The drug "Albucid". Instructions

The medicine "Albucid" has a bacteriostatic effect. The active substance of the drug is sulfacetamide. The drug is intended for topical application in ophthalmologic pathologies.albucid instruction

pharmachologic effect

The active component of the agent is a substance,having an antimicrobial effect. Sulfacetamide has good solubility in water. The substance freely penetrates into the eye tissues, inhibits reproduction and the spread of pathogenic microorganisms. The medicine "Albucid" (the instruction contains such data) shows activity against gonococcus, chlamydia, staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and other bacteria.


The medicine is recommended for pathologies of the infectious-inflammatory nature of the anterior chamber of the eye, provoked by the activity of microbes that show sensitivity to sulfacetamide.Albucide Drops Instructions for UseAmong the indications are purulent corneal ulcers, blepharitis, conjunctivitis (including purulent).

The drug "Albucid" (drops). Instructions for use

A 30% solution is administered to adults. 20% drops are recommended for children. In accordance with the severity of inflammation, the dosing regimen is established. The medicine "Albucid" instruction recommends in acute conditions to apply up to six times a day for 2-3 drops. Instillations are carried out in both eyes. As the status is eased, the frequency of instillation is reduced gradually. The drug is discontinued after completely eliminating the symptoms of the inflammatory process.


The drug "Albucid" does not recommend the instruction for hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as for sulfonamides (at the time of starting treatment or in anamnesis).

Side effects

In some patients, during instillation or after it, eye irritation, swelling in the conjunctiva, burning, itching, and lacrimation can occur.Albucide instruction priceWith the development of these negative phenomenause a solution of reduced concentration, reduce the frequency of instillations or cancel the remedy by contacting a doctor. The specialist can recommend an analogue of the drug "Albucid". The instruction contains data on drug overdose. With frequent use of the drug, the intensity of side effects is markedly increased.

The drug "Albucid". Instructions. Price. additional information

Annotation to the drug warns ofcare must be taken by persons using contact lenses. Upon contact with the medicament, their transparency is impaired. Before instilljatsijami it is necessary to delete lenses from eyes. In patients who are hypersensitive to diuretics, Glibenclamide, Furosemide, when medicated with Albacid (the instruction warns about this), a cross-allergy to sulfacetamide (the active ingredient) may develop. The solution is incompatible with preparations containing a silver salt. At simultaneous appointment with local anesthetics (drugs "Procain", "Tetracaine" and others), the antiseptic activity of the drug "Albucid" is weakened. The cost of the drug is within a hundred rubles.

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