The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?

The sky, the plane, the girl ... No, no, it’s not about the book, or even about the film, but rather about the ideal conditions for a plane trip. And not only for girls, but for all passengers.

Agree, for those who fly frequently, this factor is fundamental, because it is not very pleasant to sit, for example, in the middle row, sandwiched from two sides by “moderately plump” companions. Or "get" on the back row, where the porthole may not turn out and the chairs do not recline, and the neighborhood with the toilet (constant movement and other disadvantages) does not make you comfortable.

So, to have a great time "at the height", you need to know where the best places in the plane are located.

If you know the airline and the exact model of the liner on which you are going to fly, look on the Internet for something like “the best seats in an airplane with diagrams”. So you can see most of the schemes of the aircraft of Russian airlines.

If your plane was not found or you do not have such information, in this article general tips for you. In any case, reading will not be superfluous, that's for sure.

Place near the porthole

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?


If you plan to sleep, or, say, read, for which you need good lighting, then a chair by the window is the best option.

Firstly, no one will “squeeze” through your place to your own and will not bother you, and secondly, a wonderful view of the clouds and their bizarre forms will not make you bored in the case of a short flight.

True, it depends on the flight time, at night, alas, you do not see much.


From such a place is more difficult to get up, for example, to the toilet. Have to disturb your neighbors.

Aisle seat

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?


It is extremely convenient because you can stretch your legs out into the aisle, get up unhindered, go to the toilet, and also have time to get to the exit a little earlier after landing.


Near you will pass people and cabin crew with carts. Can hurt sometimes. You will also have to get up whenever the neighbors want to get up from their chair. These are more troubled places.

Places "in the middle" - neutral places

These are “neutral” places. Combine the pros and cons of the seats at the window and the seats at the aisle. It is calmer here than at the aisle and easier to get up than from the chair at the “window”.

But still, you have to skip one neighbor if he wants to go out. And ask for another neighbor to get up if you want to get out.

Places that are located after emergency exits

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?


Characterized by the fact that the distance to the next row is somewhat increased, which allows you to pass the flight time with great comfort - stretch your legs, stand up if necessary, without disturbing your neighbors. In some types of aircraft, there is generally no row of seats in front of the emergency exit / hatch.


Often, for security reasons, airlines practice leaving these places for people who meet the requirements “in a healthy body - healthy mind” - it is assumed that in the event of an emergency evacuation such a person will not be lost, will be able to open the emergency hatch and help the staff to remove people Of course, not all airlines undertake such a “plan”.

In this regard, passengers cannot be here with children, animals and the elderly.

Another of the minuses - the approach to the hatches can not be blocked by hand luggage.

Places that are located in front of emergency hatches

Here, usually, only cons - most often the backs of chairs in these rows are fixed or have a very small angle of deflection. This is done in order not to block the approaches to emergency hatches.

The row that is in the section between the two emergency exits has a plus. In this case, there will be additional space in front of you (seen in the photo above, where the passengers are sitting).

Front seats

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?


Most often, food service begins with the “nose”, so the front rows suggest the convenience and breadth of choice of food and beverage offered.

As a rule, if the place is located in the tail section of the aircraft, then the passenger is limited in the choice of the range (everything is disassembled at the very beginning). In addition, the first row is a great opportunity to go down the ramp one of the first.


But even here there are some drawbacks - often mounts for children's cradles are installed in the bow and there may be passengers with small children.

This is not conducive to comfort, if you are going to work or relax.

Who flew near a child who does not tolerate a flight badly and cries for 7 or 12 hours, he knows.

Places in the tail

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?

The only, but significant plus of this place is its relative safety.

According to American statistics, of all the passengers who survived the accident, 67% were in the tail.

And if the airport is not equipped with telescopic ramps, then it happens that passengers are released / launched simultaneously from the nose and tail parts. If so, you will quickly get out of the plane.

I also note that on the "unloaded" flights, the places in the tail are usually empty. So you can comfortably sleep on 3 armchairs at once.

First row / Row in front of which there are no seats

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?

