Stretch ceiling in the kitchen: customer reviews. What is the best stretch ceiling in the kitchen?

For those who appreciate practicality and beauty, the perfect solution in the decoration will use a stretch ceiling in the kitchen. Reviews of the owners are impressive - these ceilings are durable, do not require complex maintenance, and they are also quickly installed. And this is not all the benefits.

suspended ceiling kitchen reviews

In this article you will learn all the advantages and disadvantages, features of operation, color effects, types, in general, all the possible features that are faced when choosing to determine exactly which is better to buy a suspended ceiling in the kitchen.

Customer Reviews

You may have questions and doubts about whether to install a suspended ceiling in the kitchen. Customer reviews on this subject are completely different. And this is normal, because there are no like-minded people. For example, someone prefers the modern style, and someone - the classic.

The same with ceilings.For some, suspended ceilings - it is very comfortable and stylish, while others are afraid of them, because, in their opinion, there is a need to constantly beware of sharp objects and open fire. For some people, the installation of stretch ceilings is a waste of money, because sooner or later soot cannot be avoided, but it is convenient for someone to cover the flaws of the ceiling with their help.

But everyone agrees that the design of the kitchen, where the stretch ceilings are installed, really makes a stunning impression. And if you read the negative reviews, it becomes clear: who is not very happy with the fact that he installed the stretch ceilings in the kitchen, he encounters disadvantages in this type of decoration either because of improper installation or because of the wrong material.

Pluses stretch ceilings in the kitchen

In general, judging by the numerous reviews, they do not possess the disadvantages attributed to stretch ceilings in the kitchen. But their advantages are undeniable:

- Appearance. No coating can boast a variety of design and impeccably smooth and smooth surface, with the exception of suspended ceilings. In this, he definitely has no equal. The combination with any interior, a selection of levels and colors - these are undoubtedly the main advantages of this design.

suspended ceiling in the small kitchen

- Environmental Safety.One more indisputable advantage. Stretch ceilings are certified. At their production all standards of environmental friendliness and quality are considered. They do not emit harmful substances hazardous to human health. Proof of this is the fact that stretch ceilings are installed in institutions controlled by special bodies, such as kindergartens, clinics, schools.

- Practicality. It is no secret that the standard whitewashed ceilings in the kitchen absorb all the fats and fumes that are produced when cooking, especially when the hood is not so powerful or not at all. Accordingly, the ceilings turn yellow, losing their original whiteness and beauty. With timely and minor care stretch ceilings will last for decades, maintaining its original appearance.

- Durability. No ceiling can boast a durable service. Stretch ceilings will last about 15-20 years, and this is undoubtedly a high result.

- Ability to change the design. If you suddenly get bored with the color of the ceiling, the structure and anything else, you can easily replace the stretched canvas.It will take a minimum of time, you will not need to take out the furniture from the kitchen to make these manipulations.

installation of stretch ceilings

- External factors. Such factors as temperature and humidity fluctuations are peculiar to the kitchen. However, stretch ceilings to them are absolutely unresponsive. Condensation and dust settling can be avoided.

- Care. Smells. The material from which the fabric is made is resistant to any odors. And this is an important feature for such a room as a kitchen. Remove any dirt from the ceiling is very simple and does not require much effort.

- Durability. PVC canvases can withstand up to one hundred liters of water. Therefore, if suddenly there is a nuisance in the form of flooding by neighbors, water will not penetrate into the kitchen, but will gather on the canvas.

What material to make stretch ceilings in the kitchen?

Photos of various materials you can provide in any company engaged in the installation of suspended ceilings. But it should be remembered that the material for the canvas should be chosen, not only focusing on the appearance, but also knowing some subtleties and features in operation.

what better stretch ceiling in the kitchen

Fabric cloths

For example, it is better not to use a fabric for the kitchen if you want your ceiling to be reliable and durable.And it is worth noting that the advantages that were described above, still more relate to PVC linens, rather than to fabric. And no matter how beautiful the fabric stretch ceilings looked on the photo, it is better to refuse to install them. There are a number of reasons for this - they quickly absorb odors, it is very difficult to remove impurities from them, and in the event of a flood they will definitely not save.

PVC canvases

An excellent choice would be PVC ceiling in the kitchen, in particular, glossy. This is especially true in small kitchens. After all, the glossy stretch ceiling in a small kitchen visually increases the space, which is another undoubted advantage. But there is one thing: these ceilings reflect the light, and this often distracts attention, so an alternative is a matte PVC ceiling. No less worthy and satin ceilings. They, like glossy, reflect light, but to a much lesser extent.

How many levels to do on the ceiling of the kitchen?

Stretch ceilings in the kitchen can be fulfilled as one-level or two-level - this is a purely personal desire of everyone. But still it is worth noting that in small and low kitchens it is better to use one level in order not to visually reduce the space.

stretch two-level ceilings in the kitchen

Although, indisputably, in large rooms stretch two-level ceilings in the kitchen look much more beautiful and spectacular than their single-level counterparts.

What color stretch ceiling in the kitchen is better to choose?

When you decide on the material from which the ceiling will be made, you will be faced with the choice of colors. Thanks to the color of any room, you can make a cozy and warm or formal and strict look. Bright colors are ideal for kitchen rooms - they raise your spirits, increase your appetite and improve digestion. Calm colors are more suitable for a bedroom than for a kitchen.

But there are some nuances here. It is important that the colors are in harmony with the overall interior. In addition, if you combine more than three bright colors in one room, this will visually reduce the area. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions. For smaller kitchens, using lighter colors will be the best solution.

what better stretch ceiling in the kitchen

And do not forget about a win-win option - this is a classic white ceiling. And if you choose white in combination with bright juicy colors, your kitchen will look charming.

A little about the lamps

Given the fact that the kitchen should be full lighting, the lamps should be discussed separately.

Those who have already installed a suspended ceiling in the kitchen, reviews about the lighting leave ambiguous. Someone is impressed by a slightly darkened setting, and someone likes to be in a bright, well-lit room.

But there are uniform medical standards that should be taken into account. The following lighting is assumed for one square meter of kitchen: incandescent lamp - 12-40 W, halogen - 30-35 W, daylight - 8-10 W.

Care for stretch ceilings

Today, there is a huge selection of suspended ceilings impregnated with special substances. It repels debris and dust particles from the material. If you decide to purchase just such a ceiling, then you can hardly think about taking care of it. It will be enough if a couple of times a year lightly wipe the dust with a napkin. This, of course, is wonderful, but you should not lose sight of the fact that the treated stretch ceiling in the kitchen, reviews of which are laudatory, costs much more than other options.

color stretch ceiling in the kitchen

For example, in order to care for standard stretch PVC ceilings, you also will not need to make any special efforts.It will be enough that from time to time you will wipe the surface with a soft sponge, dipping it into the soap solution. After that, it will remain only to wash all the soap with plain water using a napkin.

And an important point that should not be neglected. Never use various kinds of brushes and scrapers to clean the stretch ceiling - this is fraught with damages to the web and scratches.

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