to the smallest detail. For convenience, duvet covers and pillow cases have comfortable durable zippers. This facilitates the change of clothes and fixes it well, without causing inconvenience during operation. The tight edging sewn along the perimeter of the product gives it a density and prevents deformation. In addition, it performs a decorative function.

Top quality fabrics can be exposednumerous washings - they do not lose color and do not rumple, which makes it easier for housewives to iron. Air perfectly circulates through the smallest fibers of a fabric, therefore any humidity and a dyscomfort during a dream will not arise. Allergic reactions to dyes are also excluded, since they consist of natural components.

Sophie De Marco's underwear

For every taste

The manufacturer "Sophie de Marco" took care of evenmost demanding consumers. Bed linen is produced from different fabrics: satin, jacquard, cotton, makosatina. Each of them has its advantages.

  • Jacquard - the weave of cotton, silk andsynthetic thread gives an amazing result. The fabric turns out to be embossed, dense and extraordinarily beautiful. Such sets look luxurious, as if designed for kings. The collections are dominated by pastel colors, silk ribbons with embroidery, classical drawing.
  • Satin is a special interlacing of bamboo fiber andthe thinnest cotton threads. Silky shine and beckons to touch the product. And from the number of colors, eyes just run up. Dense, but at the same time, gentle tissue will last for more than one year.
  • Makosatin is an innovation in its field. A special satin weave of cotton yarns of high quality gives a truly wonderful fabric, which is most often painted with a 3D drawing. Exclusive prints are inherent only in "Sophie De Marco". Bed linen of this quality can be presented as a gift.


It can be said that Chinese manufacturers andItalian designers together created a real miracle. This duo produces quality textile products for many years. After all, in many countries people enjoy using the products of "Sophie de Marco".

Bed linen has a super strongendurance, thanks to a dense weave of threads. It does not slip, does not lose color when washing, is stable to static electricity, does not crumple and does not stick to the body. Be sure to pamper yourself with such a chic set.

Sophie De Marco Bed and Breakfast

Gentle care

Any expensive and good thing should be protected and properly used. So are things with the bed linen "Sophie de Marco":

  1. At the first wash, the manufacturer recommends using cool water. In the future, color sets are erased at a temperature of forty degrees without addition of bleach.
  2. Dry clothes should be in the unfolded form, gently straightening the folds. Then you will not have to iron it.
  3. It is not necessary to use aggressive means for washing - a usual powder and the conditioner for linen will be quite enough.

Warmth and comfort

No less remarkable happened at "Sophie deMarco "veil. These products are so soft and pleasant to touch. And the color scheme will satisfy even the most picky shoppers. The bedspreads were manufactured using special technologies from top quality yarn. They, like bed linens, do not lose color and shape after washing. Bedspreads of cotton yarn are environmentally friendly and very soft. It is an ideal material for the production of such products.

Sophie De Marco covered

"Sophie de Marco" produces blankets of various sizes. There are kits with pillow cases, which is very convenient. They will give the interior a special comfort.

For fans of something unusual, too, is storedsurprise. On sale there are fluffy veilsoft fabric covers. They perfectly withstand machine washing, they do not lose their elegant appearance and form. Give yourself the warmth and the moment of enjoying a cup of hot tea under the soft blanket "Sophie de Marco"!

Sophie De Marco bed linen

Cotton bedspreads will perfectly fit in the interiorany bedroom. The variety of colors is amazing.

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