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Tatyana Yuryevna Kazyuchits is an actress who has managed in a short time (since 2008) to earn the sympathy of the audience and the recognition of professionals. In 2004 she was the semifinalist of the second season of the music television contest of young performers "People's Artist".
Actress Tatyana KazyuchitsActress Tatyana Kazyuchits
Among the three dozen roles played by her in the movie - more than half the main ones. The brightest of them are: Princess Ekaterina Urusova in the historical melodrama “One night of love”, nurse Marina with the gift of clairvoyance in the mystical film “Divination by candlelight”; attractive Elizabeth, tired of the excessive attention of men and deliberately turned into a plain woman, in the melodramatic picture "The Terrible Beauty"; doctor Anna, who revealed the talent of the investigator in herself, in the criminal film “Woman in Need”.
Tatyana has the oldest sister, 3 years old, Anna Kazyuchits, also a well-known actress (“Yulenka”, “Pennsylvania”, “Guardian”, “Insidious Games”).


The future movie star was born on January 25, 1986 in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in Norilsk.Her father, Yuri, a graduate of the Schukinsky Theater School, was one of the most popular Belarusian actors in the early 1980s. Mother Hope had nothing to do with the world of art. After graduating from the Krasnoyarsk Medical Institute, she worked as a doctor. They met back in school, loved each other, according to my mother, from the age of 14.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in childhoodTatyana Kazyuchits in childhood
After Norilsk for some time they lived in Krasnoyarsk. And when the head of the family graduated from Pike and received an invitation (with the provision of an apartment) to move to the homeland of their ancestors, their family moved to Minsk. Yuri's parents are Belarusians, who once turned out in Siberia for the Komsomol voucher.
Tatiana's father in the capital of Belarus served in the Theater Studio of the film actor, and acted in films. But when she was only 7 years old, he died from cancer (at 34 years of age).
Tatyana Kazyuchits and her sister Anna KazyuchitsTatyana Kazyuchits and her sister Anna Kazyuchits
The youngest daughter (as opposed to the eldest, combative and hooligan) was the ideal child - restrained, obedient, calm. She loved animals and dreamed of becoming a vet. For the care of homeless cats and dogs, she was even jokingly called Greenpeace.
Tatyana Kazyuchits is 168 cm tallTatyana Kazyuchits is 168 cm tall
With pleasure, Tanya sang in the choir, attended a music school, participated in a TV show for folk talents, wrote her own songs. Then she graduated from music college in guitar class and went to Moscow to enter the conservatory. However, in the "white stone" girl suddenly changed plans and entered the alma mater of her father and sister - in the WTU them. Shchukin (for the course of M. Panteleeva and V. Fokin).

