The best books of our time. The best books of our time for teenagers

The choice of literature is an individual problem. Practically every reader will be pleased to offer a list of “the best books of all times and peoples,” complying with his own literary taste and genre preferences (incidentally calling “pathetic” any other list compiled by a man whose preferences turned out to be different).

Literature “haute couture”

In the 21st century, the books became popular with some kind of convulsive convulsions - some five years ago everyone was running around with twilight vampires, even earlier - beginning wizards. Not so long ago, the literary world literally howled from gray and its shades. Is this hype a sign that all these works are the best books of our time? How to say.

the best books of our timeOn the one hand, the success of readers is an inevitable companion of good literature, even if it did not always come immediately.On the other hand, popularity may be scandalous — the explosion that “Shades” shocked the reading public was also an outburst of indignation. But, nevertheless, the novel was published in 50 million copies, filmed - and in the near future this brilliant piece will definitely be included in the top of the best books of our time.

Abandon the past in favor of the present

The slow flow of time carefully selected works for us whose artistic value is indisputable. But let them not have enough life to master the legacy of classical world literature - anyway, the reader wants a new, fresh, relevant - and not in the scenery of the last century, but in the current conditions of the XXI. Modern literature tells us and about us. These books - peers of their readers, they are clear and easy to understand. There are many objective reasons for this:

  1. Writing language: the best books of modernity do not contain any Tekkereyev "lokonchik", "sponges" and "hearts", the characters express themselves in the same way as the people around.
  2. Terminology: in order to freely read the same Tolstoy, it is necessary to be quite well oriented at least in pieces of furniture or women's attire.In order not to confuse any secretary with the crinoline.
  3. Time dictates the rules of behavior and moral norms: it is difficult for the modern reader to feel the terrible misfortune and disgrace of a divorced woman. For this it was necessary to be born in the XVIII century.
  4. The development of science and technology make some fantastic works of the past naive and ridiculous.

top best books of modern times

Ratings and TOPs

Each self-respecting publication has already published its list of works, which de "must be read without fail." Ratings formed: Air Force (polled one million inhabitants), “The Guardian” (surveyed 100 writers from 54 countries), “Daily Telegraph” (the editorial board managed on its own).

In all three hit parade hit:

  • War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy;

  • Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen;

  • “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, G. Marques;

  • "Ulysses" D. Joyce.

At least two of the lists featured 18 more books. Thus: 22 total or partial matches of a hundred. Let's face it, the compilers did not find any particular unanimity. This is what concerns "all times." Maybe success will be great if you focus on the list of the 100 best books of our time? The corresponding charts are given to us by the LibShare e-library: 6 books by H. Murakami, 5 - L. Ulitskaya, 3 - a series of “shades” of E. James.G. Musso with his “After” and Kiz with “Flowers for Algernon” got into the list. The last book mentioned is good even by the standards of the US Department of Education: it is included in the school curriculum of recommended literature.

And in the novel “After” there is a funny episode: the employee of the main character from a middle-aged woman (the beginning of the book) turns into a girl who had views on her boss (the end of the book). As you wish, but such moments do not decorate the book. Another well-known Internet portal (ADME) provides a selection of all of the twenty books of the twenty-first century: only Murakami matches. So with modern literature is even more difficult than with the classics: the public, apparently, has not yet decided.

the best books of our time rating

Book selection using rating

Where to find these best books of our time? Rating of which edition, which electronic library can be considered reflective of realities? Most likely, such a “hit parade”, which could be believed one hundred percent, is unlikely to be found. But the grains standing to catch, nevertheless, it is possible.

You can try to find the best books of our time, based on a completely scientific method of synthesis and analysis. It makes sense to merge four or five lists of “recommended literature” together and select the most frequently encountered books from what came out.If the work got into the premium hundred in several versions, the chance that its reading will not be a waste of time is large enough.

The principle of rating formation

Any top best books of modern times can be compiled:

  • based on expert assessments;

  • depending on the success of sales;

  • on reader feedback.

Expert opinion can be very valuable, but who can guarantee that they do not participate in the advertising campaign of any publisher? Joke. If we reject paranoia, then a professional literary critic is a reader of a different level and sense than the average citizen: the opinions of critics and the public do not always coincide, and very well. At one time, only lazy critics did not beat Remarque, at the same time glorifying Feuchtwanger. Time seems to have put everything a little differently.

From a commercial point of view, the book market knows best of all what are the best books of our time. Fantasy is not the last among them. If at the beginning of the last century, writers tried to predict where progress would lead a person, then by the end of the 30s of the XX century. literature began to "lead" him from reality.A fantasy genre has appeared, the founding father of which many rightly regard Tolkien with his Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Today, S.Lukyanenko, V.Panov, D.Rowling and others work in this segment.

list of the best books of modern times

Reciprocal reader

Still, it is hardly appropriate to form an opinion on the book on sales success: the possibilities of propaganda have always been impressive, but today they have reached just monstrous forms. With the help of advertising, you can feed the consumer almost anything.

The whole range of opinions about this or that artwork is represented by numerous Internet portals where you can find the best books of our time, the rating of which is formed by the readers themselves. This is natural: the existence of such impressive gatherings of the reading public, as on the sites of virtual libraries, is simply impossible in real life.

On the Internet, you can come across “professional readers” who will help navigate the world of writing delights, and not waste time on outright trash, and download the best books of modern times into your reading room.

