Stolen beauty

Any face can be repulsive. Even young and with impeccable features. I will say more: I have seen repellent children's faces.
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What makes the face - even the most pleasant of nature - repulsive?
Two things: bad teeth and bad skin.
A man of mediocre appearance, but with white teeth and clear skin, is more attractive than pimply and yellow-toothed people, whom nature has awarded with idealism of features.
Today let's talk about the skin. More precisely - about the black points on it.
Black dots are not as striking as red, inflamed acne, but, like acne, they create a feeling of impure skin. A person whose nose is covered with black dots looks uncleaned, even if there are glasses on the cost of an inexpensive car.
To the person on whom black points are scattered, it would not be desirable to touch. Such a person does not want to kiss and see next to him on the next pillow.
Unclean skin covers all other advantages of appearance.
If you have acne or black spots, then you automatically fall into the group of sexually unattractive people.
How to get rid of black dots?
First, in no case squeeze them. Pressing your nose at home, you only expand the pores, in which in a few days new acne is formed. And these eels will be more.
So for 5 years of regular extrusions, you will significantly enlarge your pores.
Secondly, you should not powder black points.
Black dots are formed due to increased sebum production. Mixing this fat with powder, you just add the growth of acne.
My good advice to you: try diamond skin microdermabrasion.
In my opinion, this is one of the most effective ways to eliminate black dots.
Now this salon procedure can be carried out at home. What is needed for this?
Just one device: NDCG Peeling Pro.
I don't even want to call this thing a device. This is the whole couch of a beautician with golden hands at your home.
Whatever skin problem you face — from black spots to wrinkles — diamond microdermabrasion of the skin is a method worth trying.
And this whole method is in one device, which I with great pleasure and with all my heart recommend to you! And here on the promo code MIRO there will be a discount of 1,500 rubles.

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