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Sylvester Stallone is an actor who made an invaluable contribution to Hollywood cinema of the 70s and 80s. On the account of the hero of cult fighters - more than 50 films, including six about the boxer "Rocky" and four about the fearless soldier "Rambo", who made Stallone the idol of more than one generation.
Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone
Among other outstanding works of the actor: Lieutenant Tango (“Tango and Cash”), Judge Dredd from the same-name action movie, Angelo from the comedy “Oscar”, Gabe from the drama “Skalolaz”, Sergeant Spartan (“Destroyer”). We have no doubt that Stallone fans will be able to continue this list for a very long time.

Childhood and family

Sylvester was born on June 6, 1946, on the same day as George W. Bush. But, in contrast to the childhood of the future president of the United States, his young years were not at all joyful.
Children's photo of Sylvester StalloneChildren's photo of Sylvester Stallone
The pedigree of the future actor is rather confused. His mother, Jacqueline Leibofish, was born into the family of the successful Washington attorney John Labofish, whose Jewish ancestors emigrated to Odessa from Odessa at the end of the 19th century, and the Frenchwoman Jeanne Clerek.Jackie owned a beauty salon and was fond of astrology.
Stallone with parentsStallone with parents
It is not known what made the girl, who grew up in prosperity, connect life in 1945 with the extremely irritable Sicilian Frank Stallone, whose family moved to the USA in 1932 He owned a small network of hairdressers, and at his leisure was fond of polo: he played himself and loved to watch matches from the stands. Frank had a bad temper, did not miss a single skirt, he loved to drink. He mercilessly beat his horses, did not avoid his heavy hands and households.
How did Sylvester Stallone change (from 7 to 70)
Sylvester was the first fruit of this union. During childbirth, Jacqueline started having complications, midwives had to use forceps. A common medical mistake of those times - the instrument pressed the nerve, the left half of Sylvester's face remained paralyzed for life.
Men of the Stallone family: Sylvester, his brother, eldest son and fatherMen of the Stallone family: Sylvester, his brother, eldest son and father
In 1956, Jacqueline, tired of her husband's constant debauches, filed for divorce. 9-year-old Sylvester and his younger brother Frank remained to live with her. Their gap, as well as frail physique and birth trauma, seriously affected the character of Sly.Classmates did not like this lisping and arrogant little snipe and predicted his death in the electric chair, he answered them in return. At the age of 15, he ended up at the Charlotte Hall Military Academy for difficult teenagers diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.
In his youth, Stallone was still a rebelIn his youth, Stallone was still a rebel
Having matured a bit, he almost registered in the gym, and soon the guys from the school did not dare to mock him. At age 16, he finished all the exams, and his mother put him in her beauty salon. After receiving a certificate in the end, he entered Miami-Dade College.

Carier start

By the end of college, he was determined to become an actor. He managed to get a tiny role in the sports drama "Downhill" with Robert Redford (the man sitting behind the table of the main characters). Other attempts to get on the screen were not crowned with success; he earned his bread by a janitor, a bouncer in a restaurant, and even a cell cleaner in a zoo.
Stallone's first appearance on the screen
Sylvester Stallone's film career began ... with pornoeriki. In 1970, he won the main male role in the film “Italian Stallion” (originally “The Party at Kitty and Stud's”).Shortly before Sylvester was kicked out on the street for the delay in rent, he slept for three weeks at the New York bus station. “Then I didn’t care if I played a movie or robbed someone,” the actor recalled. For shooting in the film He was promised 200 dollars.
Shot from the film “Italian stallion”Shot from the film “Italian stallion”
In 1970, he also appeared in the film “Nowhere to Hide” (“Rebel”). Then there were episodic appearances in Woody Allen's “Bananas” (a thief on the subway), the movie “Klyut” (a dancer in a club), “A prisoner of second avenue” (a guy suspected of pickpocketing), and small roles in the TV series “Police Story And Kodjak. In 1971, he took part in the theatrical erotic production of “Score” (“Score”), which was demonstrated in 23 theaters of the Big Apple.
Young stalloneYoung stallone


On March 24, 1975, Sly went to fight Mohammed Ali and the little-known boxer Chuck Wepner. Returning home in the evening, he did not go out for the next 92 hours. It took him so much to write a film about a never giving up boxer. Subsequently, Stallone denied that the creation of the story that made him known to the whole world was inspired by the loss of Chuck Wepner - unlike Rocky, Chuck lay down in the 15th round and lost.
"Rocky" - the cult film that made Stallone a legend"Rocky" - the cult film that made Stallone a legend
He tried to sell the script to the film studio, where he was offered to buy it back for $ 350,000, an amount serious at that time. With one condition - the main role was to be played by Ryan O'Neill, Bert Reynolds or Robert Redford. After long negotiations, the producers agreed that Rocky should become Stallone himself - for this, the actor agreed to cut the budget tape.
Shot from the first "Rocky"Shot from the first "Rocky"
The shooting was hard, because the actor had to reincarnate as a professional boxer. He beat on ice meat, knocking knuckles into the blood, ran tens of kilometers every day, learned to take a punch. He even had to say goodbye to cigarettes forever, because due to shortness of breath he could not hold out for five minutes in the ring.
The meat was real, Stallone worked without a backup
The success of the film, shot in just 4 weeks, was overwhelming. He was nominated for an Oscar 10 times, 3 of which he received, including an award for the Best Film nomination. In the rental picture collected more than 220 million dollars.
Subsequently, 4 more parts of “Rocky” saw the light: in 1979, 1982, 1985 and 1990. Despite the similar plot, all the films about Rocky invariably met a warm response from the audience.During this time, Rocky Balboa met in the ring with the characters of Carl Weathers, Dolph Lundgren, Mr. T and Thomas Morrison.
Legendary photo: Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce WillisLegendary photo: Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis
In 2006, Stallone returned to his legendary character in the movie "Rocky Balboa." Already an old, long retired boxer forced to fight with the new heavyweight champion. And in 2015, the Rocky series of films continued (“Creed: The Rocky Legacy”), but this time the son of Balboa’s Apollo Creed’s longtime rival Adonis became the central figure in the story.


Almost simultaneously in the third “Rocky” the premiere of the tape “Rambo: First Blood” took place. It was no longer an inspiring sports drama, but a bloody action movie, where Stallone appeared before the audience in the form of a veteran of the Vietnam War who was obsessed with revenge, an expert on weapons, who was killing opponents right and left. The film was incredibly popular even in the USSR, and the name Rambo became a household name.
Sylvester Stallone as RamboSylvester Stallone as Rambo
Interestingly, several high-level actors were invited to play Rambo. So, the likely candidate was Al Pacino, who planned to turn Rambo into a real psycho, which Stallone, the script's author, did not like.Dustin Hoffman himself refused, having read the script, which seemed to him to be too cruel (instead, he agreed to the role of a woman in Tootsie). Clint Eastwood was busy filming another project, and John Travolta rejected Stallone himself because of personal dislike.
Shot from the movie “Rambo. First blood"Shot from the movie “Rambo. First blood"
The second part of the film was released in 1985 and became a continuation of the first plot. However, critics were skeptical. Even cooler met the third part (1988).

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