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One of the most popular breeds in the world for many years remains the dachshund. The nature of this dog allows you to start it to people of different temperaments and lifestyles. She perfectly adapts to the habits of the owner. The dachshund is so clever and clean that it has become the favorite of many dog ​​breeders. Despite the fact that she was bred as a hunting dog, she perfectly adapted to life in a city apartment. And its dwarf varieties even went into the category of decorative.

dachshund character

Breed history

Dachshund is one of the most ancient dogs. We bred it in Germany for hunting burrow animals. She was very popular with hunters for unusual workmanship. In this breed, fearlessness and perseverance are successfully combined, there are excellent abilities to take a trail, and the biggest dogs can envy their voices. The peculiarities of burrowing breeds are that they have to make their own decisions, therefore the taxes are very smart and independent.Many centuries of breeding in this particular direction made these dogs so unusual. The dachshund has still retained all of its working qualities that determine the characteristics of its character.

character dachshund boy

Who is this breed suitable for?

Despite the fact that the breeding of taxes was aimed only at improving the hunting qualities, this dog can adapt to any conditions. She can easily live without hunting, so now this breed is found more often in the city. To whom the dachshund is suitable:

  • The nature of the owner does not matter, as she easily adapts to his habits. Dachshund is amazingly suitable for energetic, lively and cheerful people. She will be happy to accompany the host on active walks, participate in outdoor games, and run in the morning.
  • But calm and leisurely people, too, will suit a dachshund. The character of the breed is such that it perfectly feels the mood of the owner and will quietly stay at home and be satisfied with a short walk.
  • This breed is well suited for single people. The dachshund is a very sociable dog, it likes to participate in all the affairs of the owner, attentively listens to him and amuses him with his funny tricks.
  • For families with children, this breed is also a great option. The dachshund loves children, plays great with them, and its small size makes it possible even for kids to handle it on a walk.

Breed species

For many years of breeding, these dogs crossed with other breeds. People tried to improve the working quality of a dachshund, for example, to make it smaller, tougher or more attractive. Now there are several varieties of breed.

  1. The short-haired dachshund is the oldest species. It was from her rest.
  2. The long-haired dachshund was obtained by crossing representatives of the breed with spaniels. This variety originated in the 18th century.
  3. Crossed dogs of this breed and with pinschers, and with different terriers. And by the end of the 19th century brought out a haired dachshund.
  4. For hunting small burrowed animals needed small dogs. And in the 19th century, dwarf and rabbit dachshunds, possessing not only miniature sizes, but also excellent working qualities.

character dachshund girls

Characteristics of all dachshunds

  1. Bold and courageous, will protect the owner in any situation.
  2. Very curious and playful, always ready to participate in all the affairs of the owner, everywhere they stick their long noses.
  3. Dachshunds are smart and smart.It is believed that they have intelligence at the level of a four-year-old child.
  4. Independence and the ability to make decisions make it difficult to raise and train this dog.
  5. Dachshunds are very sociable, love affection and enjoy communicating even with strangers.
  6. They love this breed because of its sensitivity and ability to adapt to the mood of the owner.
  7. The negative qualities of the dachshund include its stubbornness and cunning. With the wrong education, they can create a lot of problems for the owner.

dwarf dachshund harater

Boy or girl

Those who decide to start a dachshund often cannot decide what gender they should buy. Experts believe that there are no special differences in character, so you need to be guided only by the features of the content. A bitch is a regular heat and the need to tie her at least once. Many do not like a dog because of the possibility of escaping after a bitch of bitch. But the representatives of the two sexes have other differences.

  1. The nature of the dachshund girl is calmer and more balanced. They are easier to train, docile, but at the same time more cunning. Such dogs are more suitable for families with children, as they are very affectionate and completely non-aggressive. They are ideal for quiet owners, it is easier to tolerate the absence of active walks.Homebody more like the nature of dachshund girls. It is interesting to communicate with her and it is easier to bring up.
  2. The nature of the dachshund-boy may not please everyone. It’s harder with him because he’s smarter and often tries to dominate the family. Males are more stubborn and assertive, they are fearless and often do not spare themselves, defending the owner. But at the same time, they are calm, lazy and unsophisticated. The nature of the dachshund-boy is more suitable for lonely active people or athletes.

long haired dachshund character

Features of the education of these dogs

What are they? One of the most difficult breeds in dog training is the dachshund. The nature of these dogs is very independent, and they are often uncontrollable. But not because they are stupid or disobedient, but on the contrary, the taxes are so clever that they understand the meaning of commands from the first time, but they will not always fulfill them. A special feature of hunting breeds is the ability to make decisions independently. Therefore, your dachshund will first think whether it is worth doing what you are asking. In addition, these dogs are very cunning and stubborn. They will try by any means to achieve what they want. And not the fact that the trick for which you punished your pet will not happen again.But that is why many people like the dachshund so much. The nature of this dog makes it fun and interesting to spend time with her. But in order to communicate with the dachshund you only get positive emotions, you need to educate him from the moment the puppy appears in your house. Each team should be clear, and it is necessary to strive for its implementation, but not rigor, but encouragement and affection. Only discipline will make your dog a loyal and obedient friend.

breed dachshund character

Long haired dachshund

Her character is more intelligent than that of other species. It was originally intended for harsh weather conditions, probably, therefore, it is more enduring and easier to adapt to the situation. The long-haired dachshund is more cunning, but at the same time calm and affectionate. Representatives of this breed are very fond of children, docile and easy to train. The beautiful appearance of the long-haired dachshund and its small size attract many dog ​​breeders, and this species of breed is rarely used for hunting, becoming a companion dog.

wire haired dachshund character

Shepherd dachshund

Her character is more complex, it even has more features from the terriers, with whom they crossed the ancient representatives of the breed to obtain this species.Its appearance is quite attractive, tight little beard, it is a bit like a fox terrier. This species was purposefully developed for hunting, therefore it has more working qualities. The hard-haired dachshund is more energetic, bold and mobile. She has a balanced character, self-esteem and is very loyal to the owner.

Dwarf Dachshund Varieties

To hunt small burrow animals in the 19th century, they decided to breed a small dog. At first they tried to cross a regular dachshund with a dwarf pincher, but the offspring lost their working qualities. Therefore, the breeders went the other way: they selected the smallest representatives of the breed and crossed them. Long work on breeding has led to the emergence of new species. A dwarf dachshund was bred. The nature of these little dogs is quite complicated. They are very smart and stubborn, but at the same time friendly and affectionate. Now this species of breed began to relate to decorative dogs, although, like the standard dachshunds, they are excellent guards and loyal protectors.

Very unusual this dog - dachshund. The nature of its demands from the owner of a special relationship and strict upbringing. Only then the dachshund will give him many minutes of joy.

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