The drug "Latanoprost": analogues and reviews

Eyes receive a tremendous load inthe modern world of computer technology. Often the cause of eye diseases is increased intraocular pressure. If such pressure is not reduced in time, the eye nerve may suffer, and this leads to blindness. One of the effective medicines that help in this situation is Latanoprost (eye drops).

latanoprost analogues

Mechanism of action of the drug

The active substance of the drug safelypenetrates through the cornea, where its hydrolysis (decomposition) takes place. "Latanoprost" helps increase the outflow of moisture, due to which the intraocular pressure decreases. The effect can be noted after 2 hours, the maximum impact will occur in 9-12 hours. The effect of the drug lasts about a day.

With open-angle glaucoma and increased intraocular pressure, "Latanoprost" (eye drops) is prescribed.

Instructions for use indicate the following contraindications:

  • age to 18 years;
  • sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Turkish analog of the Belarusian packaging latanoprost

There are also restrictions in the application. In the inflammatory process in the eyeball and damage to the lens, the drug is administered with caution after a thorough examination. With congenital glaucoma and some pathologies of the eye, the drug can be prescribed, but only with application under the supervision of a doctor.

Use with caution

latanoprost instructions for use

Caution should be observed for people usingcontact lenses. "Latanoprost" contains in its composition a special substance - benzalkonium chloride, which can affect the quality of lenses. In particular, this substance will accumulate on the surface of the lens. It is best to use glasses at the time of treatment. If this is not feasible, then before instillation of medicine, the lens should be removed, but inserted back only 15 minutes after the procedure. The rest is quite simple in the use of the drug "Latanoprost" (eye drops).

Instructions for use during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman's body is weakened andmore susceptible to all sorts of diseases. Do not be excluded and problems with the eyes. If necessary, Latanoprost can be prescribed during this period, but after the examination. At the same time, it is necessary to visit a specialist on a regular basis to notice negative deviations in health status on time. Although the drug is well tolerated, but during pregnancy, the body's response may be unpredictable. This is the drug "Latanoprost". Analogues are also appointed with caution during this period.

When breastfeeding is better not to usemedicines, since all chemicals are excreted in breast milk. If any drug is vital, it is best to transfer the baby to artificial feeding.latanoprost instruction on the use of analogs

Manifestation of side effects

With the correct application of the drug, unpleasant consequences rarely arise, and their appearance should be reported to the doctor.

To the preparation "Latanoprost" instructions for use describes possible side effects as follows:

  • a feeling of itching and burning;
  • feeling of sand in the eyes;
  • redness of the conjunctiva;
  • inflammation of the edge of the eyelid (blepharitis);
  • thickening of the eyelashes and their elongation;
  • blurred vision.

These are side effects only from the eyes,but there may be changes in the entire body. Sometimes there is a rash on the skin, and in the eyelid area the skin can noticeably darken. Dizziness is often noted, especially in older people. There may be pain and tension in the muscles, for example in the chest area. Shortness of breath and acute attacks of bronchial asthma are also noted.

Feature of the drug

latanoprost eye drops

Feature of "Latanoprost" is a changethe color of the iris of the eyes. With prolonged use of this drug, the accumulation of brown pigment occurs. Such changes may be irreversible, but it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Before treatment, no one can predict how the color of the eyes will change. Especially it is necessary to be cautious, if to instill a medicine will be only in one eye.

How to use a drop?

Bury "Latanoprost" only once inday, better in the afternoon. The recommended dosage should not be exceeded, this will only reduce the effectiveness of the drug. If, for some reason, the landfill was skipped, then the next day you do not need to drip a double rate.

The drug "Latanoprost" (analogues also) is not necessarymix with other eye drops. If another drug is prescribed, there should be a time interval of at least 5 minutes between instillations of different drops. The doctor should warn the patient about this. Some drugs are incompatible with "Latanoprost", so only a specialist can prescribe the drug. Self-medication with such medications is unacceptable.

The drug is sold in a convenientpackage-dropper. Even the patient himself can easily inject the medicine into the eye in the right amount. Keep the drug away from direct sunlight in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator. It is also impossible to freeze the medicine, because it will lose its properties. Open the package stored at a temperature of +2 to +8 degrees for a month, then use the product is no longer possible.


latanoprost eye drops instructions

To the drug "Latanoprost" instruction onthe use of analogs does not indicate. But nevertheless they are in large numbers. The active substance that performs the main effect will be the same. Only the additional components are distinguished. Also, similar drugs may vary in price, which allows patients to choose a more acceptable option.

Reviews of patients taking similardrugs, mostly positive, because because of the identical active substance, the medicinal effect of medications is the same. Those who did not fit this or that analogue often had heart problems or their cases were subject to other contraindications specified in the instructions.

Analogues for the drug "Latanoprost" analogs are as follows:

  • Glaumax. But this drug has a broader list of side effects. It can cause increased lacrimation during use and photophobia for a short period of time. Also, this remedy can provoke an attack of angina pectoris, so for the elderly and having problems with the cardiovascular system, Glaumax is not prescribed.
  • "Xalatan" is a Turkish analog of the Belarusianpackaging. "Latanoprost" or "Xalatan" is prescribed for intraocular pressure jumps. This drug has one positive side effect - it improves the condition of the eyelashes. From its use, eyelashes begin to grow lush, become long. In this regard, people can use it to achieve cosmetic effect, without having problems with the eyes. This is evidenced by numerous reviews. But we must take into account - sometimes eyelashes change the direction of growth, which causes irritation in the eyes, and they begin to itch constantly. The use of any chemical should be coordinated with a doctor to avoid adverse health effects.
  • "Glauprost" is also an analog"Latanoprost". The effect on the body as well as the degree of decrease in intraocular pressure, they are the same. But with the use of "Glauprost" negative side manifestations from the upper respiratory tract are noted. Infectious diseases, exacerbations of pathologies of the lungs are possible, there is an increase in colds and flu. Patients with mild, often ill colds are trying to prescribe another drug from this series.

Reviews about the medicine

latanoprost eye drops instructions for use

Among medics, the drug "Latanoprost" usespopularity. It is recognized as an effective remedy throughout the world, is on the list of essential medicines compiled by the World Health Organization. Its medicinal capabilities allow coping with unstable intraocular pressure, thereby protecting the eyes from the possible development of glaucoma. The drug is transferred well, even in the elderly, side effects do not bring much discomfort.

Positive feedback gets this drugdrug from the patients. They note the convenience in use, instillation is carried out only once, the release form allows you to independently carry out this procedure.

Side effects are not only "Latanoprost", analogs too. Side effects of eye drops are manifested in the first year of use, in the subsequent there is a decrease in their intensity.

Fight with increased intraocular pressureit is necessary, because it does not pass by itself, but only develops into glaucoma and then leads to blindness. Drops "Latanoprost" allow you to save your eyesight. Even if there are no symptoms, after 40 years it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist in order to prevent age-related changes. Regular measurement of intraocular pressure will allow to recognize the disease at the very beginning, when curing pathology is much easier.

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