Stretch ceiling: repair and types of damage

For quite a long time are constant companions of expensive repairs in the apartment. They are no longer just beautiful and aesthetic and do not require special care. Such ceiling coverings are an indicator of status and wealth.suspended ceiling repair

But there are times when the ceiling tension gets damaged. Repair it depends on the degree of damage.

Strengths of stretch ceilings

The advantages of these designs are many:

  • easy installation - made within a few hours;
  • moisture resistance - perfectly tolerate damp rooms;
  • decorative - beautiful, aesthetic, attractive;
  • concealment of structures - the installation technology allows to arrange electrical, engineering networks and insulation;
  • easy maintenance - the ceiling can be washed in case of pollution;
  • dust-repellent properties - no need to wipe and vacuum;
  • the choice of types and types - acoustic, matte and glossy, suture and seamless, color and monochromatic, with or without a pattern.

When does the ceiling need repair?

repair of stretch ceilings

In addition to the advantages of these coatings have a drawback - they are subject to damage that requires repair of stretch ceilings. Depending on what damage is done, you can either call the master, or repair the coating yourself. There are also options to either dismantle the ceiling completely, or make repairs without removing the cover.

The types of damage that require repair of the stretch ceiling:

  • cut with a sharp object;
  • marriage due to the fault of the plant;
  • the ceiling is slack;
  • poor installation;
  • exposure to water when flooded.

Call master

Due to the fault of the manufacturer in the seam designs, the seams may diverge, the film may crack. In this case, you will have to repair the suspended ceilings by completely replacing the web.

As a result of exposure to low temperatures, the film of the ceiling may crystallize, and it will collapse. It also requires a complete replacement.

Ceiling covers may sag. There are several reasons for this: poor installation, high temperature in the room, exposure to time. To eliminate sagging, it is enough to call the wizard, who will eliminate this defect with a special tool.

Poor installation may cause the baguette with the film to come off the wall along with the fixings. In this case, you will also have to use the services of a specialist who will adjust the stretch ceiling. Repairsin this case will be to install additional spacers and profile.

Repair after flooding

Restoration of stretch ceilings depends on the type of coating that was flooded. If a cloth-based (for example, acoustical) cloth has been subjected to flooding, then it will leak the liquid and become strongly saturated with it. At the same time, after complete drying on the canvas such stains and stains will remain. In this case, you can try to lightly wash it with a brush, but there is a risk of mechanically spoiling the coating. Some creative repairmen hide these flaws with painting.stretch ceiling repair cut

The situation is somewhat better if a film stretch ceiling is installed. Repair it is carried out easier due to the lack of need for complete dismantling. PVC ceilings keep cold water well. After such flooding, they look like a balloon filled with water. But from the effects of boiling water coating can stretch or burst.

If all the work done neatly and correctly, the suspended ceiling after the repair will take the original look.

In order to drain water from a water bubble, it is necessary:

  • turn off the power;
  • dismantle the built-in ceiling element (lamp, hood, lamp), freeing the hole;
  • Substitute a wide dish (bowl or bucket);
  • from a water bubble in small portions to drive water into the container through the opening, moving it over the film with your hands;
  • after complete removal of water, give the coating to dry completely. To speed up the process, several more removable parts of the ceiling can be removed to increase the number of ventilation holes;
  • when the coating is completely dry, the ceiling elements return to their places.

Stretch ceiling repair: cut

Such a defect may occur when moving high furniture with sharp corners or careless handling of sharp objects.suspended ceiling after repair

It is easy to repair this damage if it is small and located no more than twenty centimeters from the wall. In the event of a puncture, the damaged area is simply treated with glue. At the same time, it is necessary to do repairs carefully so that the incision does not increase in size and does not have to completely change the canvas.

For large cuts or cracks, as well as if they are located far from the wall, you will have to call the master and completely replace the suspended ceiling. Repair yourself in this case is impossible.

If the cut is small, then it can be sewn with nylon thread with a thin seam. On a matte surface, such an operation will be completely unnoticeable, but on a glossy one will have to disguise something (appliqué, false elements).

If the cut is of medium size, it is possible to install a false-lamp or a decorative ventilation grille at this place.

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