The formula for success is not known: Mami chotirioh rozpovіd children

The formula for success is not known: Mami chotirioh rozpovіd mity - image №1Mene often zapityuyut: scho important in vihovannі bagatokh deite? Do not zatsiklyvatis on їх вихованні!

— mother chotirioh devchat. And the yakbi meni began to fall into the hands of the people of the five young men, just behind the wake of the charismatic glory of the world, to become a goddamn girl, I would look like. Бо той досвід, який дають мені мої доньки, не вартий будь-яких підмін.

Christmas all the time, take part in the mother seminars that “sliotah”. Dіляться досвідом that obsmotyut problems. Pіsovuyut one odnіy korisnu vіkovu літературу i вважають, що це - standard життя. Do not you share your zholovikom, spirayuchis on statu from Cosmo? What can you expect, just as you can, in the hands of Edi Lishan? Food Lєshan, without crossing,cool tits, ale і won you say, scho your childSeparate, not made possible to give the best template.

Vihovovannya in my vipadkutse in the best інтуїція plus wisdom that dosvіd, yaky I otrimala, narodivshi twiynyu, through the optimal prom_zhok hour after the elder twotvchat. The children should feel, and not just rumors, often give me a good friend. І tse gold істина. I'm not a mom-Ideal, in me zanadto bagato progalin, I shout that vibhuayu, meni itch often itch hands to earn all for my children, abi vono tilki robilosya shvedshe. Meni takozh want to go on a trip to the market Інстаграм замість вибудовування лего-вежі. Ale, if I zupinyaus, zabuvayu about vsnі«»I give birth to chuti my deyty, progovoryuvi ім svoї poluchutya that bazhannya, spilkuvannya vyhodit zovsіm supposedly new revіn. Such, a kind of zadovolnyaє і me, і moїh дівчат.

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Skin mother, singing, it is important, at that moment, Yak Vona has brought forth her Persian ditin, do not lie there. Bo batkivstvotse not up to 18 rokіv, tse all life.

It is possible to mother of nannies and waterbirds; Ideal good grandmother and punctual date. Ale stink nikoly not vihovayut i do not like your ditin so, yak vmієte lyubiti vii. We can’t write it without making a great part of life.Mama, however, was worried about sinning trials, first yielded to a child's garden, and to a bottom, 25 yoked at a cordon for an internship. Mamabefore the last podihu.

Katya Lozynska yak vihovuvati chotiryoh children

Change it to yourself with such a correct, loving “mother-chicken”, and you can catch a lot of money from a child: you should get a lot of money from a whole svyatl of raspberry jam, before you, you can get a piece of money from a whole swedish apartment! vistupu. My rozdratuvannya not zovsіm yak glechik, just like a big-hearted ringe. Skorish tse ineffectual way of the robot over him. Melodiously, Vsesvіt sent meni chotirioh after the first half of that and superachlivih donyok for samovdoskonalennya, strimanost і compile the internal balance.

Our way out of the ranks: from the refrigerator, I need to see two kinds of water, oil and butter, Bulgarian pepper are the most important ones in high school. Potim - nagotuvati dvomi ізfi snіdankami і schie on cherzіtwo alternatives, before garden. Tato is serviced to a stop - this is how his life has come together ... Evenings, as a rule, can’t be the same, and they don’t eat cakes and tortillas.For the entire hour of ісування цієї great motherland, I so і did not sound the same all the same row. I do not want primushuvati їх їсти those, пo воо не люлять, тільки того, що їх багато; I don’t give him the same amount of money to me, that’s so important. True kazuchi, in mene navіt dvіynya before fate lived in the rіznyh regimes - well, not potrybno мучити дитину сном тільки tom, schо зараз sip її sister!

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Suit in spilkuvannі, zovnіshnіy viglyad, pedagogic nastanovi chi psychologichny priyomchik tezh not onekovіk. But everything you can do with children of one birthplace is precious, but not anymore. The character, style of an odega and that zagalny type of behavioral dugu little to lie around your vplutu namagan їх “in”. Everything is laid by nature. You can lisho introduce insignificantly, before the speeches, you do not need to make any corrections: manners, mova spilkuvannya, religuia (yaku vony zavzhdi mozut zmіniti), vmіnnya do not ruin your dumka and yourself to the middle of the ocean socium on the surface.

In Pershu nich, if I priehala z pogogovogo budinka zі svoєyu other daughters, my mother was spinning at the door kimnati in the time of need for the necessary assistance.I couldn’t breathe in too much, like this: dytina Іst thats sleep! Aja Pershe My Bottom Mi Nyanchili For Zhorstky podhodinnym nichny graphіkom vchotiroh. “It’s unrealistic to unclench one’s hands and deprive spati in a small box. A friend slept all the nich, often posmihalas і before fate її, yak rule, zavzhdi mozhna boolo know on the same most mіctsi, de th deprived. Ale, yak vyyalos, deti not tilki in-riznomu pochinayut go that progovoryuvati pershi phrase, stinky zovsim in a riznomu doroslischayut.

Katya Lozinsky family

The other is 9, ale von vazgal is not similar to child, yak mak go to middle school and i can say good bye to you: you should go to the store, regularly babysit younger sisters and hate “literary hilinki”. І Yakshcho on neji can simply bark you and explain, as long as i'm impatientWon tse priyme і zrozumіє, then zi senior potrіben supposedly, dorrosly type spіlkuvannya, yak vimagak і hour, і neymovіrnih psychologicheskie vitrats.

Me dnuyu If they stink to demand my help, to ask in words to the people,I, zvisno, dopomagayu. I want to talk to me, I’m going to take a chance, I want to save a little donkee, because I can turn around. ”

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Two years old ... Two days long - okrami svіt, one ohremias - type vihovannya, there are no books written about them. І, I impale, tse miraculously, just dvuynya in me, was born after the vocal mother dosvіdu. Bo, I marvel at them to get out in a different way, in a new way, and all the subterranean ruins in the rest of my life in the Boks - the price of any new development of motherhood.

Scho nayvache? Nayvazhche viznati, scho nemozhilno vsnyh love all the same, however, I did not strongly imbibe a lot of my stuff, and I did not get it myself. NayvacheThis is the first place for everyone who is interested in their own interests. Nayvachecherished, mayzhe shochokhvinnijny vibіr on qiyus korist. Everything is inevitably spiraling into your social attitudes, best of all, “Inshu”, get to your friends and young people, just at once, at school. In Reshton її вік, more wise little children - so, solodki, they want to love, and seniortaki tsіkavі і skladnі, scho їh potrіbno love just bіlshe. Kindness, if vimikayatsya serce і namagayeshsya include zdorovy gulzd-toi sovist not so torment for the pardon pardon.Al all one maternal serde - tse najgolovnish vazhel u vihovanni.

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