It is possible that you will not have to travel far to admire the purity of river waters. Let's find out which rivers deservedly occupy the first places in this list.

The cleanest river in Europe

And we will begin our story with the beautiful river Hopper, which is a large tributary of the Don. It flows through the European part of Russia, capturing the Penza, Saratov, Voronezh and Volgograd regions. This is one of the oldest rivers, the beginning of which was laid about 10 million years ago.
Hopper is the cleanest river in EuropeHopper is the cleanest river in Europe
A beautiful legend is connected with the history of this river. It has long been said that the old Hopper, who lived in that area, once came upon a hill, from which 12 keys of crystal clear water were beating. The elder connected them into one stream and built a mill there. By the name of the discoverer of the river and gave it a name, and a monument was erected near the source of the river. It is said that the mill also survived to this day.
Hopper is not only clean, but also surprisingly beautiful riverHopper is not only clean, but also surprisingly beautiful river
Today this river is one of the most popular places for tourism. The unique nature of its coastal part, the sand channel, fancy bends - all this attracts many lovers of rest on the river. Almost throughout its length, it is available for rafting, and fishermen will be able to rejoice at the rich catch, without which rarely leaves the banks of the Hopper River.

Clean rivers near Moscow

Well, if you do not want to travel to the Don open spaces, then in the Moscow region you will be able to find rivers in which you can swim without fear. Hundreds of rivers and reservoirs with a safe ecological situation can be an excellent place for you to relax. Among the fishermen are very popular pools of the Volga and the Moscow River.
The Moscow River, though not the cleanest, but very popular river in the Moscow regionThe Moscow River, though not the cleanest, but very popular river in the Moscow region
And in the Oka River basin is located one of the cleanest rivers of the Moscow region - Ugra. The peculiarity of this river is that it is fed by a large number of streams, which bring it clean spring water. After prolonged rains, the level of this river rises significantly. It is one of the richest fish rivers, in it there are sterlet, catfish, pike perch, as well as more common species, such as bream, pike, burbot, roach and others.

The cleanest and most transparent river in Russia

The river, which is considered the cleanest river in Russia, is also not very far away - in the Republic of Mari El. This small, only 33 kilometers, the river is not very familiar to even the indigenous population. They call her Boncha, which means “go to”. And it is not by chance, because in almost any place this river can be forded. Its depth rarely reaches more than one and a half meters, and its width is about three.
The main river is the most transparent in RussiaThe main river is the most transparent in Russia
There are few large industrial enterprises and factories in this republic, and that is why so transparent rivers have been preserved here. And Vonchu was found at all by chance, exploring the Mari forests. Repeatedly carried out analyzes at the Mari State University confirmed that travelers discovered real wealth among Russian forests. The water of this river is crystal clear, moreover, it lacks both impurities and bacteria.
The river is not only transparent, but also a truly clean river.The river is not only transparent, but also a truly clean river.
There are no large settlements on the banks of the Voncha, which helps it to maintain the status of the cleanest river in Russia. These places are also notable for the fact that in few villages they still honor and remember the traditions of their ancestors, with respect for folk clothes, the mother tongue and pagan beliefs.Next to Voncha there are reserves, in which rare species of plants and trees are preserved. And the grayling is found in the river itself, which proves once again the unique purity of this river.

Clean rivers of Ukraine

Well, in the Ukrainian lands with clean rivers, the situation is much more complicated. According to environmentalists, all the rivers of Ukraine, except the mountainous regions of the Carpathians, do not meet sanitary standards for the presence of fertilizers, heavy metals and petroleum products. But even here there are rivers that are ready to fight for the title of the cleanest river not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe.
Limnitsa is the cleanest river of UkraineLimnitsa is the cleanest river of Ukraine
One of these rivers is Limnitsa, which flows into the Dniester. It owes the purity of its waters to the fact that its floodplain is located in the most sparsely populated region of the Carpathians. The mountain ranges reliably protect the sources of Limnitsa, and in the upper reaches of the river there are practically no enterprises or large settlements. Therefore, people who miss their privacy and peace come to rest here with pleasure.

The cleanest river in the world

But still, in what river is the most transparent water in the world? This question is easily answered by the people of Switzerland. After all, they were lucky enough to live near the river, whose waters are so clean that you can easily see the bottom. The name of this amazing river is Verzaska.It takes its origin at the highest point of one of the local mountains.
The amazingly clear river Verzaska is located in Switzerland.The amazingly clear river Verzaska is located in Switzerland.
Verzaska is considered not only the most transparent river in the world, but also one of the most beautiful. Flowing along the mountainous rocky slopes, she pierced the bizarre passages in the rocks. Numerous tourists visit these places in order to make beautiful photos and enjoy the magnificent view. It is forbidden to swim in Verzask, although some people ignore this ban, but diving is popular.
It is forbidden to swim in the cleanest river in the worldIt is forbidden to swim in the cleanest river in the world
Admirers of old architecture also have something to admire. Awesome man-made structure built over Verzaska - Roman bridge. It opens with amazing views for the contemplation of this river. Also, these places are known for the fact that it was here that one of the best tricks of the movie was filmed - James Bond jump from a height.
In any case, whatever river you choose for your holiday, it will be a great option. Indeed, in our modern world it is very important to take a break and give a break to your body, which is exhausted by stress.The murmur of water and fresh air is the best way to fill you with new forces.
Well, the longest rivers, unfortunately, are not always clean, but their other parameters are simply amazing. According to, there is so much fresh water flowing through the Amazon River every 30 seconds that 1 liter is enough for every inhabitant of the Earth.

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