Full perception of the artwork

However, we must understand that the reader and the reader are also different. They can be separated not only by “years of high and fiery happiness,” but also by literary tastes, and a banal difference in readership (and not only) intelligence. Scientists, who do not do anything, argue that there is no right understanding of a literary text (there can be at least a million interpretations), but they discuss its “full-fledged perception”, which “speaks of a high level of literary development” and includes the ability to:

  • empathize with the heroes;

  • clearly imagine in your imagination the pictures of life drawn by the writer;

  • reflect on the motives and consequences of the actions of existing characters;

  • to comprehend the idea of ​​the work and form its attitude towards it;

  • determine the position of the author, and reasonably agree or disagree with it;

  • evaluate the merits of the book not only in terms of content, but also in terms of artistic performance.

the best books of our time for teenagers

As they say, there is something to strive for - and it is better to start early, from early childhood.

The path of the young reader

There are scientific studies proving that the ability to read and evaluate what has been read develops over the years in the same way as speech, coordination of movements, etc.Scientists are convinced that each age group has its own psychological features of educational and cognitive activity. For example, teachers believe that, just as the mastery of speech occurs most intensively from one to five years, so literary perception develops most actively from 13 to 15 years. What do the best books of our time offer for teenagers?

Numerous opinion polls indicate that the younger generation is mostly reading the classics. Who in their right mind would argue that “Crime and Punishment” is good literature? Virtually no one. But the question remains: would the children read it voluntarily if it were not for the school curriculum (which, it seems, is designed to prevent them from reading once and for all).

It is impossible to demand from a teenager equal perception with an adult - both the world in general and literature in particular.

The choice of book depends on age

Psychologists call the type of perception of a 10–12 year old child naively realistic. A novice reader is primarily interested in heroics and stunning events - while it is desirable that the story be very, very dynamic.Good and evil are clearly demarcated, therefore, any painful character who rushes about in search of truth is not perceived as a teenager at all. The best adventure books of our time are the most “that” for readers of this category. The current literature succeeds in entertaining kids - and mostly these are works of the fantasy genre: the “freshest” ones are “Harry Potter” by D. Rowling and the “Hunger Games” by S. Collins.

the best books of modern science fictionIn older adolescence (12-14 years old), a teenager assesses a literary work not only from a moral, but also from an aesthetic point of view. Usually great immersed in his inner world, the reader of this category forms his list of the best books of our time, consonant with their own experiences. At this age, a personality is especially clearly formed - and it is a pity if there is no place in the soul of a young person for an artistic word, the educational potential of which is truly enormous. For modern teenage literature, the theme of “overcoming” is characteristic: the heroes “with problems” are looking for their place under the sun:

  1. “It's good to be meek” S. Chbosky: the main character is a victim of incest.
  2. "Miracle" R.Palacio: about a boy with a serious genetic disease.
  3. "Before I fall" L. Oliver: about school harassment, with the result that the main character dies.
  4. "Flowers for Algernon" D. Kiz - about the mentally retarded person participating in the experiment on "building up intelligence".
  5. "50 days before my suicide" S. Kramer - speaks for itself.

These books can be good in their own way, but if we take into account the statements of psychologists that a teenager is looking for a match between a book story and his own, then there are many very gifted children who suffer from tantrums with memory loss due to rape experienced in early childhood?

Early adolescence (15-17 years old) is the time for the formation of a worldview. At this age, the attitude towards literature as an art is finally taking shape. High school students are already very well aware that "a fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it." The reading culture, which originated in childhood, is finally consolidated.

This category of readers (and especially readers) is characterized by a heightened interest in man-woman relationships. Among the 16-year-old girls, there are more female fans of the “Twilight Saga” M. Stephanie than among 10-year-old hooligans.In general, at this age one can read “everything and more”, any “adult” book will be accessible for understanding (of course, at the level that the young reader managed to reach).

Different levels of perception

It is not news at all, and God knows what a miracle that not every person goes all the way to the end and receives as a result a “black belt” of a connoisseur of the artistic word. The best books of modern times are works that are able to satisfy a very demanding taste, and at the same time please the most undemanding reader. “It’s hard to be a god.” The Strugatskys can be read as a fantastic work about an invasion of aliens in a medieval state, and you can painfully puzzle over acceptable means to combat the dark sides of the human soul.

the best books of modern times

Modern literature for teens

Today society seeks reconciliation: people with special needs (including mental ones), special sexual preferences, etc. they are not pushed out of society, but on the contrary, are attracted to it.

Maybe this is why art (including literature) is passionately engaged in psychoanalysis and describes the sufferings of outcasts.In this respect, the novel “It’s good to be meek” by S.Chbosky is very indicative: the main character of the book, an imperceptible teenager with problems rooted in the trials of early childhood, is friends with gay people who are experiencing personal drama because of the prejudices of society. This is not the only line of the plot, but very revealing - as an indispensable African-American in a modern Hollywood film. Political correctness, as they say, is paramount.

Merge lists

Such devotion to conflict relations leaves no place for anything else. Now childhood comes through the prism of sadness - the authors of the “earlier time” have never sinned like this: “To kill a mockingbird” Lee Harper is a sunny, bright book (and in fact Jim's and Glaastik's life was not at all cloudless). Filled with joy and "Tom Sawyer" M.Tvena - and no over-suffering of the main character about his orphanhood.

Modern adolescent literature cannot cope with the task, assuming that it should also “teach, entertain”. Against the background of the “Mysterious Island” by G.Vern, “The Treasure Islands” by R.Stevenson, “The Mines of King Solomon” G.Haggard and many, many others, from an educational point of view, current works for teenagers are far from perfect.But it does not matter: if the list of the best books of our time is combined with a similar list of “classics of the genre”, the little reader is simply doomed to success.

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