If your row is the first (it can be not only the “first row” physically, but also the first row, after another service class, or the first row in one of the sections of the cabin, in front of which there are no seats), then a significant advantage of this arrangement is that nobody will throw back your seat on you. In the conditions of a small distance between the rows of the economy class, this can be very important.

Of the minuses, we note that most likely in front of you will be a partition or kitchen / toilet. Some passengers are not very comfortable to watch the entire flight in the "wall". Also, in the wall can be mounting for children's cradles. What is fraught with - read above.

Last row / Row for which there are no seats

Most likely, the backs of chairs in such a row do not recline or are very limited in this. This happens when an emergency exit, toilet, kitchen, other technical room or wall is behind you.


Here, in brief, is a list of good / bad places that a traveler can count on. But It is worth noting that the internal layout of the aircraft is significantly different from each other, and this factor must also be taken into account.

In addition, the seats are 2,3,4 in a row, it is necessary to consider the distance between the seats, the number of classes in the cabin, and other features. After all, the same company uses different types of aircraft for flights.

Tips. How to occupy the best places

The best seats on the plane. How to choose a good place?

1. The model of the liner, the smallest details of the cabin comfort (the presence of a TV, electrical outlets, the spacing between rows, the location of the toilets) can be easily found on the airline's website or on our website.

2If you specifically know what place you would like to get, with this question you should contact when checking in for the flight at the airport (there are allocated places left unoccupied after online check-in). If you have no idea about the location of seats, ask to see the layout of the cabin of the liner - all the free seats will be highlighted in the appropriate color.

Also, when checking in at the airport, you can simply ask for seats at the window, at the aisle, etc. Usually the staff does not refuse.

3. In the modern airport, you can use the services of self-registration kiosks and choose a place for yourself. Also, almost always it can be done withonline registrationon the website of the airline of your choice - this will significantly save time. This service is already provided by the largest Russian airlines.

The traditional method of registration is better to take place two hours before departure. If places are arranged in this way, the first registered ones have a wide choice of available places.

4. If possible, you should use less loaded flights - in this case, the comfort of the flight will increase significantly, because you (if you wish) will have the opportunity to even sleep on three free seats.

The busiest days are Sunday and Friday, and time is morning and evening flights. If you have time, choose Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday, midday, or afternoon flights.

5. In order not to be trapped, one should take into account the spelling of letters indicating the number of the place - they can be both Russian and Latin, and in certain situations, this, as they say, are two big differences that can darken the impression of the flight.

After all, for example, seat 1 "B" will have a different location, meaning both the seat at the aisle and in the middle of the row. Also be careful about the letter "E".

6. Be sure to take into account the direction of flight - with proper choice of place, the sun will not blind the eyes: East - West (the sun always shines on the left), West - East (right). If there is a need to fly on a morning flight, the North-South direction will delight the sun on the left side, and the South-North direction - on the right side.

How to accidentally not take the worst places

  • Study the scheme of the liner on which you will fly, if there is such an opportunity
  • Consult with an airline representative if possible.
  • Before the flight, decide what is more important for you - look out the window or the opportunity to get up from your seat, for example, to the toilet
  • Studying the scheme of the cabin, choose the best places, guided by the same rules that we have resulted in this article.
  • Do not take places in the tail itself, close to the toilets, the onboard kitchen and other technical premises.
  • Do not take seats in which the seats do not recline or are limited in this.
  • Do not take placesbetweenemergency exits, orbehindwhich it is located

If you still “hit” on an uncomfortable chair

If you still get a ticket to a not very convenient place, then immediately after landing you have a few minutes to take more comfortable free space (if there are unoccupied places, of course).

And it is better not to be shy and change seats on your own, and not to wait for the services of a flight attendant.

After the last person appears on board, and the flight attendant announces “Boarding is over”, you have 5 minutes to take a comfortable free space.

Time is short, because after the required speed has been set by the aircraft, it will be strictly forbidden to rise from the passenger seat.Well, after climbing, it is likely that allcomfortable seats on the planewill be occupied by faster and more savvy passengers. Yes, and do not worry about it. You can always sit down on your rightful (by ticket) place.

But still, it is better to choose the most comfortable place immediately upon check-in.

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