Career development

The actress's debut in the cinema took place on the last year of study in “Pike” in 2008. She played a small role of Gali in the musical “Ice Queen” in the company of Tatyana Dogileva, Ivar Kalnins and Peter Krasilov.
Tatyana Kazyuchits at the prom in "Pike"Tatyana Kazyuchits at the prom in "Pike"
In the same period, she appeared as one of the key heroines — Princess Urusova, in love without reciprocity — in the adventure historical melodrama One Night of Love. Svetlana Ivanova, Valeriy Garkalin, Kirill Grebenshchikov and other stars of the Russian movie screen were her partners on the site.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in the film “One night of love”Tatyana Kazyuchits in the film “One night of love”
After receiving a diploma of higher education in 2009, the young actress continued to actively withdraw.During this period, tapes “Favorite Daddy Carlo's Daughter” appeared on the screens with Andrey Smolyakov (by the way, a classmate of her late father) and Maxim Kurik in the roles of daddy and fiancé of her screen heroine Katya. Following the audience saw the historical drama "Ivan the Terrible", where Tatiana appeared in the form of the wife of Ivan Fedorov (Ilya Kozin), and the central character in his youth embodied Ivan Makarevich, in his mature years - Alexander Demidov.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in the film “Pope Carlo's Favorite Daughter”Tatyana Kazyuchits in the film “Pope Carlo's Favorite Daughter”
In 2010, there were three pictures, where she played the main characters. In the TV series "Candle-telling" she played a nurse with magical powers. A more experienced sorceress, Madame Ivetta (Anna Bolshova), wanted to use her gift for unattractive purposes. But Tatyana's heroine could not break under her pressure and resist on the side of good.
In the melodrama "Kathino happiness," the actress also acted as a health worker. But here she was reincarnated as an anesthesiologist unfairly accused of the death of an influential patient.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in the series “Katino happinessTatyana Kazyuchits in the series “Katino happiness
Her third work of this period was the musical film The Last Chord, where she was entrusted with the key role of Nina Larina.He was a continuation of the youth sitcom "Ranetki".
In 2012, Tatiana received the central role of Liza in the melodrama of the Ukrainian production "The Terrible Beauty", where her partners were Evgeny Pronin, Lyubava Greshnova, Stanislav Sadalsky.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in the series "The Terrible Beauty"Tatyana Kazyuchits in the series "The Terrible Beauty"
In the same period, along with Karina Razumovskaya, Elena Podkaminskaya, Pavel Trubiner and Vitaly Yegorov, she became a key character in the “Only About Love” television series tape, playing the role of Nina’s nurse.
At the same time, at the invitation of the leadership, the actress joined the troupe of the First Studio of the Vakhtangov Theater. As part of the renowned team, she was involved in the role of Dunyasha in the production of “Marriage” based on the play by Nikolai Gogol. ”, Which became one of the leaders of the Theater repertoire.
No less intense was the shooting schedule of the artist and subsequent years. In 2013, 4 film projects with her participation were released on the screens: “Survive After”, “We Vow to Protect”, “Sea. The mountains.Expanded clay "and" loop time.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in the TV series “Survive After”Tatyana Kazyuchits in the TV series “Survive After”
The following viewers saw 6 films with her participation, including the criminal film “Woman in Need”, which was loved by the audience and received three more films continued in 2015 and 2016. In addition, in 2015 Kazyuchits played in the new series of the thriller “Survive After” , in the melodrama "Adult daughters", in 2016 - in the action movie "Run!".
In 2017, Tatiana's fans could see her in the 4-episode crime melodrama “Honest confession”. She acted as a young judge Tumanova, who pronounced for the sake of a career the conviction of the defendant in committing a crime that he did not commit.
Tatyana Kazyuchits in the film “Woman in Need”Tatyana Kazyuchits in the film “Woman in Need”
In the same year, she embodied the main character Xenia on television in the continuation of the action-packed series “Major Sokolov. A game without rules, starring in company with Konstantin Solovyov, Alexander Naumov, Anastasia Panina, Filiap Pale, Vadim Andreev and other popular actors.
In addition, the actress took part in the festival “Life Fest”, organized by the Together Against Cancer Foundation in the DI Telegraph conference area.During the event, together with Dasha Rudenok, Irina Barinova and her namesake, Starshenbaum, she held a master class in performing arts.

Tatyana Kazyuchits personal life

The actress is not married. According to rumors, she had hobbies, but did not turn into a serious relationship.
Tatyana Kazyuchits not married yetTatyana Kazyuchits not married yet
She likes to ride a bike, read books, travel, listen to jazz and rock and roll, create and record her own musical compositions. In a series of TV shows songs performed by her.
During one of the online conferences, she called the British comedy Bridget Jones's Diary, based on the book Helen Fielding, as her favorite film.
Tatyana Kazyuchits and her dogTatyana Kazyuchits and her dog
Tatyana has a pet - dog Flip.

Tatyana Kazyuchits now

In 2018, the beauty who devoted her life to serving the arts appeared as Olga in the Salsa melodramatic tape with Alena Babenko, Boris Khvoshnyansky, Pavel Delong, Alexander Ratnikov. The film told about how the life priorities of a woman, focused on building a successful career, changed when she came to the dance club and was shocked by the magical atmosphere reigning there. In the same year, Tatiana received the lead role in a film in the production called “Error”.

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