Superhero costume: buy or make yourself?

Is your baby fidget? Worn all day and demands a superhero costume from you? Or, maybe, they told you in kindergarten that there would be a matinee, and you urgently need a suit? Where is it to get, how to do it or can you get by with just the imagination of a child?

superhero costume


Let's start with the most unpleasant topic for all parents. No, of course, most are ready for everything for their children, but the question of money always becomes acute when they have to be spent on some nonsense. If you were called to a meeting at a school / kindergarten and were told that there would be a matinee, and your child stated that he was a superhero, it’s better not to do a suit with your own hands, even if you are a fifth-level seamstress. Why? Yes, all for the same reason that you go to fast food eating hamburger, and not make it at home. Things made in factories differ in their own glossiness and presentability. It is better to fork out and buy a child a superhero costume in a store, than to hear about the fact that "Igor had a better suit." So you do not hurt the child, and in front of others will not be ashamed.

superhero costume do it yourself


Before you make a superhero costume, let's find out its main attributes. Any comic or movie character has distinctive, recognizable signs by which you can recognize them. If your child asks you to make him any superhero costume, then your hands are untied and you can create. But the case is much more complicated if a particular character is required of you. So, what distinguishes any hero?

  1. Most of them have tight diving suits. Where to get this is probably clear?
  2. Mask.
  3. Cloak.
  4. Unique weapon.

Understandably, not everyone can go to a tourist shop and buy such a costume for a child, but it’s quite possible to show imagination about other heroic elements and attributes.

how to make a superhero costume

What to do?

Requests of children are very different. Therefore, for each you need a separate approach, and start creating a superhero costume with your own hands should be done in stages. Slightly above, we considered the most necessary parts of a heroic costume. Let's look at them in order.

  1. Mask. Why is she the first? One of the most popular traits of any hero is mystery. They help people, while remaining unknown to the world ...Well, for mom - this is the most economical, cheap and simple element of the costume. Depending on the desires of the child, we take a piece of fabric of the appropriate color, try on the head, make holes for the eyes and nose - and here we are no longer Vanya, but the people's avenger, Zorro.
  2. Cloak. It is made as simple and banal as the previous element of the costume. Does your child take the sheet off the bed and wear it around the house? Find out who he represents, measure the growth of the child and go to the fabric store. Buy the cheapest of the right color and give it to the child for everlasting use.
  3. Weapon Here dad must come into the business. Especially if his hands grow from the right place. Swords, bows, hammers - everything can be cut out with a knife from an ordinary stick ... Well, or buy it in a store. The benefit of Chinese plastic toys are now not so expensive.

The finished version, though not a rival to the factory brothers, but may well satisfy your child. The main thing to remember is that if you are asked to buy something "heroic", in any case, do not refuse, promising to make the object yourself. Most likely, the result will be deplorable, and you only offend your son.

superhero costume do it yourself

Just for fun

If you do not have the opportunity to buy the necessary materials to make a superhero costume, you can always try to convince your child that you can be a hero without a costume. Here are a couple of examples.

  1. Everyone knows the advertisement "Mr. Muskul". A guy in tights and a white T-shirt that polishes the house completely. All that remains for you is to convince the child that the heroic act is not to swing the sword and rush around the apartment, but to help your mother with cleaning. Give an example. The main thing is to maintain contact with the child, turn everything into a game and play along with it so that it is not boring.
  2. For girls, the Cinderella version is suitable. You can convince the girl that a little work, she will become a princess. There is no need to promise to buy a new dress, but it is imperative that you show respect and affection for helping your daughter.

Remember, the key to your child’s heart is not in the pile of gifts and purchases, but in how you communicate and interact with it. How much attention you pay to your child and how well you are able to convey your thoughts and ideas to him